What is the Average Salary in India?

About 4.75 million people in India join the workforce on an annual basis. Many Indian citizens have no idea about what is the average salary in India which company is offered for a particular job. Many educated people get less than an average salary and join the organization. Before shaping your professional career or choosing a new job, make sure you research Average Indian Salary.

People working 8 hours get a minimum average salary of 10,500 / – per month in India. The average salary of each service is different but most people think of only 2 or 3 occupations. People feel that they do not get good salary by choosing a different profession.

What Is the Average Salary in India?

Let us discuss the Indian average salary in many occupations.

#1. Human Resources

Human Resources

The HR professional spent the entire day recruiting people, managing upcoming events and arranging training with payroll processing. HR candidate salary starts from Rs.2,92,000/- and maximum Rs.20,00,000/-. According to Pay scale’s survey, the HR manager earns the Indian average salary of Rs.1, 04,510/- p.a.

#2. Accountant


The accountant profession is very popular among Indians; an accountant maintains financial transactions, prepares asset, liability and capital account entries and analyzes account reports. The average salary in India for an accountant is Rs.2,49,284/- per annum,  If you are an accountant in the small scale industry then they pay you less than the big MNC companies. The salary limit for an account in India is Rs.1,23,000/- to Rs.5,07,000/- p.a respectivelyor more.

#3. Banking


Many people dream of working in a bank for safe jobs. In banking, everyone has a different salary according to their designation. Millions of people in India applied for a clerk position in banks, Indian average salary for clerk position is Rs.2,72,853/- annually, Starting salary for clerk in India is Rs. 1,45,000/- to Rs.4,94,000/- annually. Bank manager typically makes between Rs.3,01,000/- to Rs.10,00,000/- p.a and the average salary in India for bank manager is Rs.7,84,000/- p.a.

#4. Nurse


A nurse provides medical and nursing care to patients in the hospital as well as at home. His profile includes taking samples of patients, post-operation care and supervision of junior staff and providing emotional support to patient and relatives. The average salary for a nurse in Indiaaverage Indian salaryis Rs.2,56,063/- annually. A staff nurse typically makes Rs.1,24,000/- to Rs. 6,85,000/- yearly. Nurse payment in popular hospital is higher than in local hospitals.

#5. Actors


A highest paid job in India is an actor, many people come to Mumbai to earn money to become an actor and live a great life. Nowadays, actors get paid a lot more than in other professions. Actors do not receive monthly salaries like salaried people but are paid once per contract. The Indian average salary for actors is Rs. 15,00,000/-. A professional actor can earn from Rs.5,00,000/- to Rs.1,00,00,000/- and much more.

#6. Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

If you are very willing to become a fashion designer, ready to take Rs.3,92,273/- at home, if you are a fashion model, then the average Indian salary in India is Rs.5,65,000/-. Many people do not know about the fashion industry and their Indian average salary. A tailor who works with a reputed brand earning around Rs.2,96,609/- annually.

#7. Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

Making a career in sales and marketing is suitable for those who are looking for challenging opportunities. Sales and marketing are only on target basis but they also pay according to you. An average seller earns up to Rs.2,97,476/- yearly. Plus you can also earn some additional incentives based on performance. Starring range in India for sales and marketing professionals can earn from Rs.1,49,000 to Rs.12,00,000/- annually. Performance-wise you may be eligible for increments.

#8. Daily Labour

Daily Labour

Millions of people are not eligible for the salary they get on daily basis wages. The average wage for daily labour is Rs.372/- per day. Under the Minimum Wages Act, 1948, ensure labour receives adequate wages according to work there.

Wrapping up

We discuss the Indian average salary in India; we learn that different occupations provide a different salary. If you are looking for the best opportunities then it helps you a lot in choosing better prospects for the future.

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