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15 Best Non Phone Work from Home Jobs Ideas

There is indeed a wide variety of non-phone work from home, though you can pick what suits your background and interests best. You may pursue non-phone jobs that require typing, digital resources, or even chat-based support, as an alternative to home-based phone jobs.

Non Phone Work from Home Jobs

Are you taking a Work from Home non-phone jobs seriously? Fortunately, there are several other choices for non-phones that one can choose from. Check out the best freelancers for non-phone jobs, work at home for mothers, stay at home for fathers, teenagers, and more.

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Non Phone Work from Home Jobs List

The following list has indeed been made generic and has a work description as well as the businesses that offer that sort of job. The data available will help you determine if the chance is something you would want to deal with. There is a mix of full-time work, part-time jobs, side cash jobs.

Become a Graphic Designer

Anybody with graphic design experience has the ability to work and gain a decent amount of money from the comfort of their homes. A computer with a decent internet connection and the requisite software is all you need and you are good to go. Here are some fantastic platforms for seeking authoritative opportunities for an online graphic design where you can work from home with no phone required. You can manage your clients with email instead of phone calls.

1. 99Designs

99designs, the nation’s biggest global market for graphic design connects consumers seeking customized software jobs, such as labels as well as websites, to a vibrant team of professional designers why is it that every 7-10 seconds upload a new custom design to the site. has raised more than USD $12 million to date, with far more than USD $900,000 becoming charged annually to designers.

2. LogoMyWay

In order to develop the latest logo, over 30,000 custom logo designers from around the world are waiting. Receive business sector release methane with websites, t-shirts, shot glasses, brochures, etc. that can be used on any platform you decide.


 Start a logo challenge and with as little as 200 dollars now. Using the quick and easy GUI with just a fast 5-day throughput. Garner a guarantee of cashback. LogoMyWay will repay your compensation if the logo design does not really earn at least 40 logo concepts.

Transcription – Work from Home No Phone

Typing jobs are the easiest way of earning money by working at home. They even no need a phone, a computer with good internet is more than enough for the work.

3. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcriptionis a famous US transcription business online. You will indeed build your own calendar for them but you would operate on a freelance/contractor basis where you could schedule your exact time.

Regular Transcription pays out monthly to its staff. You get preparation, coaching together with suggestions about how negotiations are supposed along the way after you get recruited. The nation’s senior transcriptionists receive from $250- $950 a week.

4. Transcription for Everyone

Transcription for Everyone is a residence transcription and formatting business that created the financial crisis of living at home right from your computer. You will be asked to transcribe a range of various tones, including medical and legal ones.


Applicants must, according to their web, have

  1. Good overall understanding of computers  
  2. Strong capabilities in grammar and research  
  3. Capacity to understand independently and to welcome feedback to increase the efficiency of your work
  4. Driven and driven to a long-term transcription career 

Virtual Assisting

Often, virtual assistants are armed with fundamental communications and management abilities, however often they have highly advanced knowledge and skills.

The wage rate will vary greatly just because of that. Your hourly wage will be very high if you have special talents that bring value to your customer.

But if you choose the right boss, even simple administrative activities like time control, scheduling sessions, and handling travel plans will earn you now over $20 an hour.

5. Toptal

Toptal is a large forum for freelancing that seeks to match organizations with the talent they need. As well as virtual personal assistant positions, some of the jobs available here include software developers, programmers, and consultants.

You have to apply, and the site will be fairly selective with the applications it accepts. So it’s a wonderful thing! It tells your prospective employers that you are eligible for what they are tossing your way.


On this platform, don’t bother about calling yourself a virtual assistant. Alternatively, submit with the finest knowledge. Showcase it if you have a niche. Look at the opponents to see what talents are not discussed as often as you do.

6. Belay

Belay employs virtual assistants for their customers to perform a number of activities. Specialties include bookkeepers, offices of executive director, site experts, and authors of the content.

In administrative support, 75% of Belay employees have a graduate degree and prior experience. As their customers are located in the United States, during their working hours, you’ll need to be open.

Search Engine Evaluation

Many organizations recruiting Search Engine Evaluators, often referred to as a Web Search Evaluator, do not expect you to operate on a fixed timetable, but simply submit tasks to analyze after they become eligible.

This makes the scheduling very flexible enough that you can choose the days and hours you would like to work, as long as you follow the deadline for the project.Many search engine evaluators say that they make between $12 and $15 an hour, but often the assignments can be far and few between.


7. iSoftStone

At different times in different parts of the world, iSoftStone has Search Engine Evaluator positions available, so you can need to keep searching its jobs page to find an open place in your country.

You can type unique search queries into search engines as a Search Engine Evaluator for iSoftStone and score them depending on the iSoftStone ranking scale. iSoftStone delivers free preparation which encourages you to work on your own time between 10 and 25 hours a week.

8. Appen

In order to help global markets develop and introduce new goods and technologies, Appen is made up of a worldwide organization of interactive teams. The United States also has work opportunities for online search evaluators and social media evaluators.

Appenallows you to agree to 20 hours a week, but the days you work will be very versatile. Appen defines a provision in the employment contract of 4 hours each day, 5 days each week, however, the days and hours are up to you.

Paid Experts

Become a paid expert by answering what you know.This is a simple source of passive income money in your leisure moments unless you are knowledgeable about any subject.


8. Just Answers

Just Answers is a platform for individuals to get help from a range of various kinds of practitioners. This helps clients to save cash because the costs of Just Responses are a fraction of the expense of an in-person consultation.

Like lawyers, engineers, physicians and vets, there have been over 175 groups.Every month, top experts will earn over $1000 by supporting clients.

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9. HelpOwl

HelpOwl is a free site that links individuals with practitioners who can address their concerns. They are not just a Q&A platform, they also provide external features such as brand guides, videos, and comparing of prices.

On the web, several activities will gain you thousands of points. You’d need to answer 500 questionnaires in interviews to get a $10 rewards card.

Last say

Hence these are the best ideas to get the best work at home no phone opportunity. Visit those websites, work, and fill your pockets soon. Remember one thing that the jobs posted on these sites are not guaranteed to be opened right now. Make a call or email to the respective site to know more about the openings.

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