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How to Become an Audiobook Narrator and Earn from Home

Often referred to as a video summary, a portrayed video, or much more simply a visual representation, the audio description is a narrative style used to offer information about essential visual elements during a media job.

Here is an article about the Audiobooks, the Narration, whether it is profession and many more.

How to Become an Audiobook Narrator,

What is Audiobook Narration?

Whether you’re a listener, you enjoy words, and all acting talents and small company abilities are open to you, so audiobook narration is really for you. A good narrative voice has a small company as an independent contractor for voiceover work, and the role includes resilience, coordination, collaboration, integrity, and self-management.

Is it a Profession?

Yes, it is. Audio Narration is one of the finest jobs where you are going to share what you know and make others feel happy. You can take this is up as a full-time, part-time, work from home or even become an Entrepreneur and rule the media field.

What is the basic pay?

For every hour of finished audio, voiceover artists just starting can expect to receive $100, according to Business Insider. For business veterans, such estimates for a completed hour will go up to $500. All told, book ventures can net thousands of dollars for narrators.

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Guideline to Become an Audiobook Narrator.

1. Skills required

Laconically, the following skills are required for the audiobook narrator.

  • Understanding different types of Narration.
  • Organization.
  • Communication.
  • Professionalism.
  • Stamina.
  • Self-management.

2. Practice Accordingly

As a fresher who do not have any idea or practice about audiobook, get the proper guidance from Voice Actor Websites. Adding to that follow these steps to become a good narrator.

  • Practice noisy reading but make it look like you’re NOT reading.
  • Allow your speech a recording.
  • Learn to breathe from your chest instead of from your diaphragm.
  • Try to play minor roles in skits while remaining in character.
  • Taking classes or voice lessons for acting.
  • Overcome, or at least learn to cover some ethnic accents.

3. Equipment that is needed for a Narrator.

  • Mic Get started with something quick. Audio Technica’s AT2020 USB costs around $100 and is an outstanding introductory microphone.
  • A silent laptop helps to plug the mic in. If you have access to the machine when you are filming, it’s better because you’ll need to be able to edit while you make flubs (you’ll make a couple if you’re like me). Although you can record with a traditional desktop computer, laptops have the advantage that it is easier to position them away from the mic.
  • “A “dead” room to be registered in. A clothes closet appears to fit well, to begin with. The clothes capture much of the “echo” and even do a good job of filtering noise outside.
  • Audio Recording Software For both recording and processing, a free application called Audacity is excellent. On all OSs, it functions.
  • A good pair of headphones will help you edit them. To be able to detect breaths and mouth noise, you need the sound near your ear. There aren’t enough microphones. You do not need massive, hairstyle-ruining, over-the-ear headphones to begin with. A good $10 pair of earbuds would do just fine.

How to get started in Audiobook Narration?

Start by practicing the techniques and develop all the required skills. To become a good narrator, research more on the things that you are going to narrate. Make many new things and prepare well. Innovation speaks a lot, so apply new techniques.

Managing the time and organizing the content are the two main things that are been noticed in a Good audiobook narrator.

Surf for events in society and find more narrators who may help you in finding the best job according to the skill you have.

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Sites that would help you earn from Home

1. Upwork

You’ll discover thousands of independent freelancers and companies who will help you succeed in the one-stop job marketplace with Upwork. You can easily become a freelancer by trusting Upwork.



You’ve come to the right spot, whether you’re trying to become the voice of a comic, land a lucrative commercial voice-over job, secure a Spanish voice-over job, or something in between. Explore the infinite career opportunities for voice acting here at

3. ACX

You will have chances on this platform to connect with writers who are searching for voice-over talent to audition for their eBooks and audiobooks.

ACX also encourages both writers and narrators to advertise themselves on social media as well as offline. Additionally, as an author and voiceover performer, there are ways to find and use agents for your skills and receive royalties. There is a simple search feature that makes it easy to locate positions that are advertised.

4. is another place where you can market your voice-over talent and find work in various venues, such as commercials, presentations, movie trailers, product videos, video games, narrations of eBooks and audiobooks, and even other possibilities.

The only downside of this platform is that they want professional voice-over performers, so if you’re not there yet, you may want to hang on to this site until you’re more experienced.


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Secrets of an Audiobook Narrator

1. The sound library industry has its own OSCARS.

The Audio Publishers Association holds the Audie Awards each year to honor the best in the field. There are Audies for best narration by the speaker, best narration delivered by various voiceover performers, and best individual female and male narrators of the year, in addition, to honoring excellent audiobooks across genres.

2. IT CAN take them a month to record a book.

The typical audiobook takes about 12 hours, but it takes a lot longer to produce them. Narrators just beginning can plan to spend more in the process; running over words all the time and coming back to repeat lines will add up to two to three hours of processing time just to have one hour of audio that can be used.

But the recording process will take a month for even longer works that crawl past the 1000-page mark.

3. Pertinent is lip balm.

This may look funny but this is very essential. If you’ve articulated non-stop for hours at the end of the day, you know your mouth will go through some serious wear and tear.


4. It’s Exhausting Emotionally.

To certain individuals, reading books every day may sound like a perfect career, but it’s physically exhausting work. The one thing people underestimate most about the work, Vance notes, is the amount of toughness it takes. Take a rest for a couple of minutes, then come back and do it for an hour again and for an hour again.

5. Love and Enjoy Reading

 We spoke to all the audiobook narrators to share something in common: they are readers who are passionate. It takes the instinct and physical stamina of an actor to be a good narrator, but what the role actually comes down to is being capable of reading for hours without even being bored.

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Last say

Here is an article and hope that this will be helpful for you to get knowledge about Audiobook Narration.


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