Top 7 Free Online Medical Billing and Coding Certification Programs in 2022

Medical Billing and Coding Certification Programs

Free Online Medical Billing and Coding Certification Programs: If you have ever been to a hospital for a day, you will see one counter with the maximum density of people around and that counter is full of those employees who are working on computers and doing something with data.

I am talking about a medical biller and coder. This article is about the career of a medical biller and coder. There are various tasks that a medical biller and coder do. They perform tasks like patient database, diagnosis reports, employee database, etc.

They are the ones who calculate efforts into data and present quantitative information to the management so that financial decisions can be taken.

If you are still reading this article, then it means that you are interested in this career. Remember that you have to have good information about medical insurance and the claiming process.

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Who is a Medical Biller and Coder?

Let’s understand what a medical biller and coder are. Understand this role so that you can make a better career decision.

When it’s a question of a medical biller and coder, we are talking about those professionals who are good at managing the healthcare data, managing the billing, processing payments, generating invoices, maintaining patient data, and processing the insurance-related data.

A professional medical biller and coder gets a job at a hospital, a clinic, a rehabilitation centre, etc. The nature of the job changes with the type of job and where they work.

Let’s see what their roles and responsibilities are:

  • Working in the medical line to ensure the proper management of the patient and medical data.
  • Processing the insurance data for claims.
  • Investigating insurance claims to understand their nature and check accuracy.
  • Check claims that are denied by the insurance companies.
  • Maintaining the privacy of the patient while billing.

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Free Online Medical Billing and Coding Certification Programs

 AI and Big Data in Global Health Management

This course is offered by Future Learn. Although this course is for medical coding and billing it has more focus on Big data. You might be surprised why AI and Big Data are focused in this course. The reason for that is the foundation that it builds for you which is vital in the field of medical billing.

Future Learn is an open course that has partnered with its associates and trains people in the medical billing and coding field. The course schedule and modules are very flexible as it takes only two hours per week and completes the course in four weeks.

Throughout the course, you will understand the significance of Big Data and AI to improve the healthcare industry.

Fee:                       None

Certification: Yes (with a $59 fee)

Duration:             4 weeks

Level:                    Beginner


  • Learn as per your schedule
  • Learn from prominent institutions
  • No prerequisite required


  • No certification with a free course
  • No hands-on experience

Cybersecurity in Healthcare

It is quite similar to what we had discussed in the last course, it is also not a direct study on healthcare coding and billing but it will give you a strong base that you need to survive in the healthcare industry.

It is a free course that has been offered to Coursera by Erasmus University Rotterdam which is a top-rated university that falls in the top-100 in the Netherlands.

Coursera is world-famous for bringing the best of the courses to your desk so that you can upskill yourself to walk with the trends. It collaborates with universities around the world to pick the tailer made courses for you.

Course:                  Free

Certificate:         Yes

Duration:             15 Hours

Level:                    Beginner


  • The course at your convenience
  • Quick course with big learnings


  • No interface with healthcare billing and coding.

What is Medical Coding and Billing (Course)

The course that we are talking about is offered by Udemy. This course is very quick to finish as it takes an hour and it is trusted by 4000 students and it is highly rated with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5.

You can call this course the initial stage as it offers people an easy to pursue the course and is specially made for those who are as of now not sure which field they want to enter except a vague idea of medical billing and coding.

The course is offered by PPMC Academy which was founded in 2018. This course provides a platform between medical billing management and job seekers in this field.

There are many other courses offered by them like handling the front desk administration.

Cost:                      Free

Certificate:         No

Duration:             1 Hour

Level:                    Beginner


  • No time and place barrier
  • Good for those who want to make a career in medical billing.
  • Quick course


  • No certificate

Basics of Medical Billing and Coding

The basics of medical billing and coding is a great quote for those who are looking to build their career in the medical billing and coding field. This course comprises 50 video lessons that you can go through and get inside the basics of medical billing and coding.

This course will help you clear your understanding of 10 different topics related to the medical billing and coding field and will help you launch yourself in Healthcare Institute

This is a short course where all the course material is written. It is good to start this short course so that you can decide if you want to pursue the regular course which is full-length.

Once you are satisfied with the short course, you always have an option to buy a full course.

Cost:                      Free

Certificate:         No

Duration:             as long as required

Level:                    Beginner


  • Start anytime and go at your own pace
  • Specifically made for medical billing and coding
  • A good introduction to billing and coding


  • No certificate
  • No interactive course

Learn Medical Billing in One Hour

Maybe you have not typically considered the career of medical billing and coding, this is a one hour course that helps you get the insight of the course. The course is offered by Dr. Chrono and broadcasted this course from YouTube.

The channel is an effort to help people understand the basics of medical billing and coding and helps passionate people in this field to excel. The channel is widely subscribed with followers of more than 1 million.

The purpose of these videos is to spread awareness among their users so that they can make their billing process seamless and effective. This is a kind of tutorial video so that you can get to know how to use billing software like Apollo and Apollo+.

Cost:                      Free

Certificate:         No

Duration:             1 hour

Level:                    Beginner


  • Learn at your convenience
  • Brought to you by industry experts
  • The website offers free resources for members


  • No certificate at all

Video Tutorials for Medical Billing and Coding

The course is brought to us by MB&CC to educate people on medical billing and coding. It covers the fundamentals of the medical billing process. The course aims at training students so that they can start their billing practice.

There are some downloadable materials available that you can use to practice before you launch yourself into this industry.

The course is designed in such a way that it introduces you to the course objectives and then gives you insights into medical billing and coding and at the end, you will be able to see the real-life issues and see how you can solve them.

Cost:                      Free

Certificate:         No

Duration:             Depends on your speed

Level:                    Beginner


  • Free downloadable material
  • Learn wherever and whenever you want


  • No certificate

Medical Coding ICD 10 CM

As we have already discussed, Udemy is an expert in sources where you can upskill yourself to be industry-ready.

The course has been designed by a coding expert who has been in this industry for a long time.

Although the course is short, it deals with the important aspect of the course. You can opt for this course for free however, you need to have some basic information about medical coding.

You will get some real-life examples that the coders face while working so that you get hands-on experience.

Cost:                      Free

Certificate:         No

Duration:             34 minutes approximately

Level:                    Beginner


  • Time and place flexibility
  • Strong course for better understanding


  • Need to have prior medical billing information
  • No certificate

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Final Words

Here is a list of 7 courses that are specifically meant for those who are interested in learning about medical billing and coding. Carefully go through all the courses listed here, and choose the best one for you. Some courses need prior medical information, however, most of them can be pursued without any medical information.

We wish you a great career ahead and success in life.

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