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15 Free High School Diploma Online No Cost for Adults 2022

Pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our life & so has the education system as well. Nowadays, we are emphasizing online learning more. In regards to this, we are providing a few links for the students who wish to study Diploma online with quite a little or no expenditure at all.

There are so many reasons for the students who can not complete their education due to different reasons and the most common reason is either a financial problem or a health challenge, however, lack of interest and a few other personal reasons have also been seen in many of the cases.

Despite whatever the reason, if someone still wants to pursue study further and wants to complete their high school education, we are providing you with the best possible options at a quite cheaper price or with no financial burden at all.

The best part of getting an education from the below-provided options is the online study and that too at no cost at all. Most of us will be experiencing this unique feature for the first time in our life as we have not seen such a thing in our past. Online study has its own merits.

Now, please take an in-depth look at all the links and choose the appropriate & suitable one as per your current situation and convenience and get your High School Diploma at no cost. Here we go with the list. Please see below:-

  • Penn Foster
  • Alabama Virtual Academy
  • Hope High School
  • Pinnacle Charter School
  • Smart Horizons Career Online High School
  • The Keystone School
  • Texas Success Academy
  • My Virtual Academy
  • Middleton Academy
  • Orion High School
  • Whitmore School
  • Franklin Virtual High School
  • Brigham Young University Adult Diploma
  • Liberty High School
  • North Dakota Center for Distance Education (NDCDE)

15 Free High School Diploma Online No Cost for Adults

1. Penn Foster

One of the best free diploma high schools among all 15 is Penn Foster. It provides a vast syllabus range and a student needs to select at least 5 from them i.e. from academic activities like Literature and Algebra and career activities like Electrician and Carpentry. A total of 21.5 credits are there and a student needs to select at least 5 from them.

Penn Foster helps to sharpen your practical skills to get employment in a better way. Test, Exam and all assignments are online delivered. Students receive an accredited qualification as the school is accredited by

Educational accreditation is provided to the students by advanced and the Association of College and School of the Secondary School Commission of the Middle State.

Official Website

2. Alabama Virtual Academy

One of the best advantages of enrolling in this school is the best educational experience which will help you unlock your learning potential. It not only supports your social and extracurricular activities but also provides you with the best of the best experience and that too with no burden on your pocket.

It not only provides an all new-age experience to the students but also opens new career ways for the students to earn their livelihood along with pursuing their studies.


Visit official Website

3. Hope High School

This one of the best Free School Education providers has restricted itself only to the students aged below 22 years and also only to Arizona High School students. Their education models are slightly different as they do provide lectures online but through video-based instruction only, though the quiz, tests and notes are online. Accreditation to this school has been provided through Cognia, a legit accrediting body.

Visit official Website

4. Pinnacle Charter School

Providing free education in Arizona from Grade 6 to 12, Pinnacle Charter School helps students to complete their academics and open the doors to a new career path.

Visit official Website


5. Smart Horizons Career Online High School

One of the best online education providers for all youth and grown-ups to help them get their high school diploma free. The uniqueness of this platform is that all the teachers are state-licensed holders supporting their students and spare no effort to suffice their life goals.

While accepting the transfer credit of a max of 14 courses, the total credit of this program is 18. This education program opens the door for students in careers like Office Admin, Childcare and many other entry-level jobs and also, can continue their college education.

Visit official Website

6. The Keystone School

Choosing from a variety of free available courses for all the students, one can opt for any suitable course for the path to achieve their life ambition. This school also provides you with an opportunity to attend the full-time table or you can also opt for an individual lecture.

Without the limitation of admission timing, one can earn their high school diploma free of cost and complete their education. Accreditation from the Legit accreditation bodies such as AdvanceED, The Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed School and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, one will get their accredited diploma.


Visit official Website

7. Texas Success Academy

Arlington, Texas-based academy is also one of the best options for a free high school diploma and is accredited by Texas Education Agency and AdvanceED. Business Information Management, Business Management, Electrical Technology, Accounting, and Plumbing Technology are the few best available options to study at Texas Success Academy.

Visit official Website

8. My Virtual Academy

Focusing on Grade K – 12 only for the students from Michigan, My Virtual Academy is also one of the best options for free high school education. Emphasizing satisfying the students’ needs, MVA has a partnership with most of the Michigan schools and helped many students achieve their academic goals along with enlightening their success path toward the financial goal. Moreover, students can enroll anytime throughout the year with the option of full time and part-time study options.

Visit official Website


9. Middleton Academy

One of the free online high school diploma academies, Middleton Academy is operated by Catapult Learning Inc and accredited by Cognia. Middleton Academy always focuses on the online innovative study concepts and core idea of developing the skills of the students, is a nice place to earn your qualification online.

Visit official Website

10. Orion High School

Accredited by the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools (ACTS) and by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (affiliated with Cognia), Orion High School is also one of the free high school online diploma schools for students. Texas Private School Accreditation Commission recognizes both Cognia and ACTS.

Developed and operated by the most efficient and experienced professional educators, Orion has courses for almost every student in their basket providing more than 200 courses, which one can study both part-time or full time according to their needs.

Moreover, the best part of the Orion is that it not only helps students to predominate in their academic goals but also helps in getting admission in their graduation study as well, whether it could be an academic school, Military school, or trade school or could be a professional study.


Visit official Website

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11. Whitmore School

Freedom of admission throughout the year and completing it exactly 12 months from the date of admission, Whitmore is also one of the free online high schools for adults. Whitmore endeavours and emphasizes the rounder growth of its students. Whitmore helps their students to excel in every aspect of their life so that they can be responsible enough to move ahead in life completing their academics.

Visit official Website 

12. Franklin Virtual High School

Accredited by AdvanceED and DEAC, Franklin Virtual High School provides the best online education with the ease of attending online classes. Having offices in Arizona, Florida, Tallahassee and Scottsdale, its main focus is on students to provide them with the best of the education to help them utilize their abilities more efficiently along with their academic qualifications. While studying with ease at home, students can keep an eye on their progress along with the exams, assignments and lectures at no cost.


Visit official Website

13. Brigham Young University Adult Diploma

Founded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) and Accredited by AdvanceED, this Provo, Utah based BYU is one of the free high online school diplomas offering free tuition for all adults. Classes can be accessed in any online mode. One can choose from a variety of courses in Business, Engineering, Arts and Communication and Humanities and head towards the fulfilment of the purpose of life.

Visit official Website

14. Liberty High School

Restricted to adults 18+ only, this Brattleboro, Vermont based school provides free online education at no extra cost to the students. Students can complete their high school diploma from here and aspire for higher studies to build their careers in various streams. 

Visit official Website


15. North Dakota Center for Distance Education

The final free online high school diploma centre for adults in North Dakota Center. Accredited by AdvanceED and situated in Fargo, ND, this school offers a wide range of courses to the students access online throughout the world with just an internet connection. Students select the course as per their interests from Health Careers, Technical Education, Computer Education, Physical Education and much more.

Visit official Website

That’s all..!!

Hope you like the information, and if you still have any questions left, you can ask me in the comments.

Good Luck..!!


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