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Kids Casting Review 2022: Is Kids Casting Legit?

Kids Casting is a website where talent seekers meet talented kids for their work across the country.

The website launches your kids if they are made for acting or modeling. Kids Casting helps you by providing essential information for your kid’s acting and modeling career.

There is a considerable demand for child or teen actors for various projects on big screens like cinema and television.

Many directors post ads about recruiting child or teen actors in their show or movie on this website. The kids between one month old and 17 years old are suitable for these roles.

It’s a good website for a talent hunt, however, do not consider it an employer. They provide a platform for talents and talent seekers.


Remember an essential point Kids Casting doesn’t do it for free; they charge a fee for helping you launch your child in the world of glamour.

However, don’t think that it is a scam just because they charge you for their hard work, nor you should take the fee to guarantee that you will surely be a star. There is no guarantee.

In this article, we will deep dive into the functioning of the website and find out how you can find the best placement for your child.

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Kids Casting Review

Although Kids Casting is not the only website that provides this service, many, however, if talk about the quality of service, then Kids Casting is the pioneer.


The biggest reason why Kids Casting is better than others is that it has the most extensive listing of offers where you might be better sure about success in finding the best suit for your child.

There is something more than just listing; there are times when you will get to interact with other parents about upcoming offers and their real-time experience too.

What is Kids Casting?

It is a platform where parents who are interested in launching their kids into acting and modeling, no matter whether you want it for a hobby or looking for your child’s career, provide you casting calls for your child. They have a dedicated team to help you out with your dream project.

24×7 Expert Help

When you are launching your child in this industry, you are bound to have questions. For this, they have a team whom you can contact over the phone or via email.

The listing is updated daily with the casting call offers to stay updated and don’t miss a chance. The list is updated with ads for photoshoots advertisements, movies, TV shows, and much more.


First of all, you have to sign-up and create your child’s profile along with a resume on the site. Once you are done with this, you can start searching for suitable roles for your child.

You can update the kid’s profile with the latest photos and apply for the latest auditions. If your child is selected for an audition, you will get a notification.

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The Profile Value

When you apply for an audition, the directors get to see the profile first, so it must be appealing for better chances of an audition call. So, pay more attention to making a better profile.

Update your child’s profile with relevant details like skills, hobbies, etc. Don’t forget to describe how they look in words. Remember to describe in words because it is more catchy in looks than a photo.


If you need help in making a stunning profile, you can get better ideas for this.

The Child Rating

Remember that every child has a rating assigned to them. This will showcase his ability to be directly selected for an audition without applying.

This rating system works on the completion of the profile of your child. The better it is, the better the rating is. The way you search for casting calls, the directors can also directly call a particular kid for his project. So, the rating is essential for better opportunities.

The rating denotes a number, and it is seen on the bottom right corner of your child’s profile.

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Why is Rating Important?

If your child has a good rating on Kids Casting, there are more chances of getting called for auditions. You can increase your child’s rating by uploading their photos, updating their profile, and, if possible, drafting a success story and creating a personalized URL for them will be an added advantage.


Once you sign-up, you join the world of endless opportunities in acting and modeling. There is an ecosystem where you get to connect with those parents who have already succeeded in getting their child selected in any role. So, they can share tips with you regarding their process of selection.

Professional Advice

How about getting professional help for your child’s acting and modeling career? Nothing can be better than this. You meet the industry experts who can help to accelerate your child’s career.

You can ask them questions about your child’s acting journey and get special tips for early success.

Personality Development

When your child is connected to Kids Casting, he develops social skills, gathers confidence, connects with lifetime friends. All this comes in your bucket just by signing in Kids Casting.


Family Bonds

You can connect to your family no matter where you are for acting. The best thing in a child’s acting is that your family is always together. This is priceless.

Financial Benefits

Everything goes for money. Of course, money is the primary motivating factor behind it. When they get a role in any ad film, movie, TV show, etc., they are paid for their work.

Although this reminds us that signing up at Kids Casting doesn’t guarantee this monetary benefit, many parents witness the vast benefits they get after signing up here. It depends on your child’s rating, acting, and winning combination.

How To Search Casting Calls?

As you know that you can search through countless casting calls across the country; let me tell you can search through these calls with age, gender, category, location, etc.

Categories are classified as a reality show, singing, dancing, ad, voiceovers, etc.


Posts are Legitimate

Posts are legitimate. That’s why they are here. It means whenever any casting director posts any advertisement here for acting, modeling, etc., they are checked by a dedicated team of Kids Casting for their legitimacy.

All this monitoring aims to make sure that everyone experiences genuine quality. No one should be cheated. This value makes them a favorite among all the parents.

You can even sign up for alerts to update you with every post.

Something for Teens

Kids Casting has a separate category of teens for casting calls.

So, it won’t irritate you with offering irrelevant offers when you are looking for teen offers and getting offers for an infant. They segregate their search according to the age group.



There are two subscription plans for you.

They used to offer a free option, but it is now chargeable. However, you cannot find out the subscription plans openly; you have to sign up then only can view the pricing, and unique features will also be available once you are signed up.

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Is Kids Casting a Scam or Legit?

Although scammers are all around, you are only scammed when you are not visible. Don’t get carried away with lucrative offers.

Kids Casting is not a scam because no plan is too good to be true. Everything looks and is genuine.


By the way, they help you understand the vulnerability to being scammed and how you can figure out if something is a scam.

No Worries About Safety

Since the vigilance team reviews all the post ads, they filter only safe calls for your child, so you need not worry.

As it is related to your actors under 18, Kids Casting has a zero-tolerance policy to ensure safety. The bottom line is that the brand name is on the toss; they won’t let it happen at all.


Kids Casting website is incomparable among its peers. The reason is simple it is legit, has good reviews from parents, and it makes you aware of any possible scam.


The excellent point is that the list of opportunities is updated every day, so don’t miss out on anything. You can even subscribe for alerts to be updated every minute whenever an opportunity hits the list.

You get in touch with existing parents who share their feedback and build your confidence about your child’s success in acting and much more.

Expert advice is an edge that makes it an excellent platform to launch your child in the glamorous world.

We wish you an excellent career for your child!!


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