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Email Marketing as a Career Option: Everything you need to know about in 2023

Whenever we think of the oldest form of digital communication, Email Marketing will hit our minds. It is the oldest and the most reliable way of digital communication that marketers use to connect with the audience or potential users.

Various companies hire a dedicated email marketing manager for sending effective emails that are clicked through and generate good revenue.

The career of email marketing manager is bright enough. So, if you are thinking about email marketing manager as a career, we have a step-by-step guide for you that will answer all your questions.

You may have questions like:

  • What is email marketing?
  • What is the significance of email marketing for companies?
  • What are the different types of emails?
  • What is the role of an email marketing manager?
  • Which email marketing skills would you need to acquire?
  • Which are essential certifications to grow in the field of email marketing?

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Let’s go with the detailed answers to each of these questions:


What is Email Marketing?

In Email Marketing, executives send promotional or informational messages to their potential clients via email. The emails may include detail of the product or the offer. Each email sent to the potential client is a part of email marketing.

What type of emails are sent in email marketing?

Why would any business use email marketing?

Email marketing is a part of a business promotion strategy that companies adopt to reach their potential customers. Companies have a database that gives them segment-wise information, generally based on different segments like gender, age, area, etc.

Email marketing is primarily done to improve the companies’ relationship with their existing clients and find new potential clients. It is like an engagement program where a customer feels connected. There are some benefits of email marketing:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Expansion of reach
  • Improves sales numbers
  • Spreads awareness of new products/services
  • Maintains a fruitful relationship with customers

Various Emails Used by Email Marketers

1)   Newsletters

Any company most commonly sends a newsletter email to potential and existing customers. Whenever we open our inbox, we find it flooded with newsletters. A letter may contain the brand’s introduction and its products to keep customers aware of its existence.

Generally, newsletters contain information about the brand, but it sometimes also includes a new launch.

2)   Digests

As the name suggests, it is a short written document with lists and links for the customer’s preference. It may also include the reference of any news article published recently.


3)   Transactional Emails

These emails consist of details of the transaction that occurred in your account. You must have seen an email of withdrawal or payment made by your credit/debit card. These emails might also consist of any change of process, change of service timing, any webinar that increases your awareness.

The most important point about this kind of email is that these emails are most clicked-through. It means that the client probably checks this email as it contains important information out of all other types of emails.

4)   Dedicated Emails

These Emails are specifically designed to promote a particular offer or promotion. If the company promotes a product through an event, that can also be promoted through dedicated emails. These emails have a button to respond immediately, which brings out the result of that email right away.

5)   Lead Nurturing

These are automated emails sent to potential clients to generate leads. That’s why it is called lead nurturing emails. These emails are sent after a fixed period to get fresh leads. This kind of email generates more and more clients.

6)   Sponsorship

These emails are used for generating fresh leads. Generally, these emails are sent with another email from another vendor. These are sent as a reference link. That’s how the company’s reach with the help of a vendor.


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Best Email Marketing Tools

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Job Responsibilities of an Email Marketing Manager

The way it looks easy, it isn’t. It’s not a cakewalk. You don’t have to keep sending emails to your potential clients, but you have to design it in such a way that it attracts various potential clients. There are roles and responsibilities of an email marketing manager:

  • Create leads, increase sales through email that is stuffed with offers.
  • Increasing brand awareness, keeping the loyal customer connected, and much more.
  • Design the email marketing campaigns to meet the company’s sales goals.
  • Update and manage the database regularly.
  • Design your emails that engage the reader and are easy to read.
  • Since most emails are read on a mobile, make it mobile-friendly.
  • Understand your audience and the target email to them.
  • Analyze your email performance with click-through rates and open rates.

Most Strategic Email Marketing Skills

An email marketing manager must possess the below-given skills to be a successful one:

Strategic Marketing

Being in the marketing field with email, one needs to possess the skill of strategic marketing. It would help if you had a marketing plan.

Know that every strategy will not work for you the way it worked for your rivals. They are all specific to time and situation.         

One needs to work on test-check-learn-apply and repeat the same process.


Data Management

Along with sending marketing emails, one needs to be good at data. Data management is updating your data to keep it with time.

Since data is the core of email marketing, you have to manage your data well. Your marketing campaign will not drive as expected if you fail to do it.

Hence, sales will not be generated. Taking the incorrect data might miss the target. Your missile will hit the wrong target, which often leads to destruction.

The bottom line is that you must be good at data management.


Conversion rate and CTRs are the biggest concerns of any email marketer. Hence, to get a better conversion on your marketing emails, there must be a blend of information and appeal.


The skills of designing effective emails that drive your client’s decision can be learned easily.

Drafting Effective and Navigable Content

Email marketing is not just sending words; it is the first impression you will give to your potential clients. You must add images, video links, data, reference links, etc., to your email so that your client is driven to click on the mail.

But, don’t stuff it just with marketing data only; add some touching message with it so that a customer is bound to read it. It’s like packing your brand awareness with shiny paper.

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Since emails are the most commonly sent communication mode, it is nowadays automated, which means no human involvement is there in this type of communication.


Many companies are looking for an automated solution to send timely and to the right customer.

An email marketer has to automate these emails to increase returns.

To successfully process the automation, you must also understand when the customer is buying.

Along with that, you need to see your nature of business and the objective of email marketing. Learning this skill is an added advantage to your career, and you must opt for a good course to give an edge to your email marketing career.

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Final Thoughts

That’s it..!!

So, here we have discussed everything about Email Marketing. I hope you liked the session and learned exactly what you are searching for.

If you still have any queries, you can comment below; I will provide you with the best solution.

Sign off..!!


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