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10 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts in 2022: Don’t Miss it..!!

Real estate has been the epitome of investment since the day humans started to develop investment instincts. This industry has created many millionaires and even offered millions of jobs around the world.

In this article, we are going to talk about the jobs in the real-estate sector, especially in the Real Estate Investment Trusts.

People consider real estate the best option to invest in as there is always a success story in real-estate sectors. These investments attract additional and passive incomes for those who invest.

We are going to find out the profiles for the jobs in real estate and how you can make them profitable.

What is the Real-Estate Investment Trust?

This is a kind of trust, also known as REIT, that handles real-estate properties like shopping centres, office space, hotels, warehouses, and commercial forests.


If we go by the total value then in the U.S. alone, REITs have real-estate assets worth $3.5 trillion. They work in getting a better value for these assets and give better returns to their investors.

Investing in real estate is not quite different from investing in equity. Here you need a larger amount and for stocks, you can start with an even lesser amount.

Different Types of Real Estate Investment Trusts

  • Debt Real Estate Investments Trust
  • Eligibility Real Estate Investments Trust
  • Medical-Oriented Real Estate Investment Trusts
  • Merchandise Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Domestic Real Estate Investments Trust

10 Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trust

In this section, we are going to talk about the 10 best-paying jobs in the Real Estate Investment Trust. Go through their job profiles and how they fit into the real estate sector.

1)  Real Estate Broker

You might have met a real estate broker once in your lifetime if you have ever thought about investing. They are the ones who meet clients on the front line and negotiate with them about the price.

It’s not that casual a job that anyone can do, as for this you need to acquire a certificate that’s why they are different from regular agents.

Once they get a certificate, they can own their consulting firm or work with an existing firm. This is a high-paying job that can take you to a six-figure income.


2)  Real Estate Agent

They are somewhat similar to the brokers but their main job is to assist people in buying and selling properties.

The job of an agent is very simple, they just connect buyers and sellers of real estate properties and mediate the deal. There are particular specialisations where some agents deal in residential properties wherein others may have a stronghold in commercial property.

Both the segments bring clients very frequently as more and more people are looking for better investment opportunities.

The only difference between a broker and an agent is that brokers are licensed as they have gone through a particular training wherein, agents do not acquire any licence.

3)  Real Estate Investors

A real estate investor is a unique position as everyone is not a fit for this. Here the investors purchase a property, add some value to it and then sell it at an increased price. This way they increase the value of their portfolio.


Although it can look very profitable and easy to do business the only challenge that people face in this category is its investment value. Not everyone comes with an investment value of such a high amount.

Sometimes you might market down situations where no one buys even your highly valuable property, but once the market is in good condition, you get better profit on your investment.

You need to be careful before investing your hard-earned money:

  • Skills of taking a calculated risk.
  • Deep research of a property for the future.
  • A strong vision of how property will be valued in the future.

4)  Acquisition

The job of acquisition is to acquire new areas of investment where most profits can be made. If you are interested in this job then remember this job needs skills in exploring investment opportunities and playing with numbers.

To get a job in the acquisition area, you must have a degree in marketing and finance.

There is good career growth in the field where you can begin as an associate, and as you perform better, you can be promoted to the next levels of a manager and a vice-president.


5)  Development

In development, you are responsible for creating new properties as a whole.

Since it is about building a new property, you will need to deal with people from many professions like contractors, subcontractors, vendors, etc. to design and build an attractive property.

Working in this field, you can make 6 figure income if you are in the vice-president position.

6)  Real Estate Investment Trusts Analysts Job

The job of an analyst is really in demand and high-paying. The analyst works in determining the real value of an asset and helps the finance team in acquiring, disposing of, marketing, and financing a property.

They help their employers to make better-calculated decisions with their analysis skills. They are the real movers for a property in the market.


It’s not an easy job and requires smart work with these skills:

  • A bachelor’s degree in finance and marketing.
  • Organisational skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Research skills
  • Good to go in managing various sales campaigns.
  • A better understanding of local properties.

7)  Relations consultant

The job of a relations consultant is full of fun as they get to meet new people to deal with every day along with a lucrative package for their performance.

They are responsible for identifying a potential project in which their investors might show interest.

Their job is to coordinate with investors, builders, and contractors and make a team to build better projects.

8)  Asset Management

People in asset management have to see how an asset can be increased, especially their REITs.

People who are sitting in higher positions deal with their team to identify potential projects and coordinate with their team in acquiring assets, accounting for these investments, and developing them to prove better financial decisions.


9)  Real Estate Property Appraiser

Before we put a property for sale, we need to get it appraised and valued to understand the exact value of it before we figure out any value on our own. This job is done by a real estate property appraiser.

It’s not that anyone can become a property appraiser, for this, you need a degree in the relevant course and acquire a licence along with ground knowledge.

You need to have a degree in economics and finance.

10) Real Estate Attorney Jobs

When you dream about becoming big in any industry, you think about profit, and when profit comes, it brings some disputes with it which may be related to any subject like land dispute, payment dispute, acquisition dispute, etc.

A real estate attorney is like an angel who has come to save you from any legal trouble and lets you focus on your core business only.


Whenever there is any dispute, they mediate between both parties and solve the matter as easily as possible.

They also make sure that you don’t get stuck in legal clutches hence they keep on advising you on being careful on any particular deal.

Final Thoughts

These are the top 10 jobs in the real estate industry along with their roles and responsibilities. These jobs are very lucrative and full of fun because you deal with new people every time and in new property.

We hope that we can throw light on these jobs that you might be interested in and will help you make a better decision in selecting a suitable job for you.


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