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Doordash Review: How Much Can You Make with Doordash?

DOORDASH is a technology company that offers food delivery service. The company is using the largest logistics service for food delivered from Restaurant on Demand. DOORDASH was founded seven years ago in 2013 by Tony Xu, Stanley Tang, Andy Fang and Evan Moore in California, U.S.

The U.S.A and Canada DOORDASH include more than 300,000 local and national favorites, restaurants. From sushi to burgers, you can order anything from Neighborhood that craving for.

Let’s discuss how does DOORDASH Works?

It acts as an intermediary merchant and buyers who wish to receive products from a local merchant. It is a service that works only with food merchants and delivered product at the doorstep.

It is a business module that enables the customer to find a suitable restaurant and order food. DOORDASH also leverages the restaurant owner to expand its customer base.

In four very simple stages, the user can order their favorites food.


Step 1 – It has a list of restaurants with a variety of menus including features such as a search box where they can search for food, local restaurant names and they can find nearby restaurants. It allows the user to narrow down options based on categories.So the very first step is to choose the correct order.

Step 2 –After choosing the right order from the restaurant than next time is payment. After placing the order, the user has to fulfill the transaction requirement. Once the payment is successful, the order received by DOORDASH and then sent to the chosen restaurant, where the food is prepared and packaged for delivery.

Step 3 –In the third phase, the user tracks the order from the perspective restaurant from beginning to end. This company allows the user to track the location of the dasher as well as the estimated time of delivery. It is a very user-friendly service provided by the company.

Step 4 – This is the final stage where the user eventually receives the food that was ordered. The dasher always tries to deliver food in a very short period and earn rewards in the form of tips. Most dashers earn 100% tips for their fast delivery.

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Have you ever wondered –

How Much Does DOORDASH Pay?

So here is the answer! The average salary range at DOORDASH for the Dasher in the United States is approximately $ 24,051 per year and $ 188,465 per year for the growth market. They also pay on an hourly basis such as representing a service earning $ 12.25 per hour and photographers earn $ 57.18 per hour.

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How Much DOORDASH cost?

This platform fees vary for each restaurant. Due to your small amount of contribution, it pays their dasher that operates the platform and provides the best service to the user.

This platform is very transparent as many people receive receipts indicating subtotals, breakdown of applicable taxes and fees.


In some region it offers DashPass. Dashpass is a service program that When user order more than 12$ order or order from particularly restaurant then user pays 0$ delivery charges or fewer service charges.

How Does DOORDASH Make Money?

  • Restaurant Commission- It makes money from restaurants by delivering foods because they charge a variable percentage for every order made by the user through this platform. It keep its percentage profit in every order.

The structure of the fees has not been disclosed, but several articles have suggested that this platform charged a 20% margin on each distribution.

  • Delivery and Service Fees –It also makes money by levying delivery fees and service fees. A delivery fee is $ 6-8 depending on distance and current demand. Service charge calculated on total order. Service fees include technology, marketing and payment processing.
  • DashPass – DashPass is a subscription service that allows the user to pay lower delivery fees and lower service charges. If you are a subscriber, you will not have to pay a delivery fee for orders of $ 12 or more and service fees will also be minimal. And you can cancel this subscription at any time. According to the company, the customer can save $ 4-5 per order.

How Much Can You Make with DOORDASH

Working as a DOORDASH driver is a great way to earn extra cash income with a flexible schedule. If you have a working car with insurance, smartphone and a clear background then you are ready to earn extra income by joining this platform.

This company is now hiring a freelancer dasher and is paid on order. A boy with an average experience can earn $ 10- $ 25 per hour. Its salary includes base pay per delivery and peak pay and 100% customer tips.

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DOORDASH Driver Requirements

There is an eligibility criterion to become DOORDASH driver. Let us check out briefly.

1. The age of the candidate should be 18 years


2. Use of a vehicle with proper insurance

3. Working smartphone or iPhone

4. Minimum 1-year driver experience

To become a DOORDASH Driver, you can Sign up here and learn more about the process. Then, you can complete the entire process and you are ready to be a dasher.

How Much Do DOORDASH Drivers Make?

The delivery driver usually makes $ 15.51 per hour including Base Fare, Promotion and Tips.


These are some-

DOORDASH Customer Service Number for Drivers

Toll-Free Number:(844) 285-0248

Customer Service:(855) 973-1040

Main Number: (650) 681-9470 / (844) 285-0248 / (855) 554-5779

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Is DOORDASH Safe for customers?

Yes, DOORDASH is safe for customers because they protect every information click here

  • Location Information – It always asks for the user’s permission before collecting location information. They collect location information via IP address, but it will be secure. This data is useful for high precision food delivery.
  • Personal and Order information – In any application of any website they always asks for your basic personal details. Similarly, it collects your personal information as well as order history. This company uses your booking history and search feed to create a tailor-made ad for you. Along with that, they give brief data to the restaurant which is helpful in marketing.
  • Payment information –This is very important for everyone to share their bank details. This company provides payment options through net banking, debit cards and credit cards. They take care of every customer accounts and chooses credit card transactions over debit cards for more security.


DOORDASH application is a user-friendly application. In one click, you can see restaurants in your vicinity and track orders.

The company has received several mixed reviews in the market. DOORDASH is working on all the possibilities of turning negative customers into positive.



Q. How much do DOORDASH shoppers make?

A. An average shoppers can usually earn $ 7- $ 26 / hour. During busy times Around $ 20/hour.

Q. Is DOORDASH Worth It?

A. This is a great side of earning money with flexible time and easy. You can create your schedule and earn extra cash.

Q. How much does DOORDASH pay per hour?

A. DOORDASH average salary is about $ 13.18 per hour.

Q. How to Delete DOORDASH Account?

A. Go to Account Settings on the home page – click on Manage Account at the top right of your profile box – select Delete and follow the steps.


Wrapping Up

DOORDASH is a food delivery service that extends to the United States and Canada. Full-time and a freelancer can join DOORDASH and earn extra cash. Above, we discussed some of the main topics that give you the clarity of DOORDASH and Dasher. If you have any other suggestions, please connect with us in a comment section below. We would love to hear it from you.

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