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Types Of Writing Jobs And The Trustable Sites That Hire The Best Writers

Types Of Writing Jobs And The Trustable Sites That Hire The Best Writers:-

Writing is a perfect actively seeking work online or at home, so you wouldn’t have to be confined to your immediate area jobs. You will usually find a writing workshop to suit you unless your passions are related to business, technology, journalism, public affairs, or the arts. Some of the positions also earn pretty decently on just this list.

So, let’s discuss the types of writing jobs and the best sites that hire writers to work from their residences.

Types of Writing Jobs

Types of Writing Careers

1. Novelist

This is one of the first Freelance Writing Jobs from Home that jumps to mind as people learn about careers in literature. You would do whatever it costs to succeed as a writer if you can create touching moments that audiences want to hear more about and place them in unusual circumstances that require them to solve a dilemma or experience a transition. 

Having a brilliant idea is not enough; you will need to create a framework and map out plot lines, dialog types, and storylines of characters. Novelists have historically partnered with literary agencies to advertise and distribute their works, but an increasingly prevalent alternative is narcissism. The average pay of a Novelist is around $73,860 per year.

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2. Speech Writer

That is not just legislators and elected leaders who rely on speechwriters: corporate owners, famous actors, or public affairs companies may even work for you. You ought to be willing to recite eloquently on policies or values which you do not necessarily agree with in order to successfully do this work.

A degree is a great place to graduate in reporting, communications, or anthropology. It may also be a good experience to follow Toastmasters or observe discussions. The average pay of a Speech Writer is around $84,120 per year.

3. Columnist

A columnist expresses in a newspaper, magazine, or internet site the views on current affairs. Usually, they write about such a single niche topic, including fashion, politics, or athletics.

Some columnists often publish novels and express their professional views on radio and television programs, in contrast to their job writing columns. The average pay of a Columnist is around $39,959 per year.

4. Social Media Manager

In attempting to keep with business quality standards, social media manager expands their social media presence for their workers and customers. In the willingness to communicate with their adherents, they then necessary to devise social media comments and make comments on behalf of the brand.


Many also use analytical tools that monitor audience engagement and gather user information, which they then use to streamline their data to better suit their audience and economy needs for new subscribers as well. The average pay of a Social Media Manager is around $47,745 per year.

5. Journalist

You would then spend most of your time as a journalist looking for controversial information and translating your discoveries into posts, scripts, and transcripts because you concentrate on TV, radio, print, or the Internet (and perhaps more possibly a mix of those).

Many journalists begin as general reporters with entrance writing positions, but you might make your way into a specialty like athletics, business, research, or the arts with experience. Very far, every moment, the news will break, so be equipped for a non-traditional timetable. The Average pay of a Journalist is around $62,400 per year.

6. Grant Writer

It is the duty of grant authors to develop plans and secure financial resources for trusts, non-profit organizations, and other organizations. In several places, they are a vital part of the fundraiser team. It is the duty of grant authors to identify sources of support and to produce written materials that address each prospective donor.

Flexibility is important; a one-page paper is anticipated by some donors, while others opt for much longer proposals. The average pay of the Grant Writer is around $48,795 per annum.


7. Director of Communication

A communications director is responsible for setting up marketing goals, branding, and style standards for an organization. They also manage and help produce content, comprising press releases, newsletters, and some other marketing campaigns that conform with these criteria. This was one of the high-level literary professions that pay well.

Such practitioners must have a graduate degree at least, while most have a master’s degree or higher in media affairs, communications, marketing, corporation, or another related discipline. Many employers often prefer applicants who have a certain level of technical knowledge that is appropriate. The average pay is around $72,607 per annum.

5 Trustable Sites That Hire The Best Writers

Here is the list of sites that provide an opportunity for writing jobs from home for writers.

1. The Writer Finder

The Writer Finder is an Application Deployments enterprise that directly supports entrepreneurs with content production authors. At all ability levels, we’re still searching for fresh writing talent.

Freelance authors will register on their websites to join our directory of writers. With future writing positions that might be a good match for your professional skill, they can reach forward.


2. BloggingPro

BloggingPro offers an online job site that enables companies to find freelance talent. This company website does not have an application process, apart from FlexJobs, so you will need to examine exciting outcomes yourself to mitigate scams. For a 30-day job ad, companies pay $30 and self-employed people can now use the site to scour and relate for professions for free.

The website is dedicated virtually to bloggers and has no opportunities for professional consultants or other creative professionals. In addition to freelance writing gigs, the site offers postings for editing and publicizing jobs.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is not really the best employment site, but you’d be happy to discover scribbling gigs to make some extra money with patience and determination. You will have to sift via scams and close to zero jobs, but then you can as well find writing gigs that help create your portfolio with the grunge movement.

These findings are also restricted to your region, so possibilities can be frightening depending on the season. Personally believe in Craigslist as a site that really can easily replace your portfolio to discover jobs on the side or opportunities.

4. TextBroker

Another writing agency that helps authors to reach new customers is Textbroker. Signing up with the web as a writer is totally free and allows you access to thousands of jobs in publishing. The platform also processes purchases and provides project management software that makes it simple and productive to collaborate with consumers.


The website also provides authors with access to writing tools so that they can develop their talents and get input on the material you create.

5. Guru

One of the best freelance storefronts to find freelance work is Guru. In order for potential consumers to see the kind of material you make, you should build a writing profile and feature past works. The site also helps you to set your regular salary quickly, making the process of recruiting and onboarding simpler.

You should select qualifications and knowledge such that your profile appears with your history in searches by organizations searching for freelance service providers.


You just sit, relax, and write from home by getting an opportunity from the above sites. Just dial, mail them your resume with your sample writing and grab your opportunity and fill your pockets.

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