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Top 6 Companies for ESL Teaching Jobs Online

Are you in search of a job that provides you with the ultimate work-life balance? Then online ESL teaching jobs may be the perfect fit for you. There are various benefits of this job. You can enjoy complete freedom to work from home or anywhere with a reliable internet connection, flexibility to set your own schedule, no need for lesson planning, and a rewarding way to earn and save money.  It sounds really great, right?

online ESL teaching jobs

ESL Teaching Jobs Online

Nowadays, there are many online ESL jobs to choose from. So, we thought we would make your job search effort a little bit easier by listing out some of the best out of there. Therefore, here in this blog, we have rounded up top-6 companies that are hiring for ESL online jobs. Let us check out one by one.

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Featuring first on the list of the best companies that offer ESL jobs online is DaDa. This company has the humble mission of ensuring every child’s happiness at the time of learning. To fulfil its mission this company provides its students with meaningful teaching material and ground-breaking lesson plans.

When you work as a DaDa teacher, you will teach young Chinese learners through 1-on-1 video tutoring sessions. You can even pick your flexible schedule and teach as per your schedule. As a DaDa teacher, you will even get some extra perks such as bonuses and referral rewards.


They pay around $13.50 to $23 USD per hour. Students whom you have to teach will be around 4 years to 16 years.  The minimum qualification that you require to apply for this job is a bachelor’s degree + 1-year of teaching experience + native English speaking proficiency + TEFL certification.

2. Berlitz

Coming up next on the list is Berlitz. You might have used Berlitz to learn Spanish, French, or another foreign language. In the same way, other people use this global language instruction company to learn English.

By registering on Berlitz, you can teach ESL online with virtual classrooms and software incorporating a dynamic whiteboard, image libraries, app sharing, and other instructional features. You do not need any previous teaching experience to get this ESL tutoring job.

3. Cafe Talk


The next on the list is Cafe Talk. This company offers tutoring jobs in any subject and connects tutors with a global audience of 46,000+ learners. The best part about this ESL job is you can set your hours, specialities, and even rates. You can charge around 60% of the lesson price and it can go up to 85%.

This company makes their best efforts to make the exchange of online lessons fun and inspiring for both students and teachers. Usually, they make the payment to your local bank account via Payoneer or by Paypal every month.

4. GoGoKid

Featuring next on the list is GoGoKid. This is a Berlin-based company that connects Chinese students with native English speakers globally through their virtual classroom. They use cutting-edge technology to revolutionize language learning. When you work as a GoGoKid teacher, you have to take 25 minutes, of 1-on-1 online English lessons with young Chinese students.

You must create a fun and engaging learning environment for students by using your teaching props. They pay you around $14 to $25 USD per hour.


The minimum qualification required to apply for this job is a Bachelor’s degree + a minimum 1 year of teaching experience + native English speaking proficiency + clear criminal check background + eligibility to legally work in the US or Canada. If you are TEFL certified, then this company will give you the first preference.

5. QKids

Coming up next on the list is QKids. It is Xiamen based company. Its dynamic learning curriculum makes learning English fun and effective. When you work as a QKid teacher, you have to teach young students using adorable cartoon characters, animated storytelling, and interactive games. You do not need to prepare any lesson plans as they provide you with it via an app.

They pay you around $16 to $20 USD per hour. Their student age is around 4 years to 12 years. The minimum qualification required for the job is candidate must have Bachelor’s degree + native English speaking proficiency + eligibility to legally work in the US or Canada. They prefer a candidate who has some previous teaching experience. If you are in search of an ESL teacher job and you possess TEFL certification or have a teaching license, then you will fit into this job very easily.

6. SayABC


Last but not least on the list of the best companies that offer ESL online teaching jobs is SayABC.  It is a modern platform that helps children mainly between the ages of 5 and 12 in improving their English language skills. This company will pay you around $19 for each 40 minutes session. Usually, SayABC prefers to hire a candidate to have a Bachelor’s degree. But, they will also accept teachers with Associate’s degrees or current college students.

To Wrap Up

In a nutshell, if you are ready to ditch your 9 to 5 job and want to enjoy a better work-life balance, then it is the perfect time to start a new career as an ESL teacher. If you are already a teacher, then you can easily transition from the classroom to an online ESL tutoring job. The best thing about this job is that you can pack your bags and work from the beaches of Bali or even the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, or from wherever you want. All you need to keep in mind is what kind of company and hours would work best so you can find the best online ESL job that fits your needs well.

If you feel we forgot to list out any company or you have worked with any of the above-listed companies then share your views in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

Happy teaching!


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