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How Much Can You Make with Grubhub: Start Earning Some Extra Cash in 2023

In today’s lifestyle, everything from clothes to education is available online, all of you need to go through a few simple steps and bring your goods to the door before going to the markets. There are many food delivery companies available that provide door to door delivery food service. Grubhub is one of the companies involved in food delivery services. Let’s get more information about this company.

What Is Grubhub?

This is mobile-ready food ordering services that connect customers to local restaurants. This American online company was founded in 2004 by Matt Maloney and Mike Evans. The company is a partner with many local restaurants in your area and provides convenient delivery services in your area.

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How Does Grubhub Work?

User can browse various restaurant options from mobile application/websites and order favourite food. Once the order is placed in the restaurant, they started preparing food and informed the nearby courier team. Once the food preparation cycle was complete, the courier boy delivered prepared food to the customer’s door. Let’s find out step by step.

Step 1 –


Download application –Initially, the user has to download the application from the Play Store. After downloading the application the user has to complete the process registered with Grubhub Restaurant Login with email id or phone number. Users can also visit the website to order food.

Step 2 –

Enter locations – After entering the location, the app shows near the restaurant name along with its rating. For a better experience, the user must specify the current location where you get to deliver the food.

Step 3 –

Search food – The applications have made it very user friendly that all users can easily find near restaurants and foods that they are craving. From pizza to burgers, chicken to salads, you can search through applications and websites.

How Much Can You Make with Grubhub

Step 4 –

Select food – After exploring various options select a restaurant that you liked and the Grubhub app takes you to the restaurant page where you can see the menu with prices. As well as the application shows the details of food for an easy selection process.

Step 5 –

Modify Order – Some restaurants are given the option to modify the order according to their tastes and preferences to the user so that customers can easily select the side dish. For example, if you want to order pizza, you can opt for toppings and dip.

Step 6 –

Placed the order – In this step, the user placed the order. The selected food can be saved in the cart where the user can manage the order as well as they can see the item amount, service fee, delivery fee and final amount. Also, users can enter the Grubhub Promo Code for a better discount in the order. Customers can use the promo code before the final payment.


Step 7 –

Update address – In the next step before payment, the customer needs to update his or her address, but usually, nowadays address automatically fills up with a GPS tracking system. You can fill in any address where you want your food such as office, home, and picnic spot.

Step 8 –

Payment – This is the last step of ordering food. The user needs to update the details of your bank transaction, in which they have various options like debit card, credit card and net banking. PayPal is also available for payment. After completing the payment process reviews your order and place an order.

Step 9 –


Track your order – After placing an order, you can track your order also you will get all notifications related to your order such as placing an order, preparing food and approximate delivery time. Due to the smart application, you can track the location of the driver and then you will get a notification when the delivery boy arrives at your location with your meal.

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Let’s find out how Grubhub Jobs works

Making money with Grubhub with your term is pretty simple. For work as a driver you just need a few details and you ready to go.

  • Candidates require a car or bike in selected areas.
  • Candidates have a valid driving license for the vehicle.
  • Require eligible insurance for the vehicle.
  • Required smartphone with an updated version.

How does it work?

Sign up – Interested candidate must first Grubhub Sign Up, and submit an application for the vehicle along with driving license and insurance paper.

Gear Up – After approving your application you get your car decals, warming bags.

Get ready – Download application for the driver in which you will get every information like scheduling and order taking.


Choose Hours – It works who does not want any restriction on time. Create your schedule and start earning by distributing food.

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How Much Can You Make with Grubhub?

If a person wants to earn some cash by transporting food, then it is right for you. According to Glassdoor, the Grubhub Driver Pay will be $ 12 per hour. If we can calculate the average annual salary it would be $ 22,894 and $ 24,960 respectively. Besides, delivery drivers can earn an additional 100% income through tips provided by customers.

The delivery driver can earn profit with mileage and time. If the driver receives multiple orders, the company calculates the estimated time and mileage for all orders. You will see your total payment in your paymentsummary.

Note –

  • $.22 per mile times 2 when picking up the food
  • $.22 per mile times 3 when dropping the food off
  • $.13 per minute times 30 minutes for driving and waiting for the food
Let’s find out how Grubhub Jobs works

Contact Information –

The Grubhub Customer Care always provides prompt services to customers; they provide every contact information where customers can easily connect with the company.For more information

Grubhub Customer Service Number

Call – (877) 564-4192 / (877) 799-0790

Email –

Grubhub FAQ’s –

Q. How Much Does Grubhub Cost?

A. The commission rate is 10% and the processing fee is 3.05%. For a listing, you need to pay an additional 20% or more.

How Much Does Grubhub Cost

Q. How Much Does Grubhub Pay?

A. The food delivery company pays its candidates at a rate of $ 0.22 per mile and $ 0.13 per minute.

Q. How Much Do Grubhub Drivers Make?

A. The base salary of the driver is $ 4 per order, but it can vary depending on the markets. A person can earn up to $ 500 per week and also, get 100% tips from customers.

Q. How Much Does Grubhub Charge?

A. The fee is a variable but the average pay per restaurant order to the company is 15.5%.

Q. Is Grubhub better than DoorDash?

A. Compared to DoorDash, Grubhub is widely available in the region with user-friendly features.

Q. Describe Grubhub Reviews in one word

A. According to ‘Influenster‘, the Company gained number 3 in food and beverage services and a four-star position.

Final Verdict

Here comes the end of the episodes where we discuss something important about Grubhub. This company serves many areas compared to other food ordering companies. It is one of the companies which can help a person to earn extra cash and at the same time, this company can pay candidates per mile and time.


Any question-related food ordering services that arise in your mind, feel free to comment below.

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