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15 Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunication Equipment Industry in 2022

Going back two decades, there was an ancient form of telecommunications, however, it has changed with lightning speed and what we see today is quite different from what it was before.

There was a monopoly of telephones before the Bell System, however, it broke with the new development in the telecommunication industry.

The development in the telecommunication industry has helped seven competitors to emerge in the market and give huge competition to one another and benefit their customers.

We are living in an information era and this has created a demand for high-speed internet and that’s what the companies are working on with their fiber cables and wireless installations.

Since its inception, its growth is increasing year on year, whereas other industries are facing an acute shortage of better returns. This leads to job shrinking and the telecom industry is demanding more and more skilled workers at every level.


When we talk about telecom equipment, it means a structure with which telecom companies create a communication environment so that they can serve their clients using the internet, mobile phones, radio, etc.

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What is Telecommunication Equipment?

From the 1990s, there was a huge confusion between telecommunication equipment and IT equipment. People were often confused about what the exact difference between the two is?

Telecom includes telecommunication gear like transmission lines, multiplexers, baes transceivers, computers, etc. Many technologies are included to make communication successful.

Telecommunications equipment is quite similar to the networking equipment as their functions are linked with each other in many spheres and they need a specialist to handle its functioning who has in-depth knowledge of this equipment.


What are the benefits of working in the telecommunication equipment industry?

Here are the best-paying jobs in the telecommunication equipment industry. There are reasons behind it which we are going to discuss here.

Innovative skills

Innovation is the biggest thing that has changed the whole world and the telecom equipment industry is not untouched by it. Whenever there is a demand to adopt changes, there will always be a need for innovation and innovation needs learning every day.

As and when there will be new technology, there will be learning with that. You cannot just move with the old school methods to solve this problem of a new era.

Job Security

We have heard people saying that job marketing is shrinking. That may be worrisome for those who do not change and are still doing their jobs with older methods.

Here a specialist in telecom equipment has an added advantage because those who are in the computer industry or industries related to it have the most secure jobs.


Variety of Career Options

The Telecom equipment industry is well equipped with a variety of jobs because this industry deals with multiple tasks including technical and non-technical jobs. One can find many job options in this industry.

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15 Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment Industry

Instrumentation and Control Design Engineer

The job of an IC design engineer is the core technology as he is responsible to design IC (Integrated Circuits) to meet the other requirements of the project. To make a bigger circuit, there is a requirement of fitting amplifiers, resistors, transistors, capacitors, and many other components.

An IC design engineer is responsible for designing many other electrical components and driving the overall process of making circuits.

Fiber Optics Technician

There is a huge demand for a fiber optics technician or fiber-optics engineer. The reason for the sudden huge demand in the profession is the increasing demand for lightning-fast data networks. The use of fiber optics is to carry data for applications, including phones, computers, smart TVs, and the internet.


Antenna Engineer

Antenna Engineer’s job is one of the highest-paid jobs in the communication equipment industry. An antenna engineer must create antennas and other communication devices. The other communication devices that are created by an antenna engineer are modems, cellphones, satellite equipment, and radio antennas. Etc.

There are some other duties that an antenna engineer performs are research, developing the existing devices, and recommending a budget for new developments.

Data Architect

The job of a data architect is one of the highest-paid jobs in the telecommunication equipment industry. Whatever the corporate needs are, they are all converted by a data architect into understandable and measurable data and they must store and organize data for the company’s use.

Security is the foremost responsibility of a data architect as there are more threats of cyberattacks. Their annual income is approximately $145,000+.

Optics Splicer

The job of an optics splicer is to install, maintain, and repair fiber optics cables. This job is vital to ensure the smooth running of communication like the phone, the internet, a TV, other communication cables, etc. they earn approximately $50,000+ annually.


Satellite TV Installer

A Satellite TV Installer is responsible to set up satellite equipment for their customer and make sure that they receive proper signals in each corner of the house. They are experts in understanding various frequencies as they have to set up customer’s tv on a particular frequency.

They work both indoors and outdoors and carry heavy equipment like ladders to complete the installation of the network on the devices of the customer.

Voice over internet protocol Engineer (VOIP Engineer)

VOIP is a new era of a communication system where people within a company connect via the internet instead of a traditional telephone system. The job of a VOIP engineer is to design the VOIP system to make communication easier for the company.

As a VOIP engineer, you need to understand the company’s needs and make a network system that meets requirements and ensures that the company can communicate smoothly.

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Wireless Technician

As the name suggests, a wireless technician is a technician who takes care of the wireless devices and makes sure that these are running in workable condition. Along with this, he provides tech support to those who need help.

The devices that he/she takes care of are cell phones, PDAs or tablets, etc. He is also responsible for taking care of cell towers, maintaining network signals, developing network performance, troubleshooting issues, and checking software and hardware health too.

Satellite Dish Installer

This is another high-paying job in the communication equipment industry. They are responsible for planting a dish and connecting it to the available frequency that the customer wants. They just carry a dish and install it on the roof or any place of the house where it can receive powerful signals.

Line Installers

Line installers are experts in installing communication lines and these are the most prominent jobs in the communication equipment industry. For installing lines, they do a lot of other tasks like installing poles, network towers, and making underground wiring to send wires from one place to another so that the customer can enjoy his favorite episodes from the comfort of his home.

Broadband Engineer

A broadband engineer is there to install, maintain, and repair multiple communication networks. By doing these activities, they ensure that network activities are running smoothly without creating any trouble for the end customer.


Without a network engineer, we cannot imagine a smooth experience because whenever there is any network issue, there is a broadband engineer to take care of that.

Dish Network Installer

The job of a dish network installer is to make sure that all satellite equipment is up to date to deliver the best possible service to the customer, so that customers receive the best internet experience and services related to it.

Their job is so important that they make the work of many businesses easier by connecting their computers to the networks and installing satellite dishes wherever required.

Data Scientists

Data scientists are the top layer executives in this industry as data which is the core raw material of this industry is processed by data scientists, that’s the reason they are called the top layer of this industry.

As we know that there is ever increasing demand for data, so is the data scientist. They are the highest-paid specialists in the industry. There is so much about a data scientist that a complete book can be written on it.


Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is another important job position in the telecommunication equipment industry and many more. There is always a demand for a computer programmer who knows better about the latest programming language like Python.

The job of a computer programmer is to design coding for a particular function, test these codes and calibrate them for further use.

Cyber Security

As and when there are improvements in the data-related industries, there will always be possible threats of cyber-attacks that can destroy the computer ecosystems that an organization relies on.

There are many ways by which cyber-attacks take place and the job of a cyber security expert is to identify these attacks, measure the possible damage from these attacks and eliminate them from the system.

Final Words

There are 15 most important jobs that we have talked about so far in this article. Since these are skilled jobs, you will have to have a professional degree to get in these jobs. However, if you enter this industry, you will enjoy working there as there are more possibilities for growing more in this industry.


I hope this article will help you find a better job. We wish you to excel in your career and achieve more levels in your life.

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