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Get Paid to Talk to People Online – Fill Your Pockets By Becoming An Online Friend

You heard it right! You can earn by talking and chatting to some lonely people across the globe. Simply become an Online friend Get Paid to Talk to other People. Your only duty is to hear their words.

If you love to chat and talk, and don’t mind excessive periods of texting, then there could be an amazing opportunity for you here. Use Personal Resources to track all of the sales and profits side hustle.It is fully free to access and provides a free tracker of net worth to help make sure that you create a better economic future.

This article could help you know more about how to Make Money Chatting Online along with some links where you can earn money.

Get Paid to Talk to People Online

Get Paid to Talk to People Online

And anyone entailed, being able to afford to pay to talk is absolutely a win-win. You should, it seems, enjoy the benefits of a wonderful chance to work from home. And also the voice on the receiving end gets their dilemma solved or, whether you’re willing to get paid to talk to lonely people, they might want social contact.

But anyway, with the additional versatility or be able to do so through the home, it’s a really easy way to raise some extra income.

Pieces of Equipment Required

In this way, you presumably do have all the facilities you need to make a profit, hence a desktop and a broadband connection. Being that, you could aim into having some headphones too, especially because certain jobs where you could be paid to talk need it. It’s simply more relaxed, as well.


In order to prevent wires, they often choose noise-cancelling headsets that operate with Bluetooth.

List of Sites where you can do Chat for Money

1. The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop offers live chat procurement to businesses who wish to introduce this feature through their own pages. Like Accolade, this suggests that you will interact with people who may have questions for all kinds of businesses.

The role is widely split amongst customer support, distribution, and technical support. They’re not all just US-based, implying that you might also get paid from either the UK to chat online

  • There are several criteria you will need to fulfill, including:
  • Two screen displays (this one is less than $150 for a steal)
  • The power to script at least 65 WPM with precision and above 97 percent
  • Dedicate yourself to a certain amount of hours (16 to 32 hours a week, along with some weekends too).
  • Premium Chat

Premium Chat is an internet platform that has built a way for individuals to raise money from their experience and information. It provides an exceptional forum where live chat helps them to really get paid every minute.

Most notably, you can start immediately when you’re an influencer hoping to set up a paid chat profile. It takes just three minutes for the registration process and will not ask for any operational expenses or recurring membership payments.

2. FriendPC

FriendPC helps everyone to get paid to talk with prople who is only seeking for a friend. It’s purely platonic, only a small fee is paid to visitors merely to sign up for the site, because you know they’re real.


It’s totally free for those signed up to get paid to speak to depressed people, though, and you will be paid somewhere around $15 to $50 per hour, with typical earnings expected to be around $20.

FriendPC also notes that individuals wanting to develop a new talent or even to employ a life coach should use it. That means that it could be a perfect way to make much more money if you can provide these kinds of services.

3. Amazon’s Chat Support

You are responsible for addressing customer questions related to their orders, ordered goods, and more in Amazon’s Customer Support Associate positions. All of these positions are home jobs and there are choices to do so as to full or part-time work.

They can also be seasonal, which means they are a perfect way during Amazon’s busy times to gain extra cash over the holidays.

4. JustAnswer

JustAnswer is distinct from all of the other choices on this page, in that it includes making individuals ask specialists in different areas questions in order to provide a fast explanation on something. So if you have technical experience in either of these fields and the desire to offer straightforward, succinct guidance, JustAnswer might be a great choice for you.


The pay scale operates by compensating you depending on the number of overall approved responses. This suggests that you can get up to $30 per accepted response, until you get to $20, with payment being made by PayPal.

Flirty sites that help you Get Paid to Talk to People

1. Phrendly

With an intriguing idea, Phrendly is a mobile app. Sign up and browse the community with possible people with whom to talk. You will receive cash if anyone sends you messages first. Others will also submit simulated “drinks” of monetary value to you. When they give you $5 worth of a soda, you keep the $5!

It’s real that in the hope of sharing images or videos, certain individuals can give you virtual objects worth cash, but again, this is up to you. At the moment, the app is only available for iOS. If you have an Android computer, the website can be used instead.

2. FlirtBucks

FlirtBucks pays twice a month and within five business days after the payment cycle expires, you will normally collect your PayPal check. To further increase your profits, you can opt to talk with several people at once.

What type of chat you choose to use decides your rate: daily chat or video chat, and how long you stay involved with the business. Video talk can earn more per minute, so if she’s in the organization for six months or more, a text hostess will only earn up to 15 cents a minute.


3. Lip Service

Lip Service is something like a marketplace that connects eligible chatters with chat agencies. So, via the service, it’s more of a place to start a talking company and find customers. For any place, you must be at least 18 years old, although some may want you to be at least 21 years old.

Chatters in Canada and the United States are currently recognized by the Lip Service. You’ll need to complete a pre-application form. And, if it’s approved, you’ll be called by someone from Lip Service so that he or she can hear your phone-speaking speech.

4. MyGirlFund

MyGirlFund is the service I referred to were certain women have claimed to earn a full-time salary of up to $40,000 a year! Doesn’t sound horrible, doesn’t it?

“For guys to pursue “online girlfriends” is the simple concept behind this website. Maybe a guy is far too busy to meet, travels a ton, or otherwise isn’t willing to commit to a woman 100 percent. So, to emotionally communicate with others, he uses MyGirlFund-and pays good money to do it. 

Last say

The best, easy and secured way of earning through chats and talks are listed above. Learn them and grab your seats.


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