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10 Best Closed Captioning Jobs from Home To Apply for Today!

New to closed captioning jobs? Do, you know it’s gaining a lot of popularity in the work-from-home industry and many people who wish to earn extra cash are interested in this job. This is mainly because of its flexibility and good pay rates. Closed captioning is those descriptions that appear at the bottom of the TV screen during a show or movie.

These captions help individuals understand the content of the program without listening to the character’s voice. The demand for closed captioning works has been rising alongside the explosion of video content that is used in television broadcast, web, and mobile technology.

So, if you are someone who is looking for a cool way to make money from closed captioning jobs from home read this article to know more. This will also help you understand the basic requirements needed for applying for this job. 

Types of captioning jobs to work from home

Realtime captioning

Real-time captioning involves live programs such as live talk shows, sports events, news broadcasts, and charity fundraisers. People working as real-time captioners are usually expected to produce captions within two seconds of each word spoken on live television.

Thus, this method of captioning requires skilled captioners with high precision and fast typing skills. 


Offline captioning

These Captioning Jobs involve the creation of closed captions for pre-recorded audio and video content such as television shows and movies. It works in contrast to the offline captioning job.

This method involves the placement of captions within the video at the right time. However, closed captioning is more often done as offline captioning. 

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What are the key captioning requirements needed in general?

  • An expert captions must possess good listening and communication skills.
  • He/she must understand the accent of the targeted language. 
  • Good transcription skills are mandatory. 
  • Typing speed of 200 words per minute with high-level accuracy. 

Where to find closed captioning jobs?

Closed Captioning Jobs have amazing benefits such as work from anywhere, flexible schedules, and an opportunity to earn part-time and full-time income from a stress-free job. Besides, such a job doesn’t require any advanced skill level or specialized knowledge, or relevant experience. 

#1. Rev

This is a great place for captioning jobs for beginners. It’s one of the well-known companies which offer remote speech-to-text jobs that help both customers and freelancers.

Besides, this site doesn’t require a certificate to get the job started, so it’s a great way to find opportunities when you are just starting. Their pay ranges from $0.40 to $0.75 per video minute. So, you can have an average monthly earning of $240. 


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#2. Aberdeen

This is another top-rated company offering closed captioning transcription jobs. It offers language services as well as personalized video transcoding as well as digital file distribution services.

Aberdeen works with a variety of networks like A+E, BET, and ABC family through which you can earn $75 per hour for real-time closed captioning.

The person undertaking this job must possess a typing speed of 180 to 220 words per minute. Besides, you must possess some knowledge about Bible and Christian terminology. 

#3. Caption Max

This Caption Max is a media production company that hires both real-time and offline captioners. Real-time captioners have the privilege of working from home while offline captioners need to work under the direction of the real-time scheduling manager.


You must be able to operate a computer-aided real-time captivating system to generate English closed captions. Overall, the place is good for students who just finished their academics and looking for their first job. 

#4. Vitac 

This is one of the oldest closed captioning companies, established in the year 1986. They hire full-time employees instead of freelance or independent contractors. The company offers all kinds of captioning services like subtitling, Spanish captioning, offline captioning, real-time captioning, and more. It offers decent pay as well. But you must possess two years of experience to avail a freelancing job with Vitac. 

#5. Vanan captioning

This company offers all types of captioning services to help businesses and individuals keen on captioning videos.

They provide all kinds of captioning services like YouTube video captioning, real-time captioning, and more. Currently, they have work-from options for the people interested in captioning.

They have a three-step hiring process to determine your skill as a captioner. Besides, they have online chat services for answering all queries related to captioning. 


#6. CaptioningStar

This is a fully established company that helps more than thousands of customers with video captioning processes. They offer countless captioning services. Currently, they are looking for real-time captioning experts.

But the company requires 98.5% accuracy, 225 words per minute typing speed, general news, and cultural knowledge. So, if you are the one who is fit for this job. Simply visit their site and apply soon through their career portal. 

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Other key job sites that provide work from captioning jobs

#7. Indeed

This is a free search engine and a great place to find jobs of all kinds. You can find all kinds of remote captioning jobs in their search engine. Some of the positions available with them are – film subtitling captioning services, data scientist, captioning artist, quality and automation engineer, and more for people with expertise in the stream of closed captioning. 

#8. Flexjobs 

You can explore legit caption jobs with this paid search engine that costs about $15 per month. They have high-quality and reliable jobs like video captioner, steno captioner, remote transcription jobs, and more. 


#9. Upwork

This is the best place to find all kinds of freelance job opportunities. Equally, they have several opportunities for remote captioning positions. Simply, click Upwork to explore various opportunities like writer-translator-captionist skilled illustrator and transcriptionist, and more. 

#10. Captioning jobs at Netflix

Netflix is increasingly concentrating on winning the international markets and thus is relying much on the work-from-home captioners to localize their streaming. The company pays handsomely for Closed Captioning Jobs on Netflix. 

You can make around $1000 per month by carrying Netflix captioning works alone. The only thing you need is an excellent skill if you are targeting captioning jobs at Netflix.

They share their captioning partnership with most companies like Rev and Capital captions who are experts when it comes to transcription, translation, and captioning gigs. 

Where else to look?

Zoo Digital – This company has a big network of freelance captioners and offers Netflix captioning openings from time to time. If you are interested you can simply visit their site and explore the job opportunities that fit you. 


Deluxe Entertainment Group – This is another big company which offers captioning job opportunities occasionally. You can keep on checking their site on a timely basis.  

Visual data – This is another Netflix vendor that offers the highest closed captioning jobs for the candidate’s expertise at captioning. If you are interested in getting one, they urge you sent the application. 

Bottom lines

The above-mentioned are some of the top closed captioning companies where you can gain some extra money for working remotely.

Such jobs are good for those having great writing and listening skills. You can earn around $7 to $14 per hour for offline captioning and $21 for real-time captioning works. Why don’t you make a move if you love to work as a captioner?

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