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Palfish Reviews 2022: Requirements, Pay, Salary All You Need to Know

Palfish: Are you looking for a career in teaching with the flexibility of time and comfort of sitting at home or wherever you are? You will also have the liberty to choose this as your part-time profession or full time also.

Yes! You heard this right. There is an app-based teaching opportunity for those who could not pursue their passion or dream of being a teacher.

To know more keep reading…

Online teaching is trending these days, Palfish is one of the best options for Chinese people willing to learn English as their second language. It is convenience for aspiring teachers who wish to earn satisfactory payment as their primary or secondary Income by taking Palfish jobs.

And the best part is Palfish currently having the fastest interview process in the online ESL Industry.


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What is Palfish?

Palfish Reviews

Palfish is an app for iOS and Android founded in 2015 where teachers get paid to chat with students from their Phone or Tablet. This application is exclusively for English learners across China of all ages and Official courses for Kids with Palfish study material.

PalFish has very distinct characteristics from other platforms, the live streaming feature. It lets teachers to broadcast to a large group of audiences instead of 1-on-1 or small group teaching. It is an interactive app with lessons delivered on compatible iOS/Android phones or tablets.

Palfish Programs:

There are 3 main programs.

1. Free Talk/Live Streams / General PalFish Teachers

a) Open to non-native English speakers also

b) Allow you to set your individual rates per hour


c) Requires no Minimum qualifications

d) Does not require minimum hours of teaching

e) Allow you to teach from your phone or tablet

f) 1 on 1 class with no Curriculum or time commitment or an option to teach multiple students in a free – form live streaming

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2. Official Kids Course

a) Mandatory to have a TESOL/ TEFL/ Teacher’s certificate (will be accredited as official course instructor)

b) Must be a native English speaker, Teachers are appointed from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, or Australia

c) 1on 1 classes using the official Palfish study material in the form of PPT.

d) Minimum 10 hours online requirement a week during peak hours

e) Planning of the lesson is not required nor homework correction is to be done


3. Philippines Course

a) Philippines teacher fluent in English required

b) Earn up to 268 PHP/hour

c) Must have a TESOL, TEFL, or Teacher’s certificate

Palfish Students Age group:

Free Talk/Live Streams – Any age group

Official Kids course – Children between the age of 3 to 12


Philippines course – Children between the age of 3 to 12

Apply for Palfish Teacher :

Anyone with fluent English can be a teacher now for free talk & live streaming course, whereas basic mandatory requirements mentioned above for Official kids course & Philippines course

1. Download Palfish teacher Application from the play store.

Palfish Review

2. Click on allow apps notification to send and receive messages from the Palfish app.

3. The best part is they verify your number but will not send messages or Emails to jam your inbox, in short, all the important communication happens through the app messages only.

4. Upload required documents & update Account number for Salary credit and you are done.


5. Now Palfish will verify your credentials which take up to 2 business days and you can start right there.

6. If you apply for an official kid’s instructor, the Palfish representative will get in touch with you to set up a mock interview.

Palfish Jobs

The work schedule can be selected as per your availability, and you will be assigned with class accordingly, you can set your schedule well in advance

1 lesson takes 25 minutes in official kid’s course and you can complete 2 lessons in 1 hour.

How Much Palfish Pay?

Free Talk and Live streaming

You can set your rates as per the demand and requirement. Pay scale can be anywhere between $15 to $45 USD per hour.


With Official kid’s course you can earn up to $ 22 USD/hr

Bonuses : $15 USD for trial conversions

$15 USD prop supplement when starting (New Teacher Bonus)

Philippines Course

can earn you Up to 268 PHP/hr plus bonuses as mentioned above.

All in all if you have good teaching skills and favorable reviews you can earn a handsome amount. The more you work is the more you earn. Payment is done monthly for the previous month’s work and Palfish recommends a service called Payoneer to pay Palfish salary.



How Many Students Do I Teach in Each Class?

Free Talk & live stream requirement can be 1on 1 or Official kids course & Philippines teaching requires 1 on 1 interaction with students. So, you will only teach one student for each class.

Where do the Palfish Classes Take Place?

The classes at Palfish application take place which is accessible via the teacher portal 30 minutes before the start of each class.

Any bonuses?

Every time you sign up a trail student to Palfish, you will get a $30 bonus instantly.

Do I need a Bachelor’s degree or a Certificate, or do I need a lot of experience in teaching? List out basic Palfish Requirement to apply for a job.

Experience is suggested but not compulsory. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree in teaching, but there are minimum certification requirements for official & Philippine

Wrapping Up

So now you have many reasons to start teaching English online. This can be interesting profession with lack of competition and growth opportunities are unlimited.


Happy Teaching! Happy Earning!

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