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Sell Baby Clothes Online for Cash: The Guide that Helps Millions

How to Sell Baby Clothes Online for Cash: Often, the family with babies being brought up has a pile of used baby clothes. There are many instances when used baby clothes are found at these homes, like those used, outgrown clothes, and even those clothes from where even the bar code tag has not yet been removed.

Some parents donate them to the needy. However, several parents throw them in the garbage at the end. How about selling those used clothes to someone who needs them and getting cash in exchange?

The problem with these used clothes is that they are of no use presently so, it’s better to find a marketplace to sell them out and make some cash.

Where to Sell Used Baby Clothes for Cash?

In this article, we will review the ten different websites where these used clothes can be sold for cash.

1. Facebook Marketplace

With its 2.85 billion population (the largest population in the world), Facebook has the most significant marketplace where anything is sold in the blink of an eye. Although other websites sell used products, Facebook has the edge over them.


When you list clothes on Facebook, you must keep some crucial points in mind. A fantastic way to sell your clothes on Facebook is to present them nicely.

Ensure that you clean the clothes, iron them properly, prep them on the table, and take pictures there. Good light is also essential to present the bright side of the clothes.

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2. eBay

eBay is one of the biggest sites where used clothes can be sold. The power of eBay lies in its 170 million user base. That’s why it is important where clothes can be sold quickly and easily.

The best feature of eBay is its bidding feature because of which you will always find good quality clothes so that more bids are placed on them.


It is one of the oldest sites, which is very user-friendly. It has many features for uploading pictures on your listing. 

There is a trick to selling products faster on eBay. Keep the bidding price low so that more and more users are attracted, which will bring more traffic to your listing and will increase the chances of it being sold quickly.

3. Once Upon a Child

This site is for citizens of the US and Canada only. You can sell any clothing there, including outer gear, sleepwear, dance costume, etc. You can get 30%-50% of what they sell your clothes for.

Not only baby clothes, but they also buy footwear, toys, furniture, etc. So, you can try this site for selling any used product.

Before you list your clothes, make sure that they are in condition, which means that they can be worn by somebody else. This parameter applies to every website. One more thing you have to see before you list your clothes is that they must be in current fashion because nobody wants to buy old-fashioned garments.


4. My Kid’s Threads

My Kid’s Threads is another excellent website where used clothes can be sold quickly. They also have designer clothes.

It is an easy-to-use platform where you will be guided on listing your resaleable clothes by clicking on the “How it Works” section.

You need to order a bag from their website; once you receive the bag, wash the clothes and iron it beautifully, pack it, and leave it at the nearest UPS—no need to pay anything for shipping.

You are provided with options for money in return. You can choose either 50% value if you want to redeem that within their website or 40% in case you want cash only. The choice is yours.

5. Kidizen

Kidizen is an easy option to sell out your baby clothes. The website interface is so user-friendly that it is like a cakewalk.


Start with creating an account on the website once done. It takes real quick. Once done, click on ‘Sell,’ then you will be taken to listing your product.

It is an easy-to-do process, take pictures of clothes, categorize them, fill the description but the pricing, and save it.

The good thing is that when you are at the last step of listing it, it will tell you the price that you are expected to receive. So, better to include the shipping cost in the listing price.

This website works like a guide because it will suggest better prices for your clothes considering you are new.

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6. KidtoKid

It’s an excellent platform for your kid’s clothes online.

As we mentioned earlier, you need to supply all the clothes you no longer need and want to sell out to somebody.

This website will buy everything you have related to your babies, like clothes, toys, and even clothes that the mother wore during pregnancy.

You can make a bag of everything you want to sell and leave it at one of their pick-up centers, and it’s their responsibility then. You will be paid when it is delivered to them.

These stores are slightly different so that you will find additional policies.


They will do it just in 20-30 minutes when you go to their store.

7. Swoondle Society

They do not buy clothes from you as it is not their business model. They have a different way of operation.

Instead of buying clothes from you, they swap your used clothes with a new ones. The clothes you will receive are not the new clothing but the ones you got from another parent.

So, you may not like their way of operation if you want to sell out clothes for cash. However, it is a good choice for parents looking for some new clothes without spending money on them and removing old clothes from home.

It is not a free service because they do not receive any commission or sell your old clothes. So, you have to pay a subscription fee for this service.


8. Schoola

Schoola is not any ordinary reselling clothes, but it is like a fundraiser for those who need your help. It’s like a charity.

Schoola is a product of an ex-teacher and a mom. They are helping schools in getting supplies with their work.

One can buy anything from Schoola, like clothing and accessories for women, babies, etc., with a special section for maternity clothes.

Whatever you buy from them. Approximately 40% of that profit goes to schools to fulfill kids’ dreams there. They have an excellent record of helping over 30,000 kids so far.

Just wash and iron clothes and send them to them for sale. Just make sure that the minimum of clothes must be $30.


Remember, since it is not a hardcore selling website, don’t expect much from them. For this, there are many websites that we have listed so far. However, if you want to feel good with a cause, put your clothes and other accessories on their website.

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9. Postmark

It is the first online consignment website. They have a good collection of baby clothing.

Downloading the app will start selling your baby clothes which is very easy to process.

Just take good pictures of your baby clothes, describe them adequately, put a reasonable price, and the product is good to go.


You also get some pre-paid labels so that you get the cash as soon as your clothes are delivered to their location.

They take $2.95 for every sale worth $15, and when the sale value exceeds $15, they get 20% of the value.

10. Josie’s Friends LLC

They offer a consignment service to supply your baby’s clothes which can be done online.

They are environmentally friendly as all their bags are fully recyclable. The bags can be procured as per request.

Put your washed and ironed clothes in the bag and send them to them with no extra shipping cost.


Their pay put is good to attract because you get 60% of the paid initially value pf the product.

 This website is different from others as they have an option where you can donate up to 50% of your earnings to any charity house you like.

Final Words

We have tried to give you insights into ten different websites where you can sell out your baby’s old clothes that are not in use these days. Some websites like Facebook Marketplace and eBay are like resellers where you can list your products for sale, and when somebody buys them, you get your money in hand.

However, some sites allow you to send your baby clothes and get cash as soon as the dresses are delivered to them. Then some areas inspire you to donate clothes to the needy—another website we have seen that allows you to swap old clothes from you.

You can choose what best fits your needs.


Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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