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6 Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/components in 2022

Today most of the machinery components need special plants to get manufactured. The modern economy needs these plants and the employees that are inside them to ensure it gets the best possible outcomes. There is no way you can have a competitive economy without the existence of several high-end jobs that are there for people who are well-educated.

The industrial market is a tough and competitive place to work; that’s why all the workers need to be white-collar even when they work in plants. Let’s see some of the most explicit jobs that earn the highest of incomes and give you the best return for the time devoted to them. Some of these jobs are bargains, and no employee should leave the chance to get in such plants and work for multiple years, creating a splendid career.

The Meaning of the Machinery Industry

First, we need to have a clear idea of what the machinery industry stands for and which are the domains of interest around it. The machinery industry is nothing more and nothing less than the art and business of creating the best of the craftsmanship of big machines and factories.

Goods that need mass production lines are the best paradigm of the machinery industry and the one that better describes it. That’s why when talking about machinery, we refer to the bigger plants that manufacture goods that are about to be sold in certain markets and have certain detailing and specifications. 


It’s too hard to have these plants found and kept working at the best possible rate to ensure a stable quality. That’s why all the professions related to the best possible function of this instalment would be better paid than any other similar job in the free market.

Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/components

Sales Manager

Sales managers have to do with the development and adoption of new customers. It’s the Sales Manager, the one who is responsible for creating a sales team to approach new business to business customers and ensure they are all satisfied with the terms and conditions of their sales.

A sales manager could earn anywhere between $75,000 and $100,000 per year since he is usually accountable for a certain region. Sales managers report to the CEO or any other board that has to do with sales channels and payments. That kind of job also has some bonuses that could reach the 20% of the annual salary and many other benefits like a company car, phone, and computer that are all at the discretion of the business owner to offer to a competent sales manager.

Plant Manager

Another crucial position would be one of the plant managers. He is the one that is accountable for all persons (usually blue-collar workers) who are employed in the plant to perform basic jobs.

A plant manager could always be in the plant during production hours and is responsible for anything occurring in the mass production line. Plant managers usually make a little bit less than sales managers and are within the range of $50,000 to $70,000 salary. That, of course, could go up when the production hits certain limits and targets that everyone would like to have, and the profits exceed the ones calculated.


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Industrial Technician

Besides the managerial jobs, there are others that need special expertise and have to do with industrial plants. These industrial technicians may be people that have graduated from technical schools all around the world and have expertise in handling machinery and doing particular work with raw materials. These blue-collar workers are paid a lot better than others who have no expertise at all.

The average industrial technician working in a plant will make approximately $45,000 per year and that’s the amount of money without adding any extra time of work that is usual for people working in plants. These workers have special benefits like a paid vacation with their families and health plans to anticipate the great difficulties that they face daily.

Engineering Technician

Another speciality that works in a plant and gives people more with their job would be engineering technicians. These are scientists who have graduated from a university or a polytechnic school to ensure that they know their engineering art and give factories the best possible services.

These engineering technicians are in direct relation and communication with the company headquarters to ensure that the production is designed the way they have plotted. They make approximately $70,000 per year a satisfactory salary for a person that has graduated from an engineering school and needs to be on-site all day long.


An engineering technician may need to spend time away from home to visit distant planets that are elsewhere in the world. That of course incurs more money in remuneration to ensure that people are always happy with their work and give them more incentives to work harder all the time.

Production Supervisor

There is also the job of the production supervisor. That is an average technical job where the person needs to be a plant worker for several years before getting there. The production supervisor is nothing more than the person who takes notice of the people in the plant and regulates the shifts.

Those people may make anywhere between $34,000 and $40,000 per year according to their expertise and the years they have spent in a specific plant. They can work in any job in the plant and they are crucial members of the team.

Technical Sales Specialist

Finally, we got the technical sales specialist who is one of the newest members of the crew. They work in the plants where they need to know if the products they create have a direct sales impact on the market. A sales specialist is actually a marketing employee who has a lot of technical knowledge and expertise to ensure that every product created will find its way on the market and create profit for the company.

They usually get paid about $39,000 per year since these are junior seniority jobs and cannot pay more.


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