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Short Essay on Importance of Education in Our Life

Education is very important in every person’s life, whether you are rich or poor or any gender lives in any century everyone has equal rights to be educated and contribute to society.

Education is so powerful that it helps you to choose what is right and wrong for you and others, it will make you a better person in life. Education gives you the power to think for yourself and stand for yourself along with bringing change for yourself and society.

When I was a child I have never written a Why Education Is Important Essay during my school, but I want teachers and theorists to discuss the importance of education in a person’s life.

Short Essay on Importance of Education in Our Life

I am writing a Short Essay on the Importance of Education in our life here, gives you a brief idea that the power of knowledge is unbeatable. Let’s start

#1. Development

The development of the mind is very important for personality development. With the developing mind, we can understand the importance of feelings, beliefs, desires and knowledge.


According to the survey, 90% of children developed their brains at the age of five, which is why we have to teach our children about the importance of education at a very young age, so it will make a difference because an active mind has referred to an as a healthy person. A knowledgeable person grows and develops in their respective field and gives others a chance to grow.

I advise every school to ask their student to write a ‘Why education is an important essay and start a discussion in school.

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#2. Importance of life

Education is the only thing that adds value to your personality and makes you vulnerable. Education gives me a lot of knowledge then it is accepted, they teach us why you are important and how you can contribute to society.

People are afraid to take a stand for themselves but being educated people they will always be there to support themselves with the power of knowledge. Knowledge clears your mind which helps people to choose between right and wrong.


A well-educated person takes their life seriously considered because they know the importance and also of others, and they can prevent crime and violence.

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#3. Help to Defeat Unemployment

Education is not only for learning and acquiring degrees but in addition to using their education and creating their own brand.

If you are educated, it does not mean that you have to get a job but you can also create your own business and which helps people to become more independent.

If people are educated then they can contribute to society by working for the country and helping their country defeat unemployment, with this, you can always teach your child to be knowledgeable and educated.


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#4. Responsibility

A good education thought people to become morally responsible towards society and the environment. One can understand the safety and importance of cleanliness without any guidance and at the same time, they spread awareness about it. The educated person is aware of his responsibility in any profession.

If you are a teacher then you know the reason for your children, educated doctors treat their patients more responsibly. So yes education makes human beings more responsible and plays their role with dignity.

If you are planning to write on the importance of education essays for students, then I suggest including responsibility for understanding children better.

#5. Savior

I think that education can save you from any unfortunate situation in life if you lost everything in your life but only your knowledge helps to get away from a bad situation and create the best path for you because only knowledge gives you the power to change the world.


Education teaches to be aware of every situation and with the help of knowledge and skills, they are a good survivor.

If you travel to any place then only your knowledge becomes the best tourist guide for you. Education helps you to read and understand the signboard completely.

#6. Woman Empowerment

This debate deepens over many centuries but still, a woman is fighting for a place to breathe. Education prevents crimes like dowry, child marriage and casteism. India is a democratic country with freedom of expression but only education gives an equal platform to every gender.

The ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ campaign is a great example of how India is taking the best steps toward Education Importance.

Wrapping Up

We discuss something about the importance of education in our life, there is a never-ending discussion on this subject because education gives us the power to communicate, women empowerment, crime prevention, life improvement and so on.


Education is the backbone of your society and with this, you make your society a better place. And more important education is just one that helps you understand others.

This article is defensive for you if you try to write an essay importance of education. Although we have much more to discuss for now if you have any suggestions, please comment to us below. Learn, teach and celebrate individuality..!

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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