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How to become a Virtual Assistant with no experience- Work From Home

Virtual assistant work can be done from the comfort of your own home. That is the best part of it. So, one can work from home and set flexible working hours. Becoming a virtual assistant is very easy these days .

A virtual assistant or VA is a professional business owner that provides administrative, marketing, project management, creative, and technical support to business owners, entrepreneurs and other busy professionals.

Virtual Assistants work from their own offices and use their own equipment and software. A VA can help with any task or project that is usually handled by an on-site employee. A successful VA usually has multiple clients and is constantly updating their knowledge, skills, and using the latest in technology to deliver a superior service.

VA’s are subcontractors that are only paid for the hours required to perform each task. Since we are not an employee, you do not pay for breaks, lunches, vacations and benefits. These are just some of the cost effective benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant.

What exactly does a virtual assistant do?

The services one can offer as a Virtual Assistant depends on what one does, likes to do, wants to do, and are willing to learn new things. The options are virtually really very unlimited. The most in-demand Virtual Assistant skills which are asked by companies or any other individual are:

  1. Blog management
  2. Content creation for blogs
  3. Podcast and YouTube editing and management
  4. Social media management
  5. General administrative skills
  6. Online Outreach
  7. Email Management
  8. Email marketing
  9. Online Marketing
  10. Financial services

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What are the advantages of utilizing a Virtual Assistant?

The best thing about contracting with a remote helper is that you get moment backing of an exceptionally talented individual, however just when you need the administrations. Have a go at looking at the expenses of employing somebody on staff as opposed to contracting with a remote helper. It’s practically twofold! Utilizing a menial helper eliminates your overhead just as any representative advantages, assessments, and protection you would regularly be answerable for. There is no squandered vacation; you pay just for the time we spend chipping away at your undertaking or errands.

What kind of Virtual Assistant Services do you offer entrepreneurs?

We offer customers continuous help through our month to month retainer memberships and venture based help for those requiring periodic assistance. Our Basic, Classic and Plus Plans work for most organizations, however we can likewise modify a bundle dependent on your individual needs.

Our administrations range from Administration and Online Business Management to Marketing and Graphic Design. As a CT Virtual customer, you get your own one of a kind Virtual Assistant. The Virtual Assistants we recruit are all U.S. based and experience a thorough on-boarding measure that incorporates expertise testing. Any administrations offered through CT Virtual depend on long periods of involvement with performing and we are exceptionally energetic to finish all activities in a convenient and expert way.

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How rapidly will my undertaking or errands be finished?

We are focused on conveying on cutoff time. Turnaround time can rely upon the unpredictability and direness of the venture or main jobs. Our turnaround time is between 24 to 48 hours to finish most assignments. In the event that your task is time delicate, the cutoff time will be settled upon before the work starts.


How would we convey and cooperate?

We use email, phone, Skype, courier, screen-sharing and task the executives instruments to speak with our customers. We will give a valiant effort to oblige your business and your favored style of correspondence when designating assignments.

How to go about in virtual assistant -:

 1.Getting the Right Equipment

It’s presumably self-evident, yet to turn into a remote helper at home, the most significant thing you need is a PC – work area or PC, whatever works. 

The following most significant bit of hardware is the solid web. Remote is okay for most VA work, yet if your specialty has to do with money, at that point, you may need a safer web choice. 

To the extent of programming and applications, don’t stress a lot over purchasing and introducing programs. Most things should be possible on the web without downloading any product. For example, If your specialty is making Pinterest pictures, you can utilize Canva and do everything on Canva’s foundation.

2.Knowing the Right Tools To be Used

There are various online tools available, some free, and some are paid, which can help check grammar, designing posters, photoshop, etc. a few to be named include Grammarly, canva, pic monkey, dropbox, word press, group me, etc.


 3. Learning some Virtual Assistant Skills 

As a virtual assistant is a very growing skill these days, it requires both challenging and soft skills. Some places where one can get started include :

Image-creation platform like Canva. It’s effortless and kind of fun and learning is fun here.

Review some of the skills in Google Docs. 

Practicing some email writing skills or brushing up the older ones.

4. Get Paid for Doing Virtual Assistant Work

There can be two paths taken by anybody, which include :


1) Working for a reputable Virtual Assistant service company

2) Working as an independent Virtual Assistant

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Figuring Out Rates

Before going any further, one ought to consider: You’ll need to set your rates as a Virtual Assistant if you’re outsourcing or making your business site. On the off chance that you plan on working for a Virtual Assistant help organization, you’ll be paid whatever rate they set. 

To the extent what your rate ought to be, it’s not wildly out of reality to charge somewhere in the range of $20.00 an hour to $40.00 60 minutes. What you charge relies upon what you believe you’re worth, as you’ll find in a moment, and what administration you give. 


Also, recall this: you can generally charge more as you gain insight. 

I investigated a portion of the Virtual Assistants who are on the independent stage Upwork, and this is the thing that I found: 

• The first-class VA’s who center around client care, information passage, and misc. Authoritative obligations charge a normal of $32.00 60 minutes. Fresher VA’s charge a normal of $20.00 for comparative undertakings. 

• Virtual Assistants who center around web-based media administrations charge a normal of $57.00 60 minutes (first-class VA’s) and $30.00 (fresher VA’s) 

• All of these top of the line VA’s have in any event 2,000 hours charged to customers while the fresher ones have significantly less charged hours yet have a few positions in the line. This demonstrates they are popular. 


When setting your rate, there are a couple of interesting points. For example, you are liable for covering charges (which might act naturally business charges due quarterly). Additionally, you don’t get benefits like wellbeing, dental, vision, reserve funds. every one of these things emerges from your pocket. Also, there will be overhead costs like PC, web, office costs. Be that as it may, what amount should you add to your rate to cover these things? Gina Horkey of 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success recommends you take your old work salary and increment it by 25%. 

And keeping in mind that we’re grinding away, we should discuss getting customers. 

Regardless of which alternative you go with – independent stages where a large portion of the promoting is accomplished for you or beginning without any preparation with a site and do all your own showcasing – you require to realize the correct method to pitch your administrations to get customers. 

Furthermore, to do that, here are the key to getting Virtual Assistant customers:

Make A Decision of whether Do You Still Want To Become A Virtual Assistant?

At this point, you ought to have thought if being a Virtual Assistant is something you need to do. 


You comprehend what you have to do to begin… 

You have thought about the amount you can make… 

You even know about some great organizations that will employ you. 

In any case, if you would prefer not to be a VA, proceed onward to other work from home positions, possibly figure out how to turn into a transcriptionist. 

What’s more, on the off chance that you DO need to bring in cash as a Virtual Assistant, you can either: 


1) Follow these means and pull out all the stops, learning as you go. 

2) Enroll in one of these first-class Virtual Assistant courses 

Choice #1 will work if it’s all the same to you learning as you go. It might take more time to get results, however. 

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How Might you become a VA and bring in cash?

In the event that you have the s_1pirit of a business person, hustle in you for the reasonableness of an at-home worker, and need to bring in cash in transit, at that point the appropriate response is Yes, you can turn into a VA.


The following are a couple of undertakings that a VA could do, and on the off chance that you can respond to the majority of the inquiries decidedly, at that point you are acceptable to turn into a VA.

  • Ready to do investigate?
  • Help to design a function?
  • Take and bring messages back?
  • Arrange itinerary items?
  • Make and deal with an information base?
  • Do record?
  • Do website architecture (in any event site content refreshing) or make email advancements?
  • Answer letters and messages?
  • Assist individuals with recalling significant dates?
  • Compose a public statement and articles?

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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