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35 Best Startup and Small Business Ideas in 2022

Who doesn’t desire to start their own company? It is still regarded as a business whether it is started on a small scale or with a large financial investment. Even if you do not want to invest a large sum of money in a business, you can still manage a lucrative small-scale operation. Your concept will lead you to your firm, which will lead you to the people, who will lead you to the market. And, as you all know, a good concept has no monetary worth, only a lot of untapped potential.

Because of several causes such as government stimulus, international commerce, and a strong expanding and evolving economy, Indian businesses are continually pursuing development in a wide range of fields. There are several business prospects accessible in a variety of areas as a result of the increasing rise of adolescents in technology and leadership, which is driving innovation and growth. Would you like to go through those ideas? Then read this article completely to find the Best Startup Ideas in India.

35 Best Startup Ideas and Upcoming Business Ideas in India 2022

1. Event Organization:

All the managers spend less time in theirseats. They excel in networking and management, visiting hundreds of locations, meeting sponsors, scheduling shows, and generally being on the field 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, their demand is centered on their brand image and popularity, which can be enhanced with an effective web marketing plan. The whole initial cost for creating this brand, on the other hand, is small, if at all priced.

2. Network Marketing:

To get started in network marketing with a little expenditure, you should partner with potential businesses that provide competent items. You can use Google to look for businesses whose items are always in high demand. People are more aware of nutrition, health, and supplement items, as well as beauty and skincare products, for which you can increase your marketing and networking with distributors who currently operate in this industry. You can grow and extend your business by advertising your items to your family and friends, as well as conducting online commerce by creating a website.

3. Fresh Juice Stores:

On a hot day, who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing glass of fruit juice? To get started with this lucrative company, you must first apply for permission to operate a kiosk in a certain location, preferably one that is difficult to overlook. Following that, you’ll have to pay for shop space. Aside from that, the only other expenditure you must make is for the acquisition of raw ingredients, equipment such as machines for creating the juice, and the pay of the employee(s) making the juice.


4. Blogging:

Begin your career anytime, and there are several Upcoming Business Ideas in India 2022 for fashion, music, culinary, travel, and other similar industries. If you have a lot of expertise in a particular subject, such as travel, and have traveled a lot, you can share your experiences and create blogs about it. All that remains once you’ve published your blog is the fight for likes and shares. The more people that read your site, the more money you will make.

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5. Tuition Centre:

Due to its near-zero start-up costs, this might be one of the most cost-effective enterprises to begin. Most tuition teachers hold courses in their own homes, saving money on rent and supplies. As a tuition instructor, the only effort you need to do is to market yourself on social media or the old-fashioned manner with flyers and ‘word-of-mouth’ referrals.

6. Mobile App Development:

As you all know, the demand for mobile phones and mobile apps is rising every day. There is an enormous opportunity for mobile development. A mobile app creator must have a technical understanding of all tools linked to its creation, comprehend the customer’s demands, and design the app accordingly. Also, make sure that it serves the objective of the probable consumers before developing it.


7. Drop-Shipping:

Dropshipping is a type of online business strategy in which you act as an intermediary between a vendor and an end client, earning a fee from the seller for selling their items. You can start your own Dropshipping store by establishing an online store using Alidropship or Shopify. Thousands of entrepreneurs in India are making millions of dollars now by utilizing the Dropshipping business concept.

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8. Ghost Writing:

Although ghostwriting is not advised as the Best Startup Ideas in India, it rates as high as any of its rivals when evaluating the average amount that a prospective customer is ready to pay for a narrative to be written anonymously. In this case, too, the ideal approach to get clients to contact you is through referrals, whether online or in person, and your only investment after accepting the assignment is your time. This is incredibly profitable since clients typically give excessive sums as a compensation for having you write their tale for them.


9. Fashion Designing:

If you have a strong passion for fashion and apparel, it is not a tough field to break into. Furthermore, if you live in an urban or semi-urban area, you will have an advantage since you will be aware of what is popular. In this manner, you can be a trendsetter and lead this business without having to invest a lot of money.

10. Consultancy Business:

In India, you can establish a consulting business with absolutely little upfront expenditure. A consultancy firm can be anything; for example, you might be an income tax consultant, an investment consultant, a property consultant, or a bank loan consultant. The only thing needed to establish a consulting firm is an understanding of your specific area. Simple office space is all that is required to launch a consulting firm. You can also advertise your company on Google’s local business page.

11. Music/Dance Centres:

The only investment that people interested in running dance or music schools must make is in leased space. Aside from that, the business is based on their ability as a teacher as well as their active participation in recognized circuits. As the company expands, they can need to budget for the payment of an assistant or associate, but in the beginning, the key is to ensure that enough individuals promote your school to potential students.

12. Mobile Car Washing:

Mobile vehicle washing is among the most successful and innovative Small Business Ideas in Indiathat can be launched for as little as Rs.10000. You can start your own Car Washing company from home by purchasing your own Vehicle Washing machine from automobile stores. Mobile Car Washing is a one-of-a-kind company idea that has a lot of potential for growth in the future.

13. IoT Consultant:

Many recent government regulations have been implemented to assist this chance for establishing a startup that provides services in this field. If you want to start this business, you will need to work with existing homeowners and developers to alter their living spaces into what they desire. This proposal requires a very modest initial investment because the components for loT installations are reasonably priced. The greatest part is that you will discover consumers who will pay you the upfront cost for the services they receive.


14. Train Food Delivery Service:

Over 24 million people travel by rail in India every day, and buying online meals via applications aboard long-distance trains is becoming increasingly popular. These applications often work with local hotels or food delivery services to provide food in trains. You might collaborate with meal delivery applications like Railyatri, Travelkhana, IRCTC eCatering, and others to bring food aboard the train.

15. Ice-Cubes:

Even though it is not as simple as you can believe. It must be stated following FSSAI requirements (Food Safety And Standard Authority Of India). You can enter this large sector with a small investment if you have clean water, adequate packaging, and sufficient equipment. Before starting this business, you must first obtain FSSAI certification for your goods.

16. Handyman Services:

This includes all of the true heroes, plumbers, electricians, housekeepers, and others without whom you couldn’t get through a single day. These handymen and women typically choose not to be linked with any organization and instead labor individually at houses for a fee. As a result, their only significant initial expenditure will be the purchase of the instruments required for their particular occupations.

17. Grocery Delivery Service:

In today’s hectic world, many working couples in cities do not have time to shop for everyday necessities owing to their hectic work schedules. You can simply start a grocery delivery service in your area. This business concept is becoming increasingly popular in India’s major cities. You can begin accepting orders via phone, Whatsapp, or online. You can also promote your services in local publications or on websites like that provide local search directories.

18. Restaurants:

People’s schedules are frequently highly hectic in congested cities. All they seek is peace of mind while eating wonderful meals. Many people do not even have time to prepare food for themselves. As a result, the demand for all food chains and outlets has been steadily increasing. This is the Best Business to Start in India with a little initial investment is a guaranteed bet. The only thing you must assure is that you have qualified personnel, particularly cooks.


19. Thermocol And Paper Plate:

Making paper or thermocol plates is a great low-investment, high-profit business idea. A completely automated Paper Plate Producing Machine costs roughly Rs.1.00 lacs and can be readily started at home. The Paper Plate Making Machine can be purchased through a local dealer or online at Because certain Indian states no longer provide pollution clearance certificates for thermocol manufacturing projects, the paper plate manufacturing industry is a better one to start.

20. Online Fitness Instructors:

The entire globe is trying to get in shape. While not everyone has the time or inclination to visit the gym or participate in fitness programs, the concept of a fitness teacher visiting their homes and assisting them in becoming in shape is surely more enticing to them. Those wishing to start an online fitness company should focus their efforts on building a strong online presence through their website and social media accounts, since they will not need to hire a studio space or equipment.

21. Hand-Crafts:

You can start making your own handicrafts if you are imaginative enough to use this platform for your business. Making handicrafts is a fantastic low-investment business that you can either trade or sell. If you don’t want to get involved in the manufacturing process, you can purchase and sell them in regions where they don’t exist.

22. Computer Assembling:

Constructed Desktop and Laptop shops are in high demand everywhere, especially among students, because assembled PCs are inexpensive and customized. It might be an excellent business idea for beginners if you have some expertise in computer hardware or assembling computer parts. You can buy motherboards, graphics cards, hard drives, and other components from large retailers and assemble them yourself to offer a full PC to local clients. 

23. Tutoring:

Every parent wants to give their children the greatest education possible while they are in school. Every child now needs the services of a skilled and devoted tutor. It has resulted in an upsurge in tutoring demand. You can also choose online tutoring if you desire, as many students these days thrive in their studies by making use of online tutoring services. You can start this company with minimal initial investment if you are educated and have an extensive understanding of teaching.


24. Scripting:

Cities such as Mumbai are well-known for their freelance scriptwriters, who work on a project-by-project basis from anywhere and at any time. While these individuals operate on deadlines and are contractually linked to a production business, they do not need to invest in any upfront fees to establish their brand because they can work from home and save leasing space costs. Their sole investment is the time they devote to each job to be suggested to others.

25. Freelancing:

If you are skilled at something that others require, you can provide your talents in exchange for a large sum of money. Yes, freelancing is a terrific way to generate money online without making a large investment. If you are skilled in Photoshop, Web Designing, or Content Writing, you can provide your services and charge a fee to your consumers. Freelancing is a prominent form of income in several Asian nations, including India.

26. Religious Item Manufacturer:

India is a religious country. Religious objects such as images of deities, idols, incense sticks, sacred candles, cotton wicks for lamps, prayer beads, and other paraphernalia are held in high regard. You can start creating these goods even at home if you don’t want to invest a lot of money in this business. The best thing is that there is no shortage of clients in this location since people are eager to spend money on religious items without being concerned about the price of the goods.

27. Pet-Care Services:

Wouldn’t it make you feel better to know that when you were slaving away at work, somebody was taking good care of your pet feeding it on time, playing with it, and making sure it wasn’t lonely? Especially if you have to go on a business or leisure trip. This is a very profitable and, to some degree, mostly uncharted industry in our nation that has enormous promise for anyone looking to establish a brand around it.

28. Tea Or Coffee Stalls:

Tea or Coffee Junction is one of the New Business Ideas in India for a 20 to 40k investment, you can put up your own high-quality, high-ambiance Tea or Coffee Kiosk. If you can provide top-quality tea or coffee and establish rapport, this small business concept might help you make a multi-fold monthly revenue. An ordinary tea or Coffee hub might pay up to Rs.1000 per day.


29. Fragrant Candles:

Candles are utilised for interior decorating in restaurants, showrooms, businesses, weddings, residences,and other occasions, not just to illuminate households during power outages or religious sites. It is not difficult to make a candle. You can produce fragrant candles of various sizes, shapes, and colours with some instruction and skill, as well as the use of aromatic oils. Fragrant candles are also often utilized at spiritual and religious getaways for meditation and relaxation.

30. CCTV Services:

These days, every new homeowner wants a security camera’s connections. Not just them, but even current or older homeowners are becoming security-conscious and are willing to pay a premium for CCTV or security cameras to ensure their safety. This has increased the need for CCTV and security cameras, which are being put in both homes and business workplaces. You do not need to make a large investment to get started with this business. Starting this business has a broad reach both now and in the future.

31. Virtual Assistance:

A virtual assistant service is one in which an assistant is provided online or through the internet. A virtual assistant is one of the greatest future employment models in India, and it is simple to get started with a small investment. To establish a Virtual Assistant business, you will need a computer, an internet connection, and some marketing skills. Many large corporations are increasingly using Virtual Assistant to outsource a variety of non-core functions.

32. Digital Marketing:

Online marketing is one of today’s most popular and in-demand company concepts. Digital marketing is just a communication channel that uses digital media such as emails, social media, Google Ads, and so on to advertise your product to a specific group of clients. It is a type of advertisement used to promote items that can reach a broader audience for a much lower cost than other sponsored media.

33. Travel Agency:

The travel industry is one of India’s fastest expanding industries. You might work as a travel agent in your region, arranging tours and vacation plans for your consumers. You can also earn a commission as an affiliate partner for a large online travel firm such as MakeMyTrip or Goibibo. Similarly, you can become an official IRCTC Sales Agent and earn a percentage on rail ticket sales.


34. Catering Services:

Caterers are in high demand these days, whether for a wedding, an event, or a formal gathering. A catering business can pay well if you have good interpersonal skills and can work well under pressure while also managing your staff. However, you must be experienced because there are already many great names in this industry. To become a well-known caterer, you must be an all-arounder among the gathering.

35. Online Customer Service:

Everything can now be done online, from paying your electric bill to booking a hotel room. If you know how to use a computer and the internet, you can simply set up an online customer care center for very little money. All you need is a PC or laptop and an internet connection. Many individuals in India still do not understand how to pay their bills online or submit an online CV for a job. You can assist them while earning a decent fee-based income by delivering internet services.

Final Words

Entrepreneurship is the ideal option if you want to pursue your passion and live life on your terms. The journey is not as simple as selecting only one company concept. Your devotion, hard effort, and enthusiasm will only help you attain your goal. The Start Up Business Ideas in India listed above are only suggestions, you can have your own business concept that is more suitable for you.

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