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6 Best Paying Jobs in Integrated Oil Companies or This is a Good Career Path

Oil companies are the ones that drill for oil on the soil and the sea bed. They are also the ones to carry natural gas and crude oil from the sea oil rigs to their refineries on the closest shore. Altogether it’s a demanding industry that even the slightest mistake could lead to a great catastrophe and loss of many lives.

On the other hand, all jobs related to the oil companies are paid better than the average rate. That happens because many of them require the presence of employees on an oil rig. Some other times employees have bigger chances and responsibilities to ensure that certain drilling would be profitable in the long run for the company. 

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Since the energy costs are high, drilling somewhere where there is not enough natural gas or crude oil to overcome the costs could be tremendous financial damage for the oil company. That’s why these employees need to have many skills and work together to have a definitive answer to the board committee that asks for their insight.

Best Paying Jobs in Integrated Oil Companies?

1. Oil Engineer

First, it’s the petroleum engineer that is accountable for the quality of the crude oil coming out of the rig. Their salary could be close to $82,000, which is one of the highest in the industry. An oil engineer is the one that gives the directions for the right drilling and ensures that every employee is in the right position to work. He is also responsible for safety matters and makes sure that everyone will remain safe and sound during the drilling experience.


2. Petroleum Analyst

Then we go to the petroleum analyst. He is a special scientist that is paid close to $60,000 salary to perform chemical analysis of the crude oil coming out of the rig. He works closely with the refinery expert to ensure that the crude oil quality matches the prerequisites for the refinery. Even though he is not required to work on the oil rig, sometimes a petroleum analyst should be close to the drilling to find any potential factors that deteriorate the quality of the crude oil as it comes out of the core earth.

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3. Geologist

A geologist is a major member of the drilling team and has one of the highest paying salaries, which could reach almost $100,000 per year plus the benefits. That geologist reads all the latest satellite analyses to ensure that the drilling will happen over an oil and gas-rich area. Geologists are 100% accountable for the drilling in the right area, and every failure could cost their job and reputation. That’s why drilling over a collection of crude oil should meet several criteria posed by the geologist to minimize the risk for the oil company and make it profitable once more.

4. Environmental Engineer

Lately, we have the role of the environmental engineer who is responsible for the use of recycled materials on the drilling site. He may earn as much as $80,000 per year because him being accountable for minimizing the risk for the environment when the oil rig is finally active and producing crude oil. If an environmental engineer fails to comply with government rules and regulations, the company could lose its license, and its job could be at risk.

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5. Tool Expert and Excavator

There is also the tools expert and excavator for the soil drillings who knows how to operate the bulldozers and other relevant machinery. He could earn as much as $45,000 per year, which is enormous pay for a minimally risky job. The tool expert can guarantee that all the materials and tools will be in perfect condition during the drilling. Moreover, he can also safeguard the workers and warranty their well-being till they leave the oil rig and drilling premises.

6. Refinery Expert

Finally, one of the best-paying jobs in the oil industry remains the refinery expert. He may earn as much as $75,000 per year, and his role is to work closely with the oil engineer and decide if the crude oil is good for the refining process. Some oil sands have increased volumes of sulfur and that makes the oil hard and costly to get refined. That’s a call to make when you are a refinery expert and expect to have minimal losses for your oil company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions readers usually ask when they are online about the jobs in the oil industry.

Is Integrated Oil Companies a Good Career Path?

Oil career is certainly better than many others since there are many chances to get a promotion, especially when you hold an engineering degree. However, it’s also a risky career since the higher pay is there to anticipate the increased risk of being close to an active oil drilling or an oil rig in the open sea.

What Are The Largest Integrated Oil Companies Known As?

Some of the most renowned integrated oil companies have relations with the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, which remains the biggest net exporter of crude oil in the world. Saudi Aramco is the biggest oil company in size and value. Then we have Chevron and Exxon Mobil, which have American leadership. There is also Shell and BP, which are European, and Total, which is French, giving people the highest paying jobs in the oil industry.

What is the Highest Paid Job in the Oil Industry?

By far it’s the job of the oil geologist that oil companies can pay a salary that comes up to the tremendous amount of $160,000 per year plus benefits. That happens because a petroleum geologist is usually a scientist that has expertise in petroleum lands and gives his insight about the best place to drill.
Since a geologist is accountable for a great decision, he should have the highest paying job in the industry. However, companies usually have more than one geologist to ensure that the responsibility is spread and minimize the error risk that makes the companies lose a lot of money.

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