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How to Earn Money by Playing Games Without Investment: Best 6 Ways

How to Earn Money by Playing Games Without Investment: Earning money in this lockdown period has become very difficult. Everything is going online, you can earn online you can spend online. Though kids don’t generally earn from the age of 15-16 if they have a hobby of playing video games they can earn a lot of money. HOW? How to Earn Money by Playing Games Without Investment? This is the main question here.

How to make money by playing video games
make money by playing video games

Gaming in this generation has become a source of income as well. Especially youngster love to get income from this field. They enjoy the game and get the opportunity to earn money as well. By playing games you can earn money as well as you will find that game funny and entertaining. So it is a good opportunity for you that you can do this both at the same time.

6 Best Ways to Earn Money by Playing Games Without Investment?

So let’s get started…

 Ways to earn money

1. Participating in Big Game Tournaments

There was a time when our parents told us we should study to earn money by playing games you can’t earn money. It was basically true at that time but now this is possible. You can earn money by playing games. There are many games where you can earn money by participating in tournaments.

Games like Call of Duty, PUBG, League of Legends, DOTA2, Fortnite, and other such games help to earn money. If you are great at this kind of game you should participate in such a contest where you can earn money. No matter if you come on the 3rd or 4th you will earn some money. This is the best way to make money by playing video games. If you think you are a pro player, you should keep practicing, and then you should enroll in such tournaments to earn the rewards.


2. Be a YouTube Gamer

I can give you so many examples of YouTubers who earn their living just by playing games. They start the live performance and entertain people by playing games and giving strategies about such games. When they get famous they are offered to put some products on their YouTube channel from where they get paid a lot of money just by showcasing the product.

If you are thinking of being a YouTuber I must say that you will require a lot of patience. Getting subscribers and views here has become very difficult, especially in this gaming field. Every youngster has a YouTube channel of their own where they showcase their talents of gaming and earn money. So it will take a bit of time to get more subscribers and views. So be patient!

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3. Be a professional Game Tester

If you are a pro player and you know that you can test other games whether the world full of youngsters will love this game or not or what more changes it can be done inside the game you can be a game tester. For this, you have to study a bit but once you become a pro game tester you can earn money like you are earning for a full-time job.

Here you have to test every single player and every single character and have to check what is wrong inside it, once you have done this you have to play the game then see each and every setting of the game. Then you will get paid for full. As a pro game tester, others will expect you to report all the bugs and glitches there on the game. So it is not an easy task though it is easy if you love gaming so much.


4. Farm in-app or in-game Currency

For example, you play the game and you have earned coins from that game and you can feature more things on that game itself. You earned 1000 coins and you have unlocked the best feature of the game. You are a pro player that’s why you have earned 1000 coins, although it was not easy to get those 1000 coins. Many people don’t get coins because they can’t earn those but want them anyhow.

So if you get a message from someone that I need those coins I can pay you 500INR for that. BAAM! You have earned money like this you can do a lot. I can give the example of games like PUBG UC, where you can earn UC and you can transfer them for cost.

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5. Becoming a streamer on Twitch

Just like YouTube is a streaming platform, Twitch is also a streaming platform. This is just for gaming only. Here you can earn real money once got register. You can earn yearly here. But there are some conditions to be a Twitch partner like:

  • Compared to the 1,000 subscribers needed by YouTube to become partners, this is a very low number
  • Average 3 similar viewers in the last 30 days
  • At least 500 minutes of broadcasting in the last 30 days
  • At least seven days of broadcasting in the last 30 days

Similar to YouTube, you can earn a lot of money here!

6. Place Bets

See this is not a total gambling thing, but yes you can put this point on Gambling. There are many legit websites and apps where you can earn money by your luck and predictions. For example, Betway, 1Xbet, Dream11, Tambola, and many other games like that. You have to invest here a bit to earn money of course. But once your luck goes well and fine you can earn a lot of money here. You will also get a sign-up bonus. So you can earn money from here.


Final Thoughts

In this article, I have tried to answer your question about “how to make money by playing video games” and list the ways you can earn money. This article is only for the youngster who loves to play games and those who really want to earn money from these fields. In this lockdown period all are under one roof so try to enhance your skills and make money by playing video games and staying at home.

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