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How To Get A Google Phone Numbers in 2022? grab the ways। Google Voice Local Number

Looking for a virtual phone number? Don’t worry. Google Voice is here for you. It is a popular virtual phone number provider from google that works together with your existing mobile or landline setup. Google Phone Numbers allows you to smoothly forward the calls that you receive over the internet to your device. It helps you to choose and adopt phone numbers from nearly any area code in the U.S.

Among freelancers and solopreneurs, Google Voice is very popular. It is because it offers a free personal number. And together with this it also offers unlimited domestic calling and texting that too without incurring extra costs. It also offers affordable Business plans for entrepreneurs. Best of all, setting up a Google Voice number is smooth, easy, hassle-free, and takes just a few simple steps.

How to Get a Google Phone Number?

In this blog, we will get to know about how to set up google phone numbers. We will get to know the steps involved in getting google phone numbers, their features, pros, and cons.

So let’s get started.

Step 1 – Sign Up for a Google Account

The first and foremost step in getting Google phone numbers is to sign up for a Google Account. If you already have an existing Google account, you can skip this first step. Alternatively, you’ll need to click “Create an Account” on the Google Account sign-in page.

You will then be asked to choose between two options: “Personal” or “Manage My Business.” In the first option “personal” you will get free Google Voice Services. If you choose the second one i.e. “Manage My Business” you need to go through with some paid programs.

For your accounts, you need to verify your email account before proceeding, you can use an existing email address by clicking on “Use My Current Email Address,”. Or you have the option of finding a new account by just typing your name and surname in the boxes, and selecting a username. In your username, you can use numbers, letters, and periods. Your username will be the first part of your Gmail address. Google automatically notifies you when your username is taken or disapproved.


If you use your email address for a business purpose, consider creating a username that works in the same way as your business name.

Next, you need to choose a password using eight characters or more. Your password should be unique and can be used elsewhere quickly. While creating the password, always remember that the password should be strong, you can make it stronger by combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, When you have completed the form, click “Next.”

The next step is to set up security and privacy. In this, you can enter your phone number and email address so that you can receive notifications and your account information. Together with this, some additional information has also been required like birthday, gender, etc. 

Step 2 – Get Your Google Voice Number

Once you set up your Google Account, go to Google Voice. As you sign up for your Google Account, you will get the two options for selecting google voice usage i.e. “For Personal Use” or “For Business.” With Google Voice toll-free, select “Personal Use” and then select the options from iOS, Android, or Web, whichever you are going to use with google voice. 

If you select iOS or Android, Google sends you the link for the app download page, and if you select the Web, you will be prompted to sign in to your Google Account. Read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy carefully and click on “Continue.”

If you want Google voice for your business or select the option “For Business” you need to enroll in some paid programs. 3 monthly plans are starting from $ 10 to $ 30 per month. All plans come with a service agreement (SLA) and voicemail. 


Google Business is only available for Google Workspace customers, for this you need to sign up for a Google Workspace account, and their plans range from $ 6 to $ 18 per month.

Next, you can get a Google phone number.s Type your location code, and Google will automatically generate a few numbers near your location, However, people who reside in Hawaii or Alaska do not get the location numbers due to the unavailability of location services there.

To see a long list of phone numbers, you can click on “Show More”. In some cases, like people living in densely populated cities, your location code is not available. Instead, select other area codes that are used near your location.

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Step 3 – Verification & Linking Existing Phone Number

As we all know that Google Voice is a virtual phone number provider, you must verify and link the phone number through which Google will forward your calls. It must be a U.S. mobile phone or landline phone number. After selecting your phone number, a new screen appears asking you to verify your number. Click “Confirm.” A pop-up appears, and you can enter your current number and tap on “Send Code.”


You will receive a six-digit code from Google via text message to your mobile phone, or you can choose to verify by phone. Enter the code in the form provided and click Finish to complete setting up your account.

Step 4 – Download the Mobile App

Give your Google voice a professional touch, download iOS and Android apps on your devices that you will use to answer calls, and get the most out of your free Google phone numbers. Just go to your carrier app store and search for “Google Voice.” Or click on the links below to download your Google Voice app.

 You can simply click on “Install” to complete your download. Information appears on the screen to enter your Google account login details.

After downloading your app, you can start sending or receiving calls, and text messages using your Google Voice number. You can also use the browser to make and receive calls, with Google recommending Browser Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

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Google Voice Features

Google Voice comes with a ton of features that you can use in your day-to-day professional as well as personal life. Once you have Google phone numbers, you can begin to take advantage of the simple features of your phone system, such as:

  • Works on any device, including mobile phones, home phones, and desktop computers
  • The clean user interface to easily facilitate or receive calls using a browser
  • Readable voicemails with Google’s free voicemail typing service
  • Business phone number, perfect for building a local business presence
  • Easy-to-use, highly-rated mobile apps for iOS and Android

Google Voice Costs

Google Voice number for personal use is free. You don’t need to pay a single penny for calling in many places viz. The US or in Canada. However, when you call internationally you need to pay a per-minute fee. Prices may vary but are lower than most other voice-over-internet (VoIP) providers, with prices starting at 1 cent per minute.

If you are into a business and are looking for a business plan with some additional business features, including service agreement (SLA), you must be a Google Workspace user and you need to choose from one of the following packs:

  • Starter Pack: $ 10 per user, per month by voicemail and Google Calendar integration.
  • Average/ Standard Pack: $ 20 per user, per month for multi-level auto-attendant and ring groups.
  • Premier Pack: $ 30 per user, per month for unlimited international locations and advanced reporting.

Google Voice Pros & Cons

A Google Voice number is a great way to increase visibility somewhere. However, Google does not provide any free or paid telephone numbers. You are not able to integrate Google Voice with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program or share documents with your Google Voice app.


Digital Transformation

Google Voice can freely interact with the user’s familiarity with those who use Google services, you cannot receive and make calls from all your devices. You can read and send free messages, access voicemail and call history, or make and receive video calls, all from a page that looks like a Gmail inbox.

Keep your Google Voice Number with Port

If you already have a mobile phone number and do not have to deal with the difficulty of printing new business cards and changing all your contact details, Google Voice will allow you to transfer your existing number. The Google Voice number process will replace your Google Voice number if you have previously used one.

Call Flexibility

Google Voice provides powerful tools for privacy to set up your phone service. As you see fit and continue to empower users with many features to enhance your call experience. Before answering a call, Google Voice relies on your address book to associate Caller ID names and numbers. However, if it does not find a match, Google Voice will ask the caller to record your name or Caller ID.


Lack of Real Support

If you face problems with your line, phone numbers, or the full service you can usually call, email, or speak to a representative from your phone company. Unfortunately, Google does not provide any one-to-one customer service for any Google Voice-related service. Users can access Google’s online help in community pages that contain answers to frequently asked questions or problems.


Port Limitations

In addition to the risks of loyalty, it is important to touch the limits when entering your number in Google Voice. If you want to use your existing number Google charges you a one-time fee of $ 20 While this will be on the cheaper side for you. The real selector, however, is the inability to forward a VoIP number. In just one step on the Google Voice page, you can process your Mobile numbers. 

Complex Multimedia Messaging

Google Voice supports some flexible and seamless digital integration and can use the standard short messaging service, or SMS to send and receive messages. You can send Picture messages. But as opposed to embedding them directly in the message the image would be added to the link. However, the independent Google Voice will need help when it comes to advanced messaging. It includes live images, group messages, or videos with multiple recipients.


That’s it..!!

If you are into business and looking for a second phone number, Google Voice is the best option. Google Voice offers a lot of features and is very smooth to handle your calls. It takes very little time to set up. Once completed you will be ready to call or text your customers using your smartphone, landline phone, or any device connected to the Internet.

It also offers voicemail services which brings a great first impression when you are unable to answer your calls. Callers and spam users may leave messages for you and all will be collected in Google Voice, not in your phone inbox.

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