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23 Best Legit Easy Side Hustles from Home JOBS For 2024 That Pay Up To $37 Per Hour

Your 9 to 5 may be your dream job, but it’s just not enough. It may not provide the income that you need or have enough security to make you feel comfortable. Or it may be a situation where you have not gotten a promotion for several years, but you are not ready to leave. Whatever the reason is, a Most Profitable Side Hustles 2024 job may be the answer to whatever it is that you are experiencing.

Now according to a flexjob survey of 2,000 employed professionals, nearly 1 in 3 respondents cited that they have at least one side job, and more than 11% have more than one side job, and another 38% are looking for a side job. That means that more than 2 thirds or 69% of currently employed professionals either have a side job or want one.

23 Best Legit Easy Side Hustles from Home JOBS

So Readers, if you fall in the 69% and you’re looking for a Legit Side Hustles Job that can be done from home, this Article may just be for you. For these 23 Best Legit Easy Side Hustles from Home JOBS For 2024 that I’m gonna share, I will share over 15,000 open positions and opportunities with more than 6,000 of them available worldwide. And the great thing is that most of these jobs, don’t require a college degree or work experience. That said, here are 23 Easy Side Hustles Jobs from Home that you can apply for, and of course the information to apply for them, and they pay as much as US$37 per hour.

23 Best Legit Easy Side Hustles from Home JOBS For 2024

Now a side job is one that you take on in addition to your primary job. A side job, however, can be done full-time or part-time.

Now there is something here for everyone, because these positions that I’m about to share with you, they are across multiple industries and are at multiple levels within those industries.

1. Bookkeeper (One of The Best remote bookkeeper Jobs That Pay Upto $37 per Hour)

As you can see On Flexjobs, there are a ton of bookkeeping jobs that you can apply for, specifically, there are about a thousand Legit Side Hustles jobs, and they have slightly different titles, but in the end, the function is very similar to that of a bookkeeper.


You can go ahead and filter with work from anywhere in the world, and you’ll be able to see opportunities, as you can see here across the globe with the Side Hustles to Make Money Online work from Anywhere Tag, which means Wherever you live, you can apply and potentially qualify.

23 Best Legit Easy Side Hustles from Home JOBS For 2024 That Pay Up To $37 Per Hour

For all of the Legit Side Hustles from Home jobs that I’m going to share today, you will be able to filter by work from anywhere to see opportunities that are available for you to apply regardless of where you live across the world.

These are remote Legal jobs, which means you can do them from your home or wherever you want for that matter, as long as your working environment doesn’t conflict with what the job expects.

Now, You Can Visit Flexjob and apply for all these 23 jobs. So you can visit and select the different Remote Side Hustles 2024 jobs that I’m about to share with you, filter by remote, and then you can filter by remote bookkeeper to see the list that I’m sharing. And you will have pages of jobs to pick from. if you’re reading this article, possibly months after or weeks after, these jobs may not exist. So be aware of that.

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2. Career Coach

Let’s move to the second Remote Side Hustles 2024 job on the list. And this one is a career coach. It pays about $24 per hour, and you will assist clients with career planning, resume building, and job searching. And as you can see here, tons of opportunities for you to apply to. And all you have to do is to sift through these opportunities and apply for the ones that you’re most interested in.


3. Curriculum Writer

The third Most Profitable Side Hustles 2024 job on our list is a curriculum writer. this is one of the higher-paying jobs coming in at about $33 per hour. In this capacity, you’re going to design educational courses and materials for schools and organizations. As you can Search On Flexjobs, there are Many pages of jobs with 50 jobs on each page. So basically hundreds of opportunities for you to capitalize on.

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4. Copy Editor

Now, the fourth Easy Side Hustles for Teens opportunity pays $25 per hour, and it is the job of a copy editor. And in this capacity, you review and correct written materials for grammar, clarity and consistency. So it’s really an editor at the end of the day. And if you are into writing and that’s something that you love doing, this particular side job will allow you to exercise those skills.

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5. Customer service representative

Customer service representatives, and this is paying about $15 per hour is next on our list. And in this capacity, you’re going to handle customer inquiries and complaints and provide information about products or services.


There are many Real Side Hustles from Home jobs, You can filter here as well for work-from-anywhere opportunities. for this one, you can visit and filter by remote and customer service representative and you’ll be able to capitalize on the opportunities that are there.

6. An Executive Assistant (Pays More then $29 per hour)

The next job category, and remember I said there’s something here for everyone, believe me when I tell you so. Because this one is an executive assistant it pays about $29 per hour. And in this capacity, you’re going to provide administrative support to executives, you’re going to help them to manage their schedules, their correspondence and any other tasks that they’re taking on because you’re basically a shadow of the person you’re working for.

7. Graphics Designer (Trendig High Demand High Paying Job)

Now if you are a creative and you’re into graphics design, this next side job as a graphics designer will pay $24 per hour. You’ll in this capacity create visual concepts by hand or using a software to communicate ideas. And there are also many graphics designer jobs Available, You Can Visit Flexjob and filter to get the work from anywhere opportunities as well.

You Can Use This Online Graphics Designer Tool, It’s the fastest and most creative way to design the graphics your business needs.

8. Health coach

Health coach, this one pays $21 per hour. Now I know some persons out there, who aspire to be a health coach and you want to start a consultancy but you may not be there yet or you may be lacking in experience.


This is ideal for you because this side job at $21 per hour in the capacity of a health coach will give you the experience you need and the launch pad to lead to a successful consultancy. In this capacity, you’re going to provide guidance and support for clients who are seeking to improve their health and wellness. And there are as you can see here, reputable companies like CVS Health on this list.

9. An Interpreter

Now if you are bilingual, this next job of an interpreter that pays $21 per hour is an ideal side job. You will translate spoken language in real-time in various settings such as conferences, meetings, or even in the hospital.
There are many different organizations where interpreters are needed. It’s an amazing side job that will allow you to add value in many different ways.

10. A Medical Coder

Let’s move to the next side job on our list, which is that of a medical coder, Here You Can Earn about $20 per hour. In this capacity, you’re going to convert healthcare diagnoses, procedures, and services into universal medical alphanumeric codes.
I know it sounds complicated, Readers, but this is actually one of the jobs where in many cases you don’t need any formal qualifications or any experience.

11. An Online ESL Teacher

Next on our list is the job of an online ESL teacher. This particular job pays about $23 per hour and you’ll be teaching English as a second language to students via online platforms.

12. Project management

Project management and this one also pays a lot for a side job coming in at $37 per hour. And that’s next on our list. In this capacity, you’re going to plan, execute, and close projects, ensuring that they meet the deadlines and the allotted.


There are 1000 project manager jobs to choose from. If you’re looking for a side job that is part-time, just make sure that when you go to flexjobs, you filter part-time.

13. Proofreader (Proofreading Side Hustle Job That Pay upto $19 per hour)

Proofreader, paying $19 per hour is next on our list. And in this capacity, you’re going to be responsible for checking written texts after it has been edited for final errors and inconsistencies. I like to say that a proofreading job is much easier than an editing job because you are the last person to get involved after everybody else has done the heavy lifting.

14. A Recruiter

Next is the job of a recruiter. this particular one pays about $27 per hour. You will identify, attract, and evaluate candidates for job positions. There are many jobs to choose from here, work from anywhere across the world, and jobs as a recruiter. And there are many reputable companies here as well that you can make this $27 per hour on average working for.

15. A Resume Writer

Next on our list, it pays $24 and it’s the job of a resume writer. You’ll write and formulate professional resumes for clients, as simple as that. And I can tell you personally that this is an in-demand job.

So it will be ideal as a side job because resumes are one of the digital products that I sell online and it does pretty well. So you can imagine using your side job to gain this skill and then creating digital offerings where people pay you to create their resumes for them. You’ll be getting a side job and a side hustle from the one opportunity.


16. A Search Engine Evaluator

Next on our list is a search engine evaluator and this one pays about $24 per hour and you will assess search engine results for relevance and quality. Again, a vast number of opportunities to choose from.

17. Social Media Manager

Social media manager at $26 per hour on average is next on our list. And in this capacity, you’re going to manage social media platforms, creating content and strategies for engagement. Now I think this particular side job will add a lot to your portfolio because if you’re thinking about selling products online or launching any online business for that matter, having a good grasp of social media will help to propel your business.

And if you can do so at the expense of another company with a side job and there are some reputable brands here, it’s a win-win in my opinion.

18. A Tech Support Representative

Next on our list is if you are a technical person and this one does not require a degree either. It’s the job of a tech support representative and it pays about $20 per hour. In this capacity, you are going to provide technical assistance and support related to computer systems, hardware, or software.

19. A Test Prep Instructor

The side job of a test prep instructor, which pays about $19 per hour. And in this capacity, you’re going to teach and prepare students for standardized tests like SAT and ACT.


So if you are a teacher for example full-time and you’re looking for a side job, this is an ideal opportunity for you to use those skills and to bring in additional income doing so. As you can see here, 100% of the jobs are remote that we’re looking for with this particular search.

If you’re going on flex jobs to search for this on your own, just make sure you filter with those things in mind.

20. A Travel Consultant

Next on our list is the job of a travel consultant paying $20 per hour. And in this capacity, you’re going to plan and book travel arrangements for clients, offering advice and giving them different options. Again, it pays $20 per hour for you to do something that I would consider a fun side job.

21. Tutoring

Tutoring at $19 per hour is next on our list and this one is kind of self-explanatory. It provides personalized instructions to students for a specific subject and there are many opportunities to choose from here as you can see and it’s also a very rewarding side job.

22. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant at $17 is next on our list and in this capacity, you’re going to perform various administrative tasks remotely which is important such as scheduling, data entry, and correspondence.


23. A Writer

The last position on our list is that of a writer coming in at $29 per hour. You will create written content for various media including books, websites, and even magazines. There are lots of job openings on Flexjob that You Can See and their company is like MyFitnessPal if you’re familiar with them and also PressReader that’s hiring.

Final Words

Dear Readers there you have it 23 side job titles with thousands of opportunities for you to apply for and many of them do not require a degree or any experience. If you found any value in this Article I would appreciate you liking it and if you’re not yet a part of the family please go to Facebook Page and Instagram, and Must Follow.

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