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How To Earn $1300/Day Using Google News FOR FREE |How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online Using Google News: In This How to Make Money Online Tutorial Post, We Will Teach You About How to Earn Up to $1300 Every Single Day Using Google News, Without Selling Anything, Having Any Prior Experience, or Even Using Affiliate Marketing.

All You Have to Do Is, Copy and Paste Some Text, and That Is It. I Will Also Reveal Two More Websites, So You Can Earn Two Times More Money Than Others.

So Read the Full Article and Also share it with your friends and relatives, So Let’s Start with the First Step to Make Money Online with This Method.

How To Make Money Online Using Google News

So First of All, I Want You to Head Over to, All of Us Know About Google. Now Once You Are There, Go Ahead and Type in Google News. The first Link That Will Show Up Is,, Which Is the Official Google News Website.

Click on That First Link and Boom, You Are Now on the Homepage of Google News. It’s Like an Online Newspaper, Where You Can Find News About Anything, and Everything Under the Sun. World News, Local News, Business News, Technology, Entertainment, Sports, Science, Health.

This Is the Legit Google Website, and You Can Find All Sorts of News on It. Now I Know, What You Might Be Thinking, Why Should I Even Care About This? How Am I Going to Get Paid by Just Browsing a News Site? Let Me Show You How.

So on the Top of This Page, You Will See a Bunch of News Categories Like World News, Local News and All, but I Will Show You the Best Way to Make Money with Google News. So Today, We Are Going to Focus on the Categories Like Business, Technology, Entertainment, Sports and So On.


Find A Fresh Article

Now, We Need to Click on One of the Categories That We Are Interested In. Let’s Say, We Are Checking Out the Latest Tech News, So Click on That Category, and You Can See Many Different Pieces of Information About Technology. and for the Purpose of This Article, We Are Going to Check on the Health Category, So Let’s Click on That and See What’s Cooking.

As we Scroll Down, We Are Going to See Some Interesting Fresh News Articles About All Things Related to Health, and Let Me Choose Fitness from There. and on This Page, You Can Find Many Different Articles Related to Fitness. Now, I Want You to Select the One That You Find Really Interesting.

Alright, Here You Can Select a Article according your choice, Let’s Give It a Click and See What’s Up. Now That We Found the Article, We Will Be Working on to Make Money with It. and Let Me Show You the Most Interesting Part of This Make Money Online Method.

Use Spinbot for Rewrite Article

Our Second Step Is to Head Over to, and Paste the Text from the Article You Found into This Left Box of the Website.

Use Spinbot for Rewrite Article

Now, Here’s Where the Magic Happens. Spinbot Is a Special Software That Takes the Article You Just Copy and Pasted, and Rewrites It in Your Own Words.

Yes, You Will Have a Completely New Article on the Same Topic as the but You Might Ask Why Do We Need to Do This? Well, If We Just Copy and Pasted the Original Article, We Could Run into Some Legal Trouble Because of Copyright Issues. and by Using Spinbot, We Avoid All of That and End Up with a Brand New Piece of Content, Which Is Rewritten by Spinbot.


So Let Me Do That Again, I Will Paste That Article into Spinbot, I Will Click on Basic Spin, Wait for a Couple of Seconds, and Boom, You Now Have a Unique Blog Post Article, or Whatever You Want to Call It. and I Want to Clarify Something Here, If You Wanted to Keep Some Words Like Names and Numbers or Quotes or Anything Like That click on this icon right here, and you can add what you wanted to keep.

Now, you may need to give the article a check before using it, and that is why We recommend that you choose an article that you are interested in. Alright, so here’s the deal, you can actually make up to $1 dollar for each word of this article, and we’re going to show you how. But first, you want to copy this article and save it somewhere safe, because we are going to be selling it to a couple of websites that are going to pay us big bucks for our words.

Get Paid For Articles: 03 Amazing Sites That Will Pay You $2 per word

These websites are going to give you $1 for every word you write, and we will also show you this bonus website, where you can get up to $2 for each word of your article. And trust me, these articles can have thousands of words, and you can earn $1600 easily and effortlessly. So, once you’ve got this article safely saved.

1. Sell Article on

The third step is to make some real money with these articles. And for this, the first website we are going to be using today is

This is where things get exciting because they are going to pay you $1 per word that you write for them. But don’t worry, you won’t have to do any of the hard work yourself. You can easily write articles using Google News, and Spinbot, without have to face any copyright issues. And the best part is, you won’t have to do any selling, or affiliate marketing, or any type of marketing at all.

Stay tuned until the end, because we have something exciting to tell you. I will tell you how to make money from an additional 2 different websites, and one of them pays up to $2 for each word you write. And, they accept articles on various topics like money, health and fitness, travel, personal finance, and much more.


So you can make even more money by using multiple sites. Coming back to this website, pays you $1 for each word you write. So, if you have an 800-word article, you will get 800 dollars. And the other website We’re going to tell you, pays $2 per word. Which means, you can earn up to $1600 per article. You copy and paste from Google News.

It’s super easy, and you can do it from anywhere in the world. But for our future Articles, comment down below your country name, so that We can Write more Articles for you and others Reading from your country.

Now, you don’t have to spend hours writing articles, or spend any money, and you can start making money right now. Okay so now, you might be wondering, how to actually get paid for your article.

It’s very easy, first of all, We want you to come over to . Now if you scroll down a little bit on this website, you will see that, pays you $1 for each word you submit.

Next, We want you to scroll up a little bit, and you will see, if are you ready to submit your articles and ideas to eatingwell magazine? Send your pitch to, pitches at, or to, the prep at

Now, you will need to grab these email address mentioned on the website, and send them each an email with the subject line as, content submission, or something related to that.

In the email, just tell them that you have an article you want to submit and you are excited to hear back from them. To make it even more professional, you can use the template you see in the Below image.


After that, just copy and paste your article into the email and hit send. If they’d like your article, they will reply to your email and ask you for your payment details.

Don’t worry, since it’s your own article rewritten by the Spinbot, there shouldn’t be any issues. You can choose how you want to get paid, Paypal, Bank Transfer, or whatever works best in your country. And you can literally start doing this right now, as you Read this article. Just follow each and every step tell in this Article.

If you use the google news with spinbot for submitting news every couple of hours, the earning potential is limitless. And if you take a look at the health category, you will notice that there are many subcategories that offer endless opportunities to make money.

The more you do this, the more money you are going to make. Now, we also promise to submit your articles to make even more money.

2. Write an Article for

The second website is popular science (, which is somewhat similar to, but has a faster submission process. You just need to send queries, and after they reply, you can submit the whole article. So on this website, we can see their email address, which you can see in the image given below. And, you can submit your query with your contact details to this email address.

Again, you can use the template you are seeing in the Screenshot now to submit an article to the popular science website. On this website, you need to focus on technology-related topics.

So, we want you to go back to Google News, and we want you to go to the technology from there, and you want to look for something that catches your attention. For instance, let us choose a article, and copy it from there, then paste the article into spinbot, and let’s spin bot rewrite the whole article in your own words.

This will help you to create an original and engaging article that can be submitted to the popular science website. And you don’t have to worry about copyright, everything we are doing here is totally legitimate, as long as you are writing in your own words and making it unique.

3. Sell the Article on

Okay so, the last website we are going to use is If you want to know how to submit your articles to them, just go to their website and check out their writer’s guidelines page. Or, you can just simply visit to this url (

Here is the cool part, they pay up to $2 per word you write, that’s more money than the other websites we have talked about, plus, they accept articles on a wide range of topics, like health, fitness, travel, and much more. You can just copy this email mentioned on this website, and send your article on that mail, to make even more money with this website.

Now what you want to do is, submit your articles to all three websites,, popularscience, and But make sure, you submit different articles to each website, because, they won’t accept the same thing twice, and even if they only accept one article per day, you can still make $100 a day.


Of course, not every article you submit will be accepted, because, they might already have something similar on their website but hey no worries you can start doing it right now for free and get it directly to your paypal or bank account. there is no need to sell anything and do any affiliate marketing at all. just copy and Past and send an email, if you can do that you can make money with this free method of Google News.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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