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What Military Branch Pays the Most (10 Highest Paid Military Jobs)

10 Highest Paid Military Jobs: As the world is changing, the career perspectives are also changing, and so is the perspective of the military as a career option. Earlier it wasn’t a great career option because of less wages in this segment, but things have changed now.

Increasing payscale in the military has changed the attitude of many job seekers. Those who were looking for jobs in MNCs now turned to the military as a major career option. The top 10 jobs that we are going to discuss in this article, are from various countries from rich and powerful to ordinary and common.

So, if you are also looking for a job in the military and are stuck with the pay scale, then you should go through the list that we are presenting in this article.

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Which Military Branch Pays the Most?

When we talk about the best military branch that pays the most, we have The Australian Defence Force page that has the best package of 30,000 US dollars.


It is not just good in paying the best package but it is also better in giving allowances like house allowances and uniform allowance which is just double what an entry-level soldier earns.

Which Military Branch Pays the best in the Beginning?

When we talk about the best starting package in the US military tops the chart. To entry-level soldiers, they pay approximately $20,000 per year for the first six months.

However, after completing the first six months, a US military officer earns more than $38,000 per year as well as some allowances like a house, uniform, etc.

Which is the overall best military branch?

If we talk about the overall best military branch, then the U.S. Marine corps comes out to be the best in all metrics.

10 Highest Paid Military Branch in 2022

10. Royal Air Force (UK)

The Royal Air Force is one of the more prominent military branches around the world. Due to its performance in several operations, it is a major security line for the UK.


It is not so easy to join the Royal Air Force but once you crack it, you are on top of any job that you have ever heard of. You will be getting around 28,000 USD as pay and enjoy all the benefits to which you will be entitled.

You will be part of the most prestigious air force in English and throughout the world.

9. Japanese Self-Defense Forces

When we review the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, it’s not because of its best pay scale, it is because of the overall money that you get at the time of retirement.

Yes, you will be charged taxes on the lump sum amount that you get at the time of retirement but the amount that you get at the time of retirement is more attractive than the tax that you pay to the government. So, that is an important reason why people choose the Japanese Self-defense force.

You must start preparing to crack the Japanese Self-defense for sale exam so that you can enjoy the retirement benefits. This is especially when you are interested in making cute money at retirement.


8. The United States Marine Corp

Although when we talk about the base pay of USMC, then it is quite similar to what other US soldiers get, however, the major difference among them is when you move to the next level, like training new soldiers, parachute jumps, and tours to your duty, you get paid extra income.

When you join their services, along with your salary, you also enjoy housing allowances and 30 days of leaves.

That’s the reason we have kept USMC on our list of top paid military jobs.

7. German Army

Joining the German Army may be because of your choice of serving the nation but as far as money is concerned, you get a decent pay scale and the real opportunity is their social programs that you can take benefits from.

One of the best reasons why somebody would join the German Army is obviously its pay scale, but their pension program is amazing and it also ensures a safe and respectful retirement.


 6. French Foreign Legion

If you are looking for foreign exposure while getting decently paid for your services, then you must join the French Foreign Legion as it allows you to give your services internationally.

Although you are paid average for your efforts, the real gem is in their international services. When you go for the international services as overseas deployment, you are paid $4,000 US.

If travelling the world is on your wishlist along with an amazing pay scale and perks, then you must not miss this chance as it will fulfil all your dreams.

5. The United States Air Force

As we discussed above, the pay scale of all the U.S. soldiers is the same across all the sub-departments which is around $20,000 per annum.

The pay scale is just one part of the wages that you get, the other benefits are amazing like housing allowances, educational benefits, and deployment pay.


These benefits are the same for every U.S. soldier. The wages grow fantastically and give you more opportunities to learn.

You can easily retire here in just 20 years of service and be ready to join other services where age is not a restriction.

4. Royal New Zealand Air Force

Although there are high standards to crack the entrance exam that lets you in, once you clear it, you will be welcomed into the world of one of the most decorated armies.

There is an amazing pay range which is USD 34,000 per annum along with benefits like childcare, educational aid, and paid leaves.

Along with that, you get to enjoy the unexplored sites of New Zealand where ordinary people are not allowed.


3. British Army

As we said earlier, the British Army is one of the most prestigious armies in the world. It is one of the oldest armies in the world. It has a base pay of USD 28,000. A career in the British Army is not famous because of its pay scale but the benefits you enjoy there like better pay for working at a hazardous site.

2. Canadian Air Forces

Quite similar to that of the US military services, in the Canadian Air Force you get similar pay no matter where you join in the Canadian air force, you get the same pay scale. The three pay scales they offer are USD 30,000.

1. Australian Defense Force

At no. 1, there is the Australian Defense Force which is the epitome of a better salary. They pay USD 30,000 which makes it the highest pay scale on the Earth.

Not just a better pay scale, the Australian Defense Force is known for the benefits it offers like housing allowances and uniform allowances that make it the most desirable military job.

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Final words

The list of top 10 desirable jobs is here before you. Choose the one that suits you the best. Also, consider the risks attached to these jobs. Among that, keep the thought conditions of the job in mind.

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