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Free Stuff on Your Birthday Without Signing Up: 25 Best Places

Birthdays are so special. It’s a day when one is treated with care like a king. What if you have fun without spending anything on your birthday? Everyone likes treatment like this on their birthday when they are surprised with freebies on birthdays.

Imagine receiving cakes from somebody, bouquets from someone you don’t even know.

Top 25 Free Stuff on Your Birthday Without Signing Up

If you dream like that, then we will fulfill your dream by unveiling those websites from where you can get freebies, and no sign-up is required.

It would be best if you got a kinglike treatment on your birthday. So, let’s find out what we have for you.

Although there are already some websites where you need to sign up at least a week before your birthday, what we will talk about is quite different.


Let’s first talk about the top 10 places to get free food freebies.

1)  The Cheesecake Factory

On your birthday, you have to visit the Cheesecake Factory, remember, no sign-up, and they will delight you with their complimentary sundae with ice cream, whip cream, sprinkles, and you can even get candles.

Isn’t it a great way to get freebies on your birthday?

2)  Bob Evans

When you are planning to dine out at Bob Evans as a birthday party for your kid, inform them about your kid’s birthday, and the bill of your kid is entirely on them.

Here also, no sign-up is required. You have to visit them with your kid.


3)  TGI’s Friday

Friday and your birthday have something special for you at TGI’s Friday. If your birthday is on Friday and you are at TGI’s, tell them about this great combination and leave it on them.

You will be surprised with a cup of delicious ice cream cup and a particular song on your birthday. Wow!

4)  California Pizza Kitchen

When you have your birthday, don’t forget to visit California Pizza Kitchen, they give free dessert on birthdays. Just carry one of your I.D.s.

Present it there to confirm it’s your birthday, and then enjoy the dessert.

5)  Jack in the Box

For this, you need not sign up anywhere; however, you need to get a birthday coupon from their website; for that too, no sign-up is required.


With this coupon, you can get food freebies; you can get their delicious food according to your location.

6)  Denny’s

Celebrating your birthday at Denny’s is an unbeatable choice as you will be delighted with their delicious dishes.

You will get two bacon strips, two eggs, two sausage links, and a short stack of pancakes.

To get this benefit, confirm it’s your birthday by showing a valid I.D.

7)  Chompies

You will be treated with an ‘egg breakfast.’ All you have to do is show your valid I.D. to avail these fantastic benefits. Without signing up with them, you will get home fries, two eggs, and a choice among bagel, toast, or English muffins.


8)  The Capital Grille

No need to sign up at the Capital Graille. All you have to do is order your meal there and once you get the order, show your valid I.D., and to your surprise, you will be treated with an espresso cake.

Getting a food freebie is always a surprise.

9)  Iguana Mia

Iguana Mia is so unique to you. You can visit any of their franchises and get free food on your special day. Just show your valid I.D. to confirm it’s your birthday, and you will get a free fried ice cream worth $18, and there is so much for you…. Grab it at once.

10)  Chili’s

When you visit Chili’s on your birthday and show you valid I.D., you will be treated with a free molten lava cake.

These are the ways to get food-freebies on your birthday without signing up anywhere.


Apart from free food on your birthday, you want something else that you can treat yourself with. Let’s see what we have for you.

11) Ulta Beauty

At Ulta Beauty, you can get freebies on your birthday by just showing your I.D. Although Ulta Beauty says that you have to sign up before getting any freebies, many have claimed that they have obtained the benefits just by showing their I.D.

They give you a surprise gift on your birthday, and you can even get 2x reward points with your purchase on your birthday.

12)  bareMinerals

You can enjoy freebies on your birthday at bareMinerals that consists of a free stash of makeup.

To claim your gift, you need to visit the store near you.


13) AMC Movies

If you love watching movies, you must visit one of the stores of AMC Movies. Just show you I.D., no need to sign up.

When you buy a movie, you get free large popcorn.

14)  AMF Bowling

When you have your special day, and if you love bowling, then visit AMF bowling, and show your I.D. and to your surprise, they will allow you to play as much as you wish to. No need to sign-up at all.

15) AZ on The Rocks

If you like rock climbing and yoga and your birthday are approaching soon, don’t forget to visit them but let them know of your birthday one day in advance.

16)  Mulligan Family Fun Center

Although it is situated in California, don’t forget to visit Mulligan Family Fun Center if you are staying there. Show your I.D. (to confirm your birthday) there, and you can enjoy a free mini-golf game.


17) DSW

On your birthday, you can visit DSW and enjoy a discount or a product worth $5. You can also take that $5 cash in hand if you want. It’s a great option that you can go for. Isn’t it a good choice?

18) Benefit Cosmetics

Go to Benefit Cosmetics to show your valid I.D. on your special day and claim your gift without filling out any sign-up form.

You will get a free Brow Arch on your special day from Benefit Cosmetics.

You can get a gift with your birthday purchase.

19) Smashbox

Just visit the Smashbox store and make your purchase on your birthday. When you show your valid I.D., you will get a gift with your purchase. No sign-up is required.


20) Estee Lauder

Quite similar to the last option, you will get a gift with your purchase on your birthday. Carry your valid I.D. to confirm your birthday, and you will be delighted with a gift.

21) Winky Lux

Winky Lux does something special for you. Unlike other options, you don’t have to visit them on your birthday. Specifically, you can call them whenever you feel like your birth month and get your birthday cake lip gloss. Just show your I.D.

22) Driscoll’s Berries

You can qualify in a lucky draw at Driscoll’s Berries in your birth month. No sign-up is required to participate in the random draw.

If you are lucky enough, you will get free berries for the whole month.

23) NARS

You can get a free mini duo at NRS. You need to make a qualifying purchase in your birth month. Remember the rule that you must purchase in your birth month.


That’s how you can make a free mini duo on your special day.

24) The Dead Poet

It’s simply that when you visit their bar in New York, register your birth date there, and when you visit on your birthday, you will get a free beer complimentary from them.

Show your I.D. to prove that it’s your birthday. No sign-up.

25) Changing Hands Bookstore

If you are a book lover, you must visit Changing Heads Bookstore and show your I.D., and you will be entitled to get a $10 or 25% discount on your purchase. Isn’t it great?

Final Verdict

Birthday is your day, and you deserve a freebie on your birthday. If you happen to visit one of these stores and are interested, you must avail the freebies listed out here.


You still get freebies, especially when you need not sign up for their service; it looks incredible. What can be a better treatment on your special day? So, go ahead and enjoy your birthdays.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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