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10 Best Paying Jobs in consumer durables in 2022

The consumer durable industry has been the most stable industry and jobs in this sector are considered safe and lucrative.

Due to development in consumer products, increasing purchasing power, and ease to acquire durables, consumers can buy goods easily which in turn increases the overall sales of goods in this industry.

If we talk about the customer base of this industry, both urban and rural customers contribute to its growth with urban as a major stack. The best thing about this industry is that its customer base in terms of the economic group is diverse, that’s the reason they have a never-ending demand for goods.

The industry serves its consumers with a variety of goods including electronic devices, home products, appliances, cleaning types of equipment, fans, etc.

If you are looking for this industry as a good career industry, then this article is for you as it will give you an out about consumer durables.


What are Consumer Durables?

When we say consumer durables, we mean durables that we do not purchase every month because they are not consumed like groceries, and they last for a couple of years, approximately 4-5 years depending on quality.

Another important fact about this industry is that purchasing consumer durables shows the economic growth of a country because when people buy more consumer durables, they tend to have better purchasing power.

Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Option?

There are many reasons why a career in consumer durables is considered lucrative. We are going to discuss some of them.

Lucrative Pay

Most consumer durable industries which operate on a large scale are profitable, hence they distribute their income to their employees in many forms. So, being lucrative, jobs in this industry attract youth.

Variety of Career Options

Since this industry works with many departments, there is always a demand for skilled employees and offers better career options for their employees compared to other industries.


If you talk about ease of finding jobs, this industry tops the chart as there is always a demand for employees because of expansion, attrition, promotions, etc.

It means when somebody steps out to find a job, the consumer durables industry is the easiest to land because of the ever-growing demand for employees.

Flexible Working Hours

This is another reason why most employees prefer the consumer durable industry for jobs. Flexible working hours are an important factor in attracting employees because many employees want to work and study. For them, it is heaven.

Some people do two jobs and form them too, consumer durables industry proves to be a better option because of flexible working hours.

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10 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

1. Product Manager

In our best-paying jobs in consumer durables, Product Manager tops the chart.

The job of a product manager is in two ways. They are responsible for making products more profitable for their corporations and by creating value for their consumers.

A product manager is a link between corporations and consumers because he helps the companies to design the product as per consumers’ choice and increase better return on the money invested by the company. Their average pay is $113,000 per annum.

2. Strategy Consultant

A strategy consultant is an important position for a company. He analyzes the company’s current working pattern and helps it to move according to the market conditions and trends.

They prioritize the cost-cutting methods, increasing revenue, and directing the companies to move in a particular direction so that the company makes the most from their investment. They justify their jobs.


They are quick to identify the current challenges that the company faces and looks for its solutions. They analyze the current market conditions and recommend the company adapt to the changing trends.

The average income that they earn is $70,000-$100,000 annually.

3. Marketing Manager

Their average annual salary is $140,000 and these are one of the best paying jobs in the consumer durables industry.

The marketing managers are in key positions in the consumer durables industry because they are the ones who bring business which is the very idea behind any economic activity.

Marketing managers design the marketing strategy, run marketing campaigns and target particular customer groups.


Without marketing managers, we can see only production, and no sales, ultimately shutting down the business.

They make marketing strategies, design the targeted customer groups, coordinate with marketing agencies and bring customers to the business. Without them, there is a standstill situation in any company.

The annual income of a marketing manager is around $140,000.

4. Business Analyst

Business analysts explore opportunities to increase profitability by analyzing the possible areas where business can be improved and by spending less compared to other strategies.

The job of a business analyst is to see how far the company’s business can grow. Their exploration for more business for their company is important for organizations to expand in other spheres of business.


For example, a telecom company that is just selling telecom services. A business analyst can find possibilities in selling add-on OTT apps at a discounted price as upselling. This act increases business for many companies in the current scenario.

A business analyst can work in different verticals and either increase business or control the activity which does not give any value.

A business analyst earns approximately $80,000 per annum.

5. Account Manager

The job of an account manager is very important for maintaining the customer base for any company.

They look after the needs and concerns of their customer and convey the word of customers to the company so that they can improve to meet the customer’s requirements.


They are multi-taskers as they keep shifting their focus on multiple tasks to meet the company’s requirements because they not just answer customers’ queries, they also interact with management to entertain the customer’s requirements.

Customers see an account manager first whenever they have to interact with anybody related to the company, so they are the face of a company.

There are many incarnations of an account manager as they turn into customer sales executives, customer support, technical support, and whatnot, just to make the customer’s experience better and their average income is $58,000+ annually.

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6. Sales Representative

Sales representatives are the face of the company as they represent the products and services to their customers. They are the ones who convince customers to buy what the company has to offer.


Although a marketing manager makes customers ready for a deal, the deal is closed by a sales executive.

A sales executive has to be good in communication skills and interpersonal skills so that he/she can convey what they want to say.

They understand their customers better than anybody else in the organization. That’s why they are at the forefront of every organization.

7. Communication Coordinator

Communication Coordinators are considered the mouthpiece of organizations they communicate with masses of customers.

In this position, executives communicate with their customers through various means like press releases, blogs, newsletters, and other marketing materials.


This job includes activities that engage their customers through multiple means like news and promotional campaigns.

They are versatile in skills because they can work in any industry be it consumer durables, educational institutions, or insurance.

Although their roles and responsibilities depend from company to company.

The average income that a sales representative earns annually is $68,000

8. Media Planner

The job of media planners is to design tailored advertisements for the customers to understand your brand in depth.


They analyze the customer buying behaviour and create and design ads to target a particular customer group.

They generally work in advertising firms so that they can target customers through newspapers, magazines, the internet, etc.

Their average annual income is $79,000+.

9. Human Resources Manager

How can we forget to review the job of a Human Resources Manager? Whatever you do, however, you do, and whenever you do your activities, there is a human resources manager to take care of your employment needs.

He is responsible to plan, manage, and operate an organization’s administrative operations.


They are here to recruit, set up employment agreements, and take care of the salaries of employees along with incentives. Their job doesn’t end here as they take care of the attrition target of companies.

He earns a median salary of $70,000 annually.

10. Staff Accountant

He is part of the accounts team that keeps the record of the company’s financial transactions.

They are responsible for taking care of the IRS compliance, 401k plan, maintaining the bank records with the company, and maintaining the company’s ledger.

They earn approximately $49,000+ per annum.


Final Words

Here we are with the list of the 10 best-paying jobs in the consumer durables industry. The list of career options that we have provided you is the most sought after along with the annual take home.

As far as job search is concerned, this is an open industry which means that jobs are always open for skilled employees. There is a job available in this industry whenever you want.

It is the backbone of economies as they have the most recurring sales ever.

I hope this article will help you make a better decision about whether or not you should work in this industry.

If you have any questions, you can feel free to write to us.


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