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6 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services

Finance consumer services have been very popular during the past decades. As the private banking sector started rising, special employees who were experts in new financial instruments were necessary. That’s how jobs in the finance consumer services happened and gave people more reasons to be happy about their lives and have a higher standard of living.

Is Finance Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

Today we will examine which jobs make for the finance consumer services and how you can follow such a career path. Nobody will advise you for or against that career path. However, you deserve to know the plus and minuses of this choice and do it freely without having any sentiments of prejudice.

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6 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services

Let’s take a deeper dive into the most explicit consumer finance jobs that are now available in financial institutions, banks, and credit companies where most of the consumer finance happens.

1. Investment Expert

An investment expert is an educated person who is reliable for the investments a bank is willing to make during a certain period. As we all know, the bank gathers money from the depositors and then invests that money in other profitable investments. It’s the investment expert’s responsibility to find and analyze the various costs of an investment. Then he may decide whether or not this investment would benefit the company, the bank, and its clients. 


Such investment experts are paid well and may also collect bonuses at the end of the year. Those bonuses are connected to the bank’s performance and the investment portfolio growth during the past year.

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2. Financial Data Analyst

There are certain financial data that you could not easily analyze and would take days just to understand what they mean. For that reason, banks and financial institutions need an experienced financial data analyst. Its profile would be a business or financial school graduate who has expertise in financial data and analysis. 

Most of these experts take all the raw data online and pass them through several filtering programs. That way, they can perform and present an analysis of all the various economic indexes. They usually inform the board of regents of the bank to take very difficult decisions. Analysts usually have higher salaries than the average bank employee.

3. Hedge Fund Manager

Many people deposit their money in the bank just to avoid losing them in a risky investment. That’s why banks have managed to offer consumers hedge funds. These funds are gathering large sums of capital to ensure they are in safe harbor investments like government bonds and secure stocks. The person responsible for the hedge fund would be a hedge fund manager and is a financial school graduate with a postgraduate degree in hedge funds and danger elimination.


A hedge fund manager would decide if an investment is good or dangerous to enter the fund. Their salaries are close to the general bank managers since they are accountable for multiple million accounts.

4. Forex Expert

There are still lots of currencies around the world. That’s why many financial institutions still need the services of a forex expert. He is typically a business school graduate with higher expertise in forex trading that happens around the clock every day of the year. 

A forex analyst would have at least a double salary compared to the median banking employee. His job is to analyze the risk of investing in a certain currency and perform carry-trade to take advantage of the differences in interest rates across central banks.

5. Loan Approver

Another prestigious career path within financial consumer services would be one of the loan approvers. It’s a clerical job that has to do with applications for mortgages and other loans except for the consumer ones. The loan approver needs to check all the necessary documents and either decline the petition from the beginning or approve the loan and inform the relevant banking authorities. It’s a well-paid job within the banks and one of the busiest as well.

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6. Consumer Loans Manager

Finally, we come to the consumer loans sector, where we can find the consumer loans manager. It’s one of the newest additions to the job lists for financial institutions. The profile of this job would be to have a direct touch with the public and know which one is entitled to have a consumer loan and who the bank should definitely deny according to their credit score history. It’s a well-paid job even though it has a lot of stress and contact with people of various backgrounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions readers frequently ask when being online.

Is Finance Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

Finance consumer services is a perfect career path. That is because you can work anywhere in the world with the same typical requirements. The credit needs of people remain strong, and that will give you the chance to pursue employment even during a financial crisis. These jobs also come with paid vacations, health plans, stock plans, and other benefits you cannot easily find elsewhere.

What is the Average Salary Compared to Other Industries?

The average salary in the financial consumer industry would be in the range of $55,000. That is valid for all the analysts, experts, and managers in the field. It seems like the salaries will expand during the following years no matter the inflation rate. Banks will still need experts to guide them through the financial turmoil, and these jobs will remain resilient to a crisis no matter the financial armageddon coming.

Do You Need Special Credentials To Enter The Finance Consumer?

There are no special credentials that can open the gate for the finance consumer. You only need to be a certified business or finance school graduate. No experience is necessary as many jobs are still junior and entry-level. 
The public highly esteems these jobs, and you will be among the people who are paid well to bring the economy back to its feet. The finance consumer jobs remain a dream for most workers who want to go to the next level.


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