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Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path in 2023? Let’s Check out Every Detail Before Starting

Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path: Basic industries are the backbone of an economy as it contributes the most to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and ultimately speeds up development in a country?

A basic industry is something that is involved in the manufacturing of goods. So why are they called basic industries, not just manufacturing?

Since they manufacture basic components of every other industry, which helps in the growth of the rest of the industries, they are called basic industries.

They are endless job opportunities in the basic industry as there are many roles that you can play in it.

For industry-oriented people, jobs in the basic industry are a good option for them. Although the jobs in the basic industry are very laborious, they pay well that you feel the investment of your time and effort is worthwhile.


Being worked in a basic industry enriches your skills and experience to fit into any other manufacturing industry.

This article is about helping you know better whether you should get into a basic industry or not by providing you with facts about it.

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What is the Basic Industry?

The basic purpose of a basic industry is to manufacture goods for export rather than domestic use.

These industries play a major role in giving a strong foundation to our economy as it supports the major export performance. Therefore, many countries pay special attention to their export data as it measures their performance over a year.


You can also call them the mother industry as many other industries feed on it for their raw material.

Is Basic Industry a Good Career Path?

Choosing a career in a basic industry is considered a stable career. The reason for that is skills. Therefore, a person who works in a basic industry is highly trained in their profession.

It takes years to be trained in a technical profession, and because of your skills, companies badly need you to be in their system.

Let’s talk about the agriculture sector alone. The U.S. Department of Agriculture report says that 19.7 million full-time and part-time employees depend on the agriculture sector directly or indirectly, which stands for 10.3% of the total U.S. workforce.

Several surveys clearly show that several people depend on mining, poultry, and animal rearing.


Another big reason for more employment is its high paying and satisfying nature.

What are the Categories in Basic Industries?


The agricultural industry is the most important because it feeds its people. Many people seek employment in the field of agriculture. It is a labour-oriented industry, so it absorbs most of the workforce in any country.

It mainly supports exports and helps a country increase its GDP. There are several jobs it offers to people so that people from different professions can find jobs in this industry.

Oil and Gas Industry

This industry is also an important basic industry as it fuels the other industries in the world. There are many tasks that people can do: exploring oil and gas, drilling oil, its transportation, and maintaining refineries.


If you are trained in this skill and would like to work in the oil and gas industry, it eagerly welcomes all the professionals.

Paper and Pulp

The paper and Pulp industries are important to supply raw materials to various other industries. Therefore, it can be a good career path as this industry has good upcoming growth, so jobs are stable.

There are various aspects of this industry, including packaging, hygiene goods, and tissues. In addition, the product of this industry is used in the textile industry.

Industrial Chemistry

Every industry that operates in a country needs chemicals, irrespective of their nature. Chemicals are those substances that change the form of any material into a usable form, be it the pharma industry, food industry, iron & steel industries, etc.

Manufacturing of other goods cannot be imagined without the chemical industry., so it plays an important role in supplying an intermediate product to other industries.


Steel and Metal

Steel is the heart and soul of every industry and the reason for that much importance in construction and machinery. Therefore, there is no place in an industry where we can live without steel.

When an industry starts to establish itself, the first thing it needs is steel. We can’t even think about an industry without it.


Utilities have a vast group of subcategories, such as power, water, heating, etc. It needs to be there whenever your factory is ready to produce goods. Without proper energy, water, and fuels, we can’t move further.

This industry is always in a growing phase as the demand for energy increases, so it needs more and more employees to handle its workload.


An industry of any type is incomplete without minerals because that is the starting point of any industry. Mining is an industry that extracts minerals from its mines, and it is a skill and labour-oriented job.


The mining industry works in two phases: one is obtaining the required permission from the govt. Officials and others are extracting minerals from the mines.

Textile Production

The textile industry needs no introduction as the world interacts with this industry every day. In this industry, companies convert fibre to fabric so that people can wear good quality clothes which are made of natural fibres and synthetic fibres.

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Career Options in Basic Industries

After talking about the types of industries in the basic industry, let’s talk about the types of career options available in the basic industry.


Agronomists work with farmers to grow and harvest crops and plants on a large scale. Although the pay scale is not very lucrative, this offers regular work.


Drilling Engineers

The job of a drilling engineer is one of the highest-paying jobs in this industry. The job profile of a drilling engineer is to assist geologists in exploring oil and natural gas and support the extraction process.

Talking about their salary, they get a six-figure monthly income. Although the job is a little hazardous, it pays very well.


A metallurgist’s work is to obtain metal from various sources, including rocks. They work with miners and visit mines to find the availability of metals in a mine.

Regarding skills, they must have a good understanding of metals and chemicals.

Officers in Health and Safety

When we talk about the basic industry, it is incomplete without a trained health and safety officer because they are responsible for supervising the working of all other employees and measuring whether there is any risk in this task.


These officers better understand the working conditions and figure out better ways to work safely.

Additional Business Services

Along with all the above, there is a crucial requirement for those who understand sales and marketing, finance, HR, and business analysis to improve the overall business.

Best Paying Job Titles in Basic Industries

After knowing all about the skills required for the particular jobs, let’s discuss their rewards.

  • Petroleum Geologist $100,000
  • Drilling engineer $100,000
  • Metallurgist $100,000
  • Pipe fitter $90,000
  • Synthetic chemist $80,000
  • Health and Safety Officers $70,000
  • Truck Driver $64,000
  • Agronomist $60,000

Final Words

We have so far understood what a basic industry is and how it works, the types of industries that come in it, and what job title one can get into this industry through. Therefore, this is a good option for stable employment and better salary packages.

We hope this article will help you make up your mind about these industries.


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