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10 Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation in 2023

Best Paying Jobs in Marine Transportation: In the global world, people, goods, ideas, values, and even cultures migrated to different locations through sea routes.

If we talk about the contribution of the maritime industry to world trade, then it is approximately 90% of it. It transports about 10 billion tonnes every year over the oceans contributing the maximum amount to the trading world.

When it comes to job searching in the maritime industry, we find a variety of jobs there as people do not just get jobs on board but there are many job opportunities available even away from it.

Although the prime focus of the industry is on moving goods and people from one place to another, there are many opportunities for you that you can explore.

So, if you too are looking for a career in the maritime industry, this article is for you.


What do you mean by Marine Transportation?

Maritime transportation is a multi-face system that transports goods and people across the sea routes.

If you are thinking that they are related to the movement of goods and people within their oceanic routes only, this is not true. Today, this industry has a wide range of profiles that focus on containers before and after the actual shipment.

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What Makes You Choose a Career in Maritime Transportation?

There are many reasons why somebody would choose maritime transportation as a career option, which we are going to discuss in this section:

Lucrative Package

A good salary package is always a primary motivating factor before you choose a particular job profile. They pay a competitive salary which is far better than what other sectors offer.


Another thing that you will like about this industry is that while you are on board, all your expenses will be borne by your employer, so, this is another saving for you that ultimately saves you money.

Long Holidays

The option of long holidays will fascinate you as the employees who work in Maritime transportation enjoy a long period of rest because of their working atmosphere.

As we know that a lot of employees have to spend long working days while onboard so they are entitled to get a continuous four months of holidays that they can spend with their family just to compensate for their tiring working atmosphere

Significant Work

As we have already discussed, 90% of the world’s commodities are transported through the oceans and seas which are ultimately contributed by maritime transportation.

You know that you have an influence on World Trade which cannot be overtaken by any other mode of transportation in the world so you make a daily impact on the World Trade that you can be proud of.


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10 Best Paying Jobs in Maritime Transportation

1)  Port Engineer

A port engineer primarily works in the port and takes care of all the machinery which supports the shipment. He is responsible to supervise all the maintenance and repairing of the ship and port components and also needs to make sure that all the safety requirements are according to the safety standards set up by the maritime industry.

Another responsibility of a port engineer is to take care of all the technical staff and also take care of the research budget and see if the budget is going into excess then find ways to reduce it.

Port Engineers are one of the best-paid employees in maritime transportation and if we go by their numerical value, they are paid more than $70,000 per annum.

2)  Naval Architect

As the name suggests a Naval architect is responsible to design, manage and take care of the repairing of Naval equipment like boats and other vehicles that run on water.


Not just the water vehicles, you are also responsible. There is extensive use of computer programs and prepared blueprints that you use to build components.

They are another high-paying employee in this industry with more than $67,000 per annum.

3)  Port Captain

We are going to tell you another high-paying job in maritime transportation and we are talking about a Port Captain which is a very high potential job as far as money is concerned because they earn approximately $112,50 yearly.

They are able to ensure the health conditions of running the ship and are also responsible for making sure that all the guidelines are fulfilled before they move to the waters.

Another thing that they need to take care of is whether the staff is qualified or not and also adequate equipment is ready with them to ensure the safety of the ship and the crew.


4)  Maritime surveyor

A maritime surveyor has a very important role in maritime transportation. He is responsible for inspecting every detail of a ship that they are going to use in the waters and making sure that it is ready to move goods.

They also make sure that what the ship is loading is okay in terms of capacity and guidelines and they also prepare reports on the physical condition of a ship.

They work in a team and its members work on different aspects of a ship. They are paid between $40,000-$80,000 per annum.

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5)  Ship Superintendent

This is another high-paying job in Marine transportation. They are responsible to take care of the ship repairing projects generally at a shipyard or the dockyard. They are paid per annum $67,000+


They have to do certain audits to see the ship and check if there is a requirement of any kind to repair and maintain its health before moving on marine routes.

The job of a ship to pretend is also to ensure that except is repeated properly before they move it out of the Shipyard or a doctor and if there is any failure in its repair then it is a direct responsibility of a ship superintendent so we can see how important the job profile is.

6)  Ship Captain

The job of a Ship Captain is one of the most important jobs in the Marine transportation industry. It is another hyping job in this industry because they have maximum responsibility for the movement of a ship and for any single issue they are held responsible so we can understand that they do a lot of things on board.

They have the responsibility of a ship superintendent and ship surveyor also because they need to make sure that the ship is worth going into the sea and for that they have to survey the condition of a ship before taking such a big decision. They are paid proximity $67,000 per annum

7)  Ship Fitter

Ship Fitters have the responsibility of maintaining the condition of a ship and they are highly paid employees in Marine transportation.


He is a part of a shipbuilding crew and has the responsibility of playing an important role in manufacturing a ship in the shipyard.

For this role, you need to have some basic technical knowledge like welding, fitting, and screwing so that you can play your role effectively

They earn an average salary of $24,000 per annum.

8)  Shipmate

The job of a shipmate is very simple, they are part of a ship’s crew and make sure that everything on a ship is okay and good to move into the sea,

They take care of many ship components like containers, transport ships, passenger ships, etc.


They can play several roles in marine transportation as they can be given to handle the ship steering or take charge of many small activities onboard.

They are paid approximately $50,000 per annum.

9)  Vessel Operator

They are one of the best-paid employees in marine transportation with an average salary of $53,000+ per annum.

Vessel operators work on different types of ships. There are many types of jobs that a vessel operator does like trip planning, paperwork, personal management, etc.

He is responsible to maintain communication with the crew members to address any possible issues of announcements. They are good at problem-solving skills.


10) Marine Service Manager

The job of a marine service manager is to provide the best repairing services to the ship. They inspect a ship, deal with the repairing team and make sure that it is repaired within the set budget by the company.

Based on the inspections, they recommend the ship owners take action to take on a ship to make sure that it is in good health.

They are good at understanding the overall structure of a ship and how it works when it comes to repairing a ship.

They are paid high as their income is more than $62,000 per annum.


In this article, we have given you insights into career options in the Marine transportation industry. There are many job options available in this industry and there is a requirement of specific training and skills before you get into these jobs.


However, we see that their pay scale is amazing and you will love working there because of the features and benefits that we have discussed in this article. I hope it will help you a lot in choosing your career in marine transportation.

Thank you for reading, and Good Luck..!!

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