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3 Types of Work for School Leavers to Consider

If you are coming to the end of your school learning career you may be faced with several choices. For some young adults, the idea of going to college or other forms of higher education may be attractive, especially if you have managed to get good grades during your studies and wish to continue formal learning.

However, higher education can be a costly venture. Student fees can routinely cost tens of thousands of dollars for a college education and some people may prefer to seek work without continuing their studies. This can be ideal if you wish to start earning a regular income and building your career at an earlier time in your working career.

This article has been created to help school leavers decide on what forms of work may be suitable for them. Three specific types of work are described, each of which is different in the skills that are required and the type of person who would enjoy doing these roles.

The construction industry

Many school leavers have a practical mindset. They may have enjoyed design or woodworking activities at school and like the idea of playing an integral role in building projects.

If this sounds familiar it could be beneficial to search out construction jobs. The construction industry is a major employer of young people in many countries and offers a wide range of roles to suit many different mindsets and specialties. Laboring work is common in the industry and can provide an ideal starting point for developing a career in construction. However, there are many other roles within the sector which include project management, safety, and inspection work.


In short, there are jobs for many different types of people in construction and there are also several different routes to progress and specialize in certain parts of the wider industry.

Jobs in coding

If you spent hours at a computer during your formative years, you may have developed a talent for coding, using such languages as Python, HTML, and others. Many schools teach coding skills to their students as they recognize the value of this new form of learning and the demand for coders in the wider industry.

As with the construction industry, there is a wide range of jobs that can be gained. Web design is an area of work that is currently in high demand, and a typical average salary in this field of work is around $50-55K per annum. However, there are many other fields of work to consider. Game developers who code the latest console and PC titles are in high demand, also attracting sizable salaries, while systems engineers and mobile app developers are more examples of this growing field of work.

Jobs involving writing

As a brief final example, some school leavers find that they developed a passion for language and writing during their studies. They may have enjoyed English classes and wish to use their knowledge in this subject area as a means of employment.

Typical roles that require an excellent knowledge of English include journalism, content writing, and even being a self-employed writer of fiction or non-fiction. In the digital world, these skills can even extend to wiring blog posts for large firms or updating company websites with high-quality content.

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