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Best Voice Over Jobs for Beginners from Home in 2023 । Get Paid for Voice Overs

Best Voice Over Jobs for Beginners from Home? One can find voice-over jobs online and in print mediums. They are available as part-time, full-time, freelancing, trainer and coaching jobs. Previously, voice-over was the name familiar in the radio, TV and film industries. Today, it is taking over in all industries due to advancements in AV technologies and global distribution. Thus, every industry is looking for the best voice to promote their brand in a region or global market. Here, we have discussed how to make money doing voice-over, its prerequisite, infrastructure, training and getting voice-over jobs online and offline. You can also read about How to Become an Audiobook Narrator and Earn from Home.

Know About Voice-over Works

Get Paid for Voice Overs

You might have heard of many famous voice-over artists. Most of the TV advertisements and films would have a familiar voice if you noticed. Such voice-over artists give their voice instead of the real actor or actors acting in advertisements or films. It is because; their voice might not be appealing to the audience. Thus, the producer and director hire voice-over artists for voice-over work. They just read and practice the script and record them on screen for advertisements, documentaries, and films. Today, there is much voice-over software and tool to do this job.

  • Voice-over service studios and agents function in many cities and online, offering voice-over work from home and office job opportunities.
  • Voice-over platforms are available for beginners, professionals, and amateur voice-over enthusiasts to record their voice and get paid for voice-overs from ads agencies, YouTubers, TV and short filmmakers.

 Once you showcase your voice-over talent, offers will be flung around you later. It will be better to take advantage of the opportunities available in the voice-over industry in 2022 and earn real or a passive income without living your present job.

Voice-over Job Qualifications

Voice Over Work from Home
Voice Over Work from Home

Many commercials, films, documentaries, infomercials, and cartoon directors prefer people from the school of languages with a good voice. They avail them for proper pronunciation.

The small and big screens prefer people with a good voice from the school of fine arts and acting.

Retired or Ex-artists from TV or films are preferred for voice-over artist jobs.

Voice-over Job Age Limit  

In the present day, age is not a constraint for any voice-over artist. Their voice must be sound, clear, and appealing to suit a character to give their voice for a short or long-term video project.

Voice-over Job Work Experience  

Many commercials maker prefers a voice-over artist with work experience. In this way, they get their time-bound job done without wasting their time by beginners or amateur voice-over personals.

  • People having multilingual skills are most preferred for voice-over work.
  • Voice modulation skills
  • An experienced voice-over artist must have the vocal skill to give their voice to animation videos.
  • An experienced voice-over artist must reproduce voices as per the mood and actions of the characters.
  • You must know to handle voice-over software and tool.    

Voice-over Infrastructure

Voice-over work from home needs some investments. It is advisable to purchase the latest in voice-over software and tools. Your room must be without any noise disturbance from the external environment.

  • Computer or a laptop with a good camera and mic
  • A quality headphone with a noise-reduction mic for voice-over work
  • UPS or inverter for un-interrupted power supply
  • High-speed internet connection

Latest Voice-over Software

  • Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
  • ADR Dialog Spotting
  • Gallery’s VoicePro software
  • Soundtrack Pro 3
  • Voice Q ADR
  • ZIO Audio’s Dialog ADR

Now the question arises, from where should I find voiceover jobs?

No worries at all, here I am providing you the best freelancer websites from where you get the voice-over jobs very easily.

Let’s get started.

Where to Find Voice Over Jobs from Home for Beginners 2021

Make Money Doing Voice Overs
Make Money Doing Voice Overs


As the name implies, Flexjobs is a platform where you can get jobs with flexibility and comfort. Here you will find the job list ranging from part-time to full-time, depending upon which one you want to join. was founded in 2007 by a mother looking for remote jobs, named Sarah Sutton. While finding the jobs she gets an idea to provide the jobs to thousands of mothers like her from home. Since then the platform has listed thousands of jobs and provided thousands of opportunities to those who are looking for freelancing jobs from home.

At you will find opportunities ranging from voiceover talent to writing attractive gigs and much more.

Whenever jobs become available at Flexjobs you can search in their job listing and sign up to receive jobs notifications via email. For applying for jobs, the application process is very simplified, you will find all the requirements mentioned clearly, including benefits and job scheduling.


2. Fiverr

If you have more than one skill, and have various specialties, Fiverr is made for you. Fiverr is one of the best online marketplaces for freelancers. You will find a number of freelancing jobs at Fiverr that too in a short period of time. Yes, you will find market searches for freelance voiceover jobs.

Getting started with Fiverr is very easy. Becoming a seller on Fiverr requires an attractive gig with your specialty mentioned in it. For freelancer voiceover artists, you can expand your reach or capabilities through languages, tone, recording type, dialects, and turnaround time. The main feature of the Fiverr that attracts lots of freelancers here is the price setting. You can set your starting price at $5 (starting price on Fiverr). And depending upon your experience and knowledge you can charge more.

Here you can get the ratings from clients. Better the work, the higher the rating. And more ratings mean more work and more opportunities.

For beginners who are seeking work-from-home opportunities, Fiverr can be a game-changer.

3. is well known for quality voice-over talent, as well as voice-over artists looking for legitimate performances.

Advertisement has been working since 2003, in so many years they have earned a good reputation among its clients and voiceover artists.

Getting started with is very easy, you just need to sign up on their website, complete your profile, upload your profile picture, and get access to lots of online voice-over gigs. You can contact potential clients, get an audition, deliver quality work, and get paid for your work. From containing clients to getting payment, everything happens on this platform.

You will find free as well as premium accounts for voice-over talent. The premium account costs you around $ 499 per year, so before you upgrade just check the details. Whereas the free version gives you access to most of the jobs. For getting more opportunities you can move towards a premium account.

Similar to Fiverr, here you can also get the client ratings. Clients can rate and review their experience working with you. If they are happy and give a good rating, it will be easier for you to attract the next customer or we can say next opportunity.


Having a good hand at audiobook presenter? is for you.


Acx is a platform that replaces books and audiobooks. If you think you can uniquely represent audiobooks, you can earn a handsome amount. As an audiobook presenter, you need to complete the audiobook. That audiobook will then be sold to iTunes, Amazon, etc. Thousands of titles are there from which you can choose to audition as a presenter or narrator. 

Getting started with acx is very easy, you just need to sign up with your Amazon account and fill out your profile. Then, start searching for narrator jobs posted by the rights holder.

Each project has a suggested budget and you will see several titles with hundreds of dollars for selected commentators. Additionally, you can audition for multiple jobs per day, which brings more opportunities without going anywhere.

5. is an award-winning full-service digital audio and production company working with big advertisers and television production companies in the US.

Earworks provided video production and editing, audio production, and sweetening, surround sound mixing, sound effects, custom music, etc. For these tasks, they take on creative talent like voice-over experts.


Major brands like Chevrolet, Nike, Discovery channel, etc have worked with Earworks.

To work with Earworks you can apply directly on their website by filling an application form. You need to set up a home studio, and experience behind the microphone, and have a professional work ethic.


Snaprecordings has been working since 1996. Right now snap recordings has a team of 100 male and female voice-over artists. Occasionally they hire more teammates depending upon the work.

Snaprecordings employs people to do the voiceover for businesses including voice prompts, phone greetings, and messages. For language, they prefer bilingual applicants who know English and Spanish language.

Their working module includes voice-over talent scripts, record audio, and send the files through the website. The next steps including editing and voice mixing will be performed by other team members.


They pay around $10 for the first 100 words of the script and your pay will increase after 100 words of work.


Voice123 is an online voice-over talent database, with over 500000 voice industry professionals registered. marketplace” where voice-over actors could see and eliminate the role of intermediaries in the casting process.

Now in the marketplace, Voice123 has created a solid reputation for 123 hundred thousand voice-over job listings. The platform also gives customers the freedom to post their jobs and receive applications or select artists suitable for their projects.

Voice123 allows you to sign up for free or you can upgrade your subscription to a premium one later on. The paid membership costs $ 395 per year and comes with nifty features such as auditioning for projects, appearing in searches, and receiving project invitations.

8. Findaway Voices

Findway Voices is a platform similar to ACX. Findway Voices connects writers with storytellers. Typically, authors upload their books to the platform, and voiceover artists apply for voice-over jobs via chat.


After both parties agree to do the project, the narrator creates a template and presents it to the author. If the author likes what he hears, he can hire the one and the narrator can record the entire book.

Your earning potential on Findaway Voices is based on the cost of a project per hour. The longer the book the more earnings you can generate.

9. is a voice acting agency working since 2008. Various voice acting jobs are available on, it includes voice for e-learning content, video games, commercials, promotional videos, audiobooks, and much more.

The USP of is that they accept voiceover artists in different languages. If you are thinking of working full time you can join Voicecraft. If you have experience in voiceover work, have a professional recording studio at your home you must go for Voicecraft. The important basis of your selection of voice crafters is the professional demo submission with your application. Depending upon your demo your application will be selected or rejected.


Voicebunny is the right platform for the right talent. They have around 30000 voice-over artists and thousands of customers who are looking for the right voice for their brand. If you have good experience in voiceover, you must go with Voicebunny. They always hunt for talented ones.


To work with Voicebunny, you need to create your account, submit and review the test. If you pass the exam you will get the job and start earning through the projects. Through Voicebunny you will get extensive exposure through bookings, and competitions.

For voiceover artists, Voicebunny is the platform they are searching for, the team and management at Voicebunny are very much flexible with the voiceover artists. Try to give your best in the application. No membership fee is there, you can apply for the job without any monthly expenses. Just like Fiverr, you can also set your rates and schedule your working modules.

Voice-over jobs for beginners from home are available with many low-budget media producers. Yet, they finalize you after taking voice-over tests from their studio or online. It is advisable to take such projects to gain voice-over work experience.

  • Many video makers for online video channels hire beginners as they seek new voices.
  • Radio stations and TV documentaries usually hire beginners and train them.

It is advisable to show your voice talent skills and get works full-time or part-time. You can find much no experience voice-over jobs online.


Freelance voice-over jobs are available in plenty. All you need to do so is check online. You will find many such job opportunities in the media and entertainment category.

  • A freelancer must have work experience to outsource work and do it at home.
  • A freelancer must come and work at a studio on a contract basis.
  • Many travel and tourism website hires freelance voice-over artists to give a voice for travel guide videos.

Locally, the voice-over service agents do publish an advertisement in your regional or local news dailies. It is advisable to show you voice-over talent and get works.

Voice-over Jobs for Experienced Artists

The news, media and entertainment industries call for experienced voice-over artists. You can check such job opportunities on their official website. It is advisable to update your profile with the latest work samples in online voice-over platforms. The agents who like your voice will hire you.  


Cartoon voice-over jobs are paid high for male and female voice-over artists. It is advisable to check with famous recording studios in your city. If possible, give a voice test audition.

Commercial ads pay as per the brand name if famous. Thus, you must approach the top 10 advertising agencies in your city to get voice-over work in commercial ads.

First, you must know how to apply for voice-over jobs online. Apart from adding your personal and work experience details, you will have the option to upload your voice-over audio samples. It is advisable to add the latest works and which you feel an excellent voice-over work done by you.

Female Voice-over Jobs from Home

Female voice artist voice-over jobs from home are many in the present world. How to get voice-over jobs for women with voice talent will be a question for homemakers, students and other professionals willing to make passive income.

  • Audiobook voice-over jobs are preferred to do by females with a sweet voice.
  • Anime voice or cartoon voice acting jobs are available for ladies.  
  • Video-sharing platforms like YouTube prefers female voices for various videos the YouTuber takes for their YouTube channel. 
  • Many infomercials contents on the websites and apps need impressive female voices.
  • Voice-over artist jobs work from home for females are available with websites and apps developers.

It is advisable to check online voice-over jobs for females. You must apply online or visit their office directly for an interview and voice test. 

Voice-over Jobs an Overview

Voice-over artist jobs work from home and in recording studios is many in this modern world. This industry is running parallel with online platforms, apps along with the TV and film industry. Today, the big corporate companies need a voice-over work professional help to record in their IVR to serve telephone inquiries.  


Advancement in AV and Internet Technologies

Today the internet has taken all industries to serve the target audience and globally. Advertisement is the first medium to get those audiences. When your customers are speaking multiple languages and lives in a different region, you can serve the same advertisement with the help of a voice-over artist to dub in that language. Hence, it reduces the advertisement production cost. The advanced audio and videos technology has improvised the way a consumer is attracted to the voice in commercials.  

Voice-over Job Websites

Thus, where to find voice-over jobs is most searched on the web. It shows many voice-over aspirants looking for the best available job opportunities in this field.  

How Much Do Voice Over Artists Get Paid?

How to find voice-over jobs with high salaries are most searched by experienced voice-over professionals. Many studios recruit multitalented voice-over artists on-role. They are paid on a monthly salary and pay based on available projects.


Here, we have discussed what is voice-over job, and who to find them. It will be better to search on the top 10 voice-over job websites. Thus, you will find your desired job as per your expectations. Here, you have the flexibility to work from home and in studios.  


How much can you get paid for voice-over work?

A professional voice-over artist is paid $ 100 per hour. A beginner and armature voice-over artist is paid $ 20 per hour. Long-term video projects will pay a monthly salary, where a voice-over artist is asked to work in their studio or online for certain hours.  

How do you get into voice-over work?

If your voice is sweet and good, you must first undergo voice-over-training classes. Later, you must upload your voice-over samples to online voice-over platforms. You will get work by who prefer your voice. Next, you must search online or offline for voice-over job opportunities and show your talent.  

What is a voice-over career?

Voice-over is a lucrative career in this modern age. It is a talent and profession where you can work at your convenient time. There is no retirement in this field until your voice is good and your works are appreciated. You can become a voice-over trainer, tutor and make additional income.  

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