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20 Best Highest Paying Jobs in California in 2022। Salary Scale

Getting decent work is fantastic, yet many people are dissatisfied with their current positions. Before you enroll for a job in California, you need to have a background check on the list of occupations and careers which are present there.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , the need for healthcare positions is likely to increase over the next decade. However, low-wage, high-demand jobs such as certified nursing assistants and caregivers will provide some of the most significant development prospects.

High-paying jobs are what teenagers always think of, as it sets their life. To attain such a job, people struggle a lot. But let us help you grab a good knowledge of such high paying jobs which can be gained by them easily, and they can begin working on its achievement from the moment you read this article.

Earning money should not be the goal when we talk about our daily, money can play an important role as without money we cannot even buy food and water. So, therefore, whoever is struggling for getting a decent job understands the importance of money.

High-paying jobs in California usually have a low starting point, where you earn less than half of the aforementioned figure. However, with experience and increased expertise, you may work your way up to become a highly compensated expert in any sector where there is a significant demand for expertise in california.


20 List of The Highest Paying Jobs in California

1. Physicians

Income: $200,000 dollars per year.

Physicians generally serve the same function as family doctors, as stated above. Their obligations, on the other hand, are not centered just on the family.

They mainly work in hospitals, dispensaries, and other types of institutions. Every physician has to undergo medical training that makes them able to properly accurately diagnose medical problems.

A physician in this other country makes a lot of money, so it’s one of the highest-paying jobs in California and the globe. The salary of Physicians is more than $200,000 dollars per year.

2. General Internal Medicine Physicians

Income: More than $200,000.


They are experts who take care of extremely complex diseases, which are extremely complex single-organ diseases. Examples of such diseases are weight loss, chest pain, dysphagia, exhaustion, and loss of consciousness. Some diseases may be also a result of chronic disorders which affect a person internally. This in turn results in a high-paying job with a salary of more than $200,000.

3. Chief Executives

Income: $200,000 dollars yearly.

Being a Chief Executive Officer is itself a great responsibility for a person. A person who is a Chief Executive Officer has the role of inspiring and communicating with subordinates and other staff members.

Your ability to deal with problems and handle harsh situations is what comes into play, this provides you with a good position and image in the company.

Your colleagues will be ready to follow you, seeing your leadership. It is a great position with a high-paying job with more than $200,000 dollars income yearly.


4. Painters

Income: more than $50,000 dollars yearly.

It is a part-time job that can result in high-income yield for people who wish to attain immediate income for livelihood. People start earning from the very first day. It is not a tough job but requires consistency.

This job is good as a high-paying job which can make people earn an amount of more than $50,000 dollars yearly.

5. Surgeons

Income: more than $250,000 dollars.

A surgeon is a doctor who can treat diseases, injuries, or deformities by changing body tissues manually operating on them. Surgeons are professional people with degrees who specialize in a range of fields.


It is a very professional job which is a high-paying job as well as it earns respect in society. The annual income of a surgeon is more than $250,000 dollars.

6. Psychiatrists

Income: more than $300,000 dollars annually.

Psychiatrists are well-known professionals, who have specialized in psychiatry and diagnosis of mental disorders to prevent them and their treatment. The professionals in this field examine people and determine the symptoms if they have a physical illness or not.

It is the division of medicine which works on various aspects such as Forensic Psychiatry, Geriatric psychiatry, etc. You need a medical degree to become a psychiatrist. This career is also a high-paying job as it offers more than $300,000 dollars annually.

7. Obstetricians And Gynecologists

Income: more than  $200,000.


Obstetricians and Gynecologists may look similar, but both of them are completely different. An Obstetrician deals with pregnancy and childbirth, whereas a Gynecologist deals with problems related to women. Both professions have the same income irrespective of the differences.

The professionals can be private practitioners as well. The annual salary of these professionals can be more than  $200,000.

8. Singers

Income: $400,000 dollars

Singing is a very professional job and the one who is in this profession has some charismatic aura that attracts people to his or her charm. In California, the singers earn around  $400,000 dollars annually for performances in different shows.

9. Nurse Anesthetists

Income: more than  $200,000.


Nursing in a hospital is a profession that turns a medium to help people in need. People who have registered advanced degrees in nursing practice can become nurses in the hospital. With professional skills of the nursing practice, a person also needs to have communication skills so that he can easily connect with the patients and understand their needs.

This profession has been a boon for professionals with an annual income of more than  $200,000.

10. Orthodontists

A person, whose medical profession is to treat teeth or aligning of teeth, is called an orthodontist. A very few people have mastered this course to perform any required procedure. We can say that in  California it can be one of the most high paying jobs.

11. Photography

Income: more than  $200,000.

Photography has become a very profound professional option for many teenagers, because of the development in advertising, media, and the fashion business. A few years back, photography was thought to be a hobby, but it has suddenly taken off significantly in California as it has been a center for celebrities for a while now and agencies in search of photographers who are skilled in the art of capturing excellent stories behind.


This emerging profession has gained pace and has an annual income of more than  $200,000.

12. Airline Pilots

It is a very beneficial profession as with an income of more than a million dollars you get a lot more benefits from airlines. One needs to be focused and hardworking to get this job, as it is not an easy task to get this job.

13. Web Developer

It is an emerging profession that has marked its place in the world. People are starting a new business every minute, and they need a professional website to make their website available to every customer or consumer. To do so, they require professional web developers who can work to make their business grow rapidly.

14. Fitness/Personal Trainer

People have grown a craze for fitness, and you can be a personal fitness trainer and earn a good livelihood by training individuals. A Fitness trainer trains an individual for a fixed time and makes them available in their desired outfit. The salary of a personal trainer is high.

15. Graphic design

Graphic Design services have become the new mode of marketing products and making them available to people all over the world. People get attracted to graphic designs and which increases the growth of the company. It has become a high-paying job since 2020. Learning Graphic Design is very easy from YouTube, and you can practice it using different software.


16. YouTube Video Blogger

Video blogging is quite profitable, so it would be a wonderful side job for college students with a talent for video. Video bloggers on YouTube are predicted to earn $7.60 for every 1,000 views of their videos The more people who watch your films, the more money you earn.

17. Pediatricians

Doctors who treat children are known as Pediatrician. They treat physical, behavioral and mental health issues in children. Before beginning to examine children, they need to have proper educational qualifications and then some experience regarding the job.

18. Computer And Information Systems Managers

A degree in computer systems, information science, or machine learning, is typically required of computer and information managers. Surprisingly, some firms prefer managers higher qualifications to hire a perfect employee for the job. The earnings of the computer personnel are out of this planet, as they remain to be one of California’s highest-paying professions.

19. Judges

A person who is a part of a judging panel and rules over court hearings is called a Judge. Varied jurisdictions have different powers, functions, procedures of appointment, discipline, and training for judges. The judge is supposed to conduct trials without any partial behavior and, in most cases, in public. Judges must have the courtesy to have conducted investigations and analysis of the case records, witnesses  testimony, and other sources without any failure.

20. Game Developer

Video game developers take brings ideas inti life and turn them into a user-friendly game. Video game developers, often known as games developers or video game programmers, create code for a range of platforms, including PCs, consoles, web browsers, and mobile phones. It has become a high-paying profession due to this digital era.



Getting a perfect high paying job is a very difficult thing cause the word employment has set its place in the life of every individual. The jobs listed above may be paying well, but obtaining required skills for the job takes a lot of time. In short, we can say that whichever career we become part of, you need to have courage with zeal and zest to move forward to come out with flying colors.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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