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How to Succeed with Your Brand Identity: Three Success Stories

That identity is something super important for your brand to be successful is something you probably already know.

For this reason, I am going to show you three examples of brand identity that are very different from each other and that have been a success story both in terms of design and recognition by the client.

In the studio we always work on the identity of all our clients. We like to get to know them in depth, to know what they hope to achieve, how they feel about their brand, what values ​​and feelings they would like to transmit and translate it all into a good identity.
These are three success stories in which good communication and the establishment of direct and quick feedback have made the design of their identities triumph, and now, their owners, feel 100% comfortable with their brands.

Gluten Free Desserts

The first case is that of Cristina, from Gluten Free Posters. We have chosen it, apart from how attractive it was, so that you can see that with the installation and customization of one of our templates you can get a really beautiful and unique website. The trick is to build a good identity to be able to customize it to the maximum.

What is more iconic than colored sprinkles when it comes to baking? Nothing. That is why we use these colored nuggets as a common thread between all the elements of identity.
As you can see, finding the concept that serves as the basis for starting to develop identity is a fundamental step that we never overlook.

How to Succeed with Your Brand Identity Three Success Stories

In this case, in addition, we had an advantage because Cristina had not had a worked identity of her brand until then, which made her more receptive to all the proposals we present.

Sara Celaya

The second case that we are going to see is that of Sara Celaya, creator of digital content and social media. Sara already had an identity and a website with which she did not feel identified at all, so she got in touch with us to redesign both.

Clients know that their brand needs a change but many of them are afraid that the change will be too big and they greatly limit the work of the designer. Fortunately, it was not the case of Sara, who left her mark in our hands with complete confidence without any condition. 

So, starting with total freedom to start over with their identity, we got down to work to come up with a concept: digital communication. We developed different logo and color palette proposals, very different from one another, until we found the one that Sara gave us her “yes, I want”.

She chose the proposal she felt most comfortable with, the one she believed to be most identified with. And that, in addition, it followed -a bit- its old chromatic range that defined it. Despite this, the new Sara Celaya has nothing to do with the one there was previously.

Once the identity was worked out, it was time to pass that same concept to the design of your website. As it was a custom design, we could do whatever fancy stuff we wanted (which our beloved programming team then makes our dreams “come true”).


So we use as a nexus of identity the dotted line of the logo, which symbolizes very well the connection and digital communication.

The result of finding a good common thread, as well as a chromatic range that expresses what the client needs, makes the identity in general always triumph.

Rudilla Gem

Finally, the case of Gema Rudilla, a coach specialized in women. Gema was launching for the first time into the wonderful world of entrepreneurs and needed a brand identity and a powerful website to launch.
I knew I wanted something very feminine, elegant, different and very personal. That it be well reflected in all corners of their identity and above all that the client was comfortable in their new home. And so we did with her identity, give her a lot of cane so that she feels super identified with her.

What at first glance may seem like a simple logo becomes much more complex when behind it it has a strong concept that reaffirms it. In this case, the line, which remembers one of those blanks to fill. Because, at the end of the day, that is what coaches do, help fill in the spaces that some people themselves cannot or do not know how.

And with that concept we jump into the pool to design its website, also from scratch, and the rest of the identity applications which you can also find it from mobile app development agency.

How to Succeed with Your Brand Identity Three Success

hese are just three success stories out of all of us who work daily in the studio. You can keep track of our work in the portfolio, where we are uploading all the cases we are working on, but today we wanted to tell you about these three in more detail.

If you are considering giving your brand a twist, do not be afraid and trust a good design team that knows what it does and shows you that, no matter how crazy it may seem at first, you are in good hands.

Don’t obsess over the fear of changing too much. Quite the opposite. A good designer will know how to change your identity enough so that you really are you, so that your clients finally recognize you in your identity, in your brand and all its facets.

And to finish, tell you that if you trust a team of designers, don’t put restrictions; do not be afraid and let them know you and create your identity, with which, at last, you can feel 100% identified.
If you already have, I encourage you to tell us about your experience. And if, on the other hand, you still doubt, tell us what your fears or barriers are that stop you from doing so.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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