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9 Best Way Earn Money Online from Google without any Investment (Legit & Flexible)

Smart work is better than hard work. Damn sure you have heard it before! It is indeed true. In today’s technological era the thing which is shining the most is smart work. Have you heard any of your friends or family members making money online? The answer is definitely yes, isn’t it? Making money online has now become the latest trend.

Buying a laptop, registering on Google, doing some sort of work and that’s it, lots of money in your hand. Do you think the same? It is not always applicable. If you have ever tried to do so then probably you know why is it so? As mentioned above, smart work is the key but remember, smart work is not a shortcut. You have to work hard too.

So, are you also willing to make some extra money sitting at the comfort of your home (without spending even a buck from your pocket)? Whether you are a housewife or a student, here you will get to know How to Earn Money Online from Google without Investment.

9 Way How to Earn Money Online from Google without Investment

#1. Start Blogging

Good writing skills, grammatical-error-free composition, and an attractive approach, that’ all you need to be a blogger. Many people ask how to make money from Google because they don’t know about Google’s blogger. It is a platform where you can self-publish your own written blogs. No permission is needed, feel free to write and explore.

You can start writing on your selected niche like food blogs, educational blogs, or travel blogs. And once you start gaining some audience, you can start running google ads on your blogs. Attaching photographs, emojis, and beautiful fonts can help you attract the audience.


You can also get paid partnerships from big companies if you can bring traffic to your blog. Many people have become famous for doing so.

If You Don’t Have any Blog, This time is Perfect To Make Your Own Blog. You Can Read How To Create a Blog and Make Money Online.

So, now, are you all set to launch your brand-new blog with Bluehost? Then, you can use my link to get 63% off on your hosting plan.

#2. Google Adsense.

It is probably the easiest way to earn money online with google. It allows you to make money through its lucrative AdSense facility. Though it is very common and you may have heard about it previously, you should know it in depth.

If you are a blogger with an excellent writing style and caliber or you own a website, it is for you. Once you reach some sort of audience on a blogger or your website, you can start using it. Just apply for it and Google will start showing ads on your website/blogs, the more the views come on ads, the more money you will get.


However, it is not effortless. You need to make your blog/website stand out from others so that it attracts the audience. Phew, it is not an easy task! But once you start gaining some audience, Google Adsense is all ready to pay you. The payment scale may vary but is already good in India so, no need to worry.

#3. Running Google Adwords

In the above method, we learned that it is not easy to pull the audience on your blog/website. So, what is the solution to this problem? The solution lies within Google. Running ads for your website can pull a huge amount of audience towards it.

But wait, if you plan to start a new blog today and running ads for it tomorrow, it will be a waste. It is a step-by-step procedure that should be done consciously. First of all, you need to make your blog/website effective to please the audience to come back. Secondly, you need to give it some time to thrive on its own. Then if you are not satisfied with the amount of audience, you can apply for running your ads.

But as you are guessing it right, it needs investment. It will make the audience for your website but before this, you need to invest something in it. So, it is suggested for you to first monetize your website if it is making money. After that, you can run your ads on google.

#4. Google surveys

If you are also searching for the answer to the question of how to earn money online with google without investment, then here is good news for you. No need for working extremely hard on websites/blogs and other things. Just one click and you can earn money. The magical way is google surveys. You need to download Google’s opinion rewards app from the Play store and participate in google surveys.


By sharing your opinion you cannot earn huge money but yes, some small money can be yours. If you want to avail complete benefit from it then be regular with these surveys.

#5. Google play store

Earning money online with google has now become easier. It has started to allow common people to list their apps on the play store and enjoy downloads. If you find yourself as an android app developer then google is here to help you. Play Store has a huge variety of applications available on it and your app can surely find a place there. Whether it is for children, older people, working people, or any other targeted audience, it will have a place.

To enjoy a huge audience Google suggests you have a clear description of your application. For this, you need to mention the targeted audience to help Google reach them. Select the age group and then fill up the app details. It will include information like how your app works and legal documentation.

You may be asked to participate in Google play’s families Ads program if your app is designed for children.

#6. Youtube Adsense

As you may have experienced the trend, Adsense is the prime source of money from google. Once you have firm roots in your business, AdSense is a huge way to earn big money. If you are a creator, making money from Youtube, should not be much difficult for you. Talent speaks up and hence will your youtube channel.


Youtube, as a subsidiary of Google, is working excellently in providing helpful videos like cooking, dancing, make-up, education, etc. If you are interested in providing knowledge about different niches from a to z, you can be a youtube creator.

Google Adsense and Youtube Adsense are somewhat similar because of their origin. Though it can be a long process for some, it becomes fast and easy for talents. If you are talented enough to bring the audience to your channel, you can monetize it after completing the eligibility criterion.

if You Don’t have a Youtube Channel, Don’t worry You Read this Guide on How To Create a Youtube Channel and Make Your own Youtube Channel with Your Interest.

#7. Selling books on play store.

If you don’t want to write blogs and want to publish your book and sell it, here is another option. Google play store allows you to sell your legitimately owned books in its books section. If your book gets a good audience and purchases, you can easily make money. Though it may seem to be a little difficult to get the audience on the play store, it is not so. Once you start to attract people, more and more audiences come and search for your books and you get good downloads.

If you already own some e-books then you should list them on the play store. It does not even ask you for rights to sell the digital copies of your work. ISBN is also not required in the beginning.


Even the anonymous writers have now become famous for publishing their books online on the Google play store. And if they can, you can also become famous with some hard work and smart work.

 #8. Become a virtual assistant

As platforms like blogger and Youtube are expanding, many people are switching their careers towards it. If there are many people on the platform so, is the need for virtual assistants. Assistants can be consultants, social media account managers, youtube video editors, blogging assistants, and many more. There is a wide variety of tasks and jobs present over the internet.

New start-ups and youtube channels are running short of these kinds of assistants. You can contact them and get a legitimate job. Handling the social media account of youtube celebrities is one of the most trending part-time jobs which you can do to gain some experience in the field.

You can also serve a famous blogger if he/she needs some help in editing the blog. After some time you can also start your blog channel after gaining experience.

if You are a Freelancer and want to Earn Money with Captioning Jobs from Home then My Recommendation You Must visit Rev Program. Here lots of jobs are available like transcription, video captioning, and world-language subtitling.


#9. Ads Quality Rater

Probably this is the most accurate answer to the question How to earn money online from google? It is a new kind of work and 80% of people are not aware of it. Google needs some search engine evaluators to help it target a specific audience for specific things. If you can effectively examine and analyze advertising content, the job is for you.

In real means, Google wants to keep its audience happy and satisfied. For this, they need to understand them completely based on their search results and past experiences. These Ads quality raters provide feedback on the search results. Whether they are relevant or not, spam-free or not, etc.

However, you can not directly get into google for this post. You can enter into the job through some other companies.

Concluding Thoughts

So, here were several ways by which you can Earn Money Online with Google without Investment. In the end, we can conclude that Google is a perpetual platform to make money online and there are endless opportunities for almost everyone to make money online with Google. Just follow the instructions and give continuous efforts in order to succeed.

9 Best Way Earn Money Online from Google without any Investment (Legit & Flexible)

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