Affiliate Disclaimer

Hey everyone.

If you’ve landed on this page you must be curious about affiliate links.

What’s an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a unique link to a product or service. If you decide to click on one of these links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission. This comes at no additional cost to you (a lot of the time you may actually get a discount or a sign-up bonus for using one of my links).

If you do decide to purchase something or sign up for a service under one of my affiliate links, thanks a lot! I really appreciate it and it goes a long way.

The reason for the affiliate disclaimer above every post is because I don’t want to try and be sneaky about this, I don’t want to trick anyone into clicking affiliate links on my website. I want people (that’s you) to use the affiliate links on my site because they see the value in what I am recommending. If you don’t like the content I’m providing, I don’t expect you to use any of my links!

If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact me via the contact page.


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