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7 Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities and What They Pay?

Today most people want to work in the energy sector. Especially after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, there is a big wave to go away from fossil fuels like petrol and gas. That makes renewable energies like solar and wind energy the best way to produce electricity from nothing. For that reason, it’s better to know which public utility jobs are the best paid in the market. 

That will give you more incentives to actively look for them and offer you the chance to get higher pay than the one you have already. Let’s take a deep dive into the public utility jobs that are now available in any country around the world. That can offer you the chance to compare the various salaries and know beforehand which is the best deal for you and your family.

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7 Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities?

1. Nuclear Plant Security Officer

These are higher officials that hold a university degree in Physics and lots of nuclear plants hours of practice. Becoming a nuclear plant security officer means that you know more about nuclear energy, and you can work closely with the international atomic energy committee. That ensures you always operate the nuclear plant with safety and without jeopardizing to produce of more energy when other sources are not available. That job will pay anywhere between $72,000 and $120,000, depending on the country you work in and the type of reactor.

2. Power Plant Engineer

When you want to produce electricity, you need to have a competent engineer in the plant. No matter the source of energy, the power plant engineer is responsible for turning it into electricity and having it readily available to the power grid. These professionals usually get paid $90,000 to perform their work. They can ask for more benefits for themselves and their families, which they usually receive to be satisfied and work to their best potential.


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3. Water Resources Controller

Water has become a scarce resource during the past decades. That’s why public utility companies need an experienced water resources controller who could be paid at least $100,000 for his services. The controller is always reachable and needs to know the exact water resources daily to allocate the right portions of fresh water for consumption. The water controller is of crucial importance since he is also accountable for the best possible hygiene level of it so that the population using it remains healthy.

4. Power Distribution Engineer

No matter what the amount of electricity your power plant produces, it has no meaning if you can’t distribute it through the available power grid. A power distribution engineer is responsible for the good condition of the power network to ensure that it can carry all the power produced and cover the increased demand through extremely hot or cold days in the cities served.

Such an employee can receive a salary close to $110,000 to ensure that the power grid operates smoothly and that everyone can benefit from the energy abundance, no matter the harsh weather conditions.

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5. Pipeline Controller

Gas and crude oil need to get distributed to the refineries or the home users directly through a special network of pipelines. The job of a pipeline controller is to ensure the safe passage of these energy commodities through the pipelines. They perform random tests to check the system’s integrity and operability and propose new network expansions to lower the pressure in the existing system. A pipeline controller could make at least $80,000 per year, and that is a modest estimation.

6. Lineman Worker

You may have seen these workers hang on the lines to fix them when the weather is harsh. It’s one of the most dangerous professions in the world. A lineman worker can make at least $60,000 per year. His job is to ensure that all properties are easily connected to the power grid. He also fixes the lines when the wind has blown them up, and he does so by risking his life when ascending to big heights.

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7. Renewable Energy Engineer

Finally, the renewable energy engineer who makes at least $100,000 per year is responsible for the proper function of windmills and solar power parks that produce lots of electric energy throughout the year. The renewable energy engineer is there to give his advice when something goes wrong, and people rely on him for energy sustainability and compliance with local environmental regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions frequently posed by people searching for public utility jobs.

Why do Public utility Companies Pay Higher Salaries?

Public utility companies can still pay higher salaries to attract engineers and physicians who would work elsewhere for lower money. These jobs are kind of dangerous, and power plants are not the best place to work for a long-time career. Not to mention that a power plant never shuts down, so you need to work in shifts. Higher pay is the only bargain to allow someone to come and work there.

What Do You Need To Be Recruited in Public Utility Companies?

The only thing you need would be to present your degree from a Polytechnic university and you’re written and proven experience in working in power plants. Graduate students who have previously done their practice in power plants are the perfect candidates to take the engineering positions there after their graduation.

Do Public Utility Companies Offer Special Benefits to Employees?

Public utility companies are usually less competitive than private ones. Since most of the existing nuclear power plants belong to the state, these companies have flexible hour shifts for their employees and give them other benefits to feel better when working there.

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Final Words

These special benefits have to do with extra meals, more vacation days than others, private schools for their kids, and free apartments to live in with their family close to the power plant. Some also offer an early retirement age before the national barriers make people eager to work there and become part of the energy team.


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