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List of Top 10 Recruitment Consultants in India

List of Top 10 Recruitment Consultants in India: Every year, more than 32.5 million people are actively looking for jobs. It is very challenging for the candidates to find a proper job related to their skills and knowledge as people do not understand the first step to choose a proper profession.

First, we discuss why we need a recruitment agency?

Getting a job in a company is a bit challenging when you do not have the proper contacts to present yourself. People have no idea how they are going to approach the company; at that time placement agencies are playing an important role here to connect you through the company. The recruitment agency not only gives you opportunities but also guides you to perform well in the interview. They guide you on how to present yourself in an interview as well as make a positive impact on everything.

Top 10 List of Top Recruitment Consultants in India

Many placement agencies in India are offering free services, but many are charging. If an agency is offering free services, it does not mean that they are not as good as the agency that charges for their services. The List of Top Recruitment Consultants in India is the recruitment agency that discusses some of the Best Consultancy in India.

#1. ABC Job Placement

ABC Job Placement is one of the top 10 consultancies in India, comprising 25 companies to date. The placement company has industry practices in various sectors, including FMCG, automobile, retail, real estate, technology and inventory.


ABC Job Placement was established in 1969 with a core competence for building careers, building organizations and helped 165000 professional careers over a 50-year history.

Visit – for best opportunities.

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#2. Manpower Group

Manpower serves large and small organizations across all industry sectors, helping to find 3.4 million jobs in 2019. The Manpower Group has over 65 years of experience and looking for people with many possibilities to open limitless possibilities.

They have many success stories inthe area ofpharmaceutical sectors, MNC companies. FMCG companies and Cosmetic companies. You can learn more about the Manpower Group by clicking on this link


#3. United HR Solution

Among the Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in India, another name is Joint Human Resource Solutions. United HR Solution is founded in 1986 by Dr. O.P Pahuja with offering placements for several Indian companies. This ISO certified company served in many countries like UK, USA, Hong Kong, Africa, and the Fiji Islands.

Go to their website – and find the right job for you.

#4. Kelly Services India

Kelly Services is one of the most trusted staffing partners to offer India staffing solutions, including placement, outsourcing and consulting. In 1946, the Kelly Service was founded by William Russell Kelly, and the Kelly Service not only focuses on staffing but also provides career advice to the candidate, including a resume, resume-related tips and interviews.

Kelly provides services in the fields of consumer, engineering, information technology, finance and science. Interested candidates always leave a mail at and if you want to get more information visit-

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#5. Randstad

It was established in the year 1960 with the dream of making it one of the largest recruitment firms in the world. In 2008 Randstad established a strong Indian presence by acquiring Ma Foi. Randstad offers 500k placements so far and with 100+ clients across India.

This company provided jobs in various cities and many industries. This company designs its website in a very customer friendly website, you just need to know every detail by clicking on-

#6. Team

According to Fortune India, magazine Team Lease listed rank 8th in an NSE & BSE markets by providing placements to more than 1700 candidates from across the country. Recently they are offering more than 10 million jobs. Team Lease is the best consultancy based in Bangalore in India Also, the team lease gets 1.5 lac+ registered every month. Also, they are offering a referral scheme. People explore every possibility by simply clicking on

#7. Brain Behind Brand

The Brain Behind the brand is developing rapidly, offering reliable and affordable consulting services in Kolkata with 10 years of vast experience and having clients in India, Oman, UAE, Malaysia and Qatar.It is also one of the Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in India.

They are providing placements in various industries such as manufacturing, IT and software, engineering, education, hospitality and infrastructure. To better understand visit the company website


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#8. Klaxon India

In the year of 2004, Klaxon began recruitment and staffing services across the country. Klaxon India based in Bangalore, India and offers services such as project-based hiring, entry-level hiring, executive hiring, senior-level hiring and more.

Klaxon India has a global office in Dubai, UAE provides customized recruitment solutions across 33 industries. Wanting to go in search of opportunity then click on

#9. Genius Consultants Ltd

ISO certified with Genius Consultants Ltd., a 28-year-old young company, was started with a permanent staffing solution as its core competence. Genius has a goal of “customer satisfaction” by new branches in Jaipur, Noida, Surat, Vadodara, Coimbatore and many more.He hired over 5500 candidates in his dream jobs.

Go to –


#10.Lavya Associates 

Lavya Associates is a senior consultancy in India that hires middle to senior-level management. Lavya Associates focuses on analyzing and understanding customer expectations and providing a dream job that candidates are looking for. They always inspire people to be ‘out of the box’ and serve the best. Lavya associates with many life insurance jobs, for more details, click on –

Bottom Line

Placement Agencies in India is spread every place but we need to figure it out which placement agency is right for you. There is a number of an agency who is looking for candidates and even trained them to how to crack interview in a particular company.Above we have the List of Top Recruitment Consultants in India, who provides better placements in India.

Above are Top 10 Consultancies in India. If you have any more to add, you can comment below.

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