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50 Flexible Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra $500 or More This Month – Side Jobs for Students

Students often look for side jobs along with their studies to get some financial help and boost up their morale. For this, they search for various flexible side jobs which can let them not only show their talent but also get some handsome amount in their pockets. Below is the list of 50 ideas that you can consider as side jobs and make extra money.

50 Flexible Side Jobs to Help You Make an Extra

Flexible Side Jobs

1. Make Use of Laptop

If you are looking for a simple way to earn money, this one is for you. You just need to use some apps and earn a good amount yearly. For instance, you can use Nielsen Computer and mobile and can be paid without even worrying about your safety and security.

2. Teach online

To spend some free time and making them worthwhile, you can go for online teaching. For this, you can join companies such as TutorMe, VIPKID, etc. these companies allow you to teach online by setting some hours. This is best for those who crave flexible side jobs along with their full-time job.

3.  Watch videos

What if you can earn money even by watching videos? Yes, there are many ways by which you can earn money only by watching videos on Viggle, AppTrailers, etc. This kind of side job is much convenient and relaxing to earn money.

4. Cashback apps

There exist many websites that offer cashback when you sign up for them. These websites include Rakuten, TopCashback, ShopTracker, etc. Isn’t it surprising?

5.  Loss of weight

Have you ever heard that you can even make money by remaining healthy and fit? If no, then go for the HealthyWage app which allows you to earn money when you achieve your weight loss milestones.


6.  Listen to music

Nowadays you can earn money while enjoying the latest music. You need to join companies like Fusioncash, Music Xray, etc. which gives you some money to join them.

7.  Use your mobile phones

This is another way of earning money passively. It just needs to make good use of your mobile phone to upload pictures of job signs, scan receipts, etc., and making huge earning.

8.  Search Engine Assessor

Are you among those who are searching for work from home side jobs? If yes, then you can apply at companies like Appen Butler Hill, Lionbridge, and Zero Chaos.

9. Flipping websites

You can consider flipping websites as one of the best programming side jobs for students. It comprises of buying websites at lower prices and then selling them at profit. Also, if you are a techno-lover, you can convert scrap websites into profitable ones.

10. Freelancing

If you have the talent to do creative writing, you can start your blog, do freelance writing, and then convert it as a full-time business from side gigs.


11. Act as websites tester

Apart from its name, this job is perfect for non-technical just requires having some basic knowledge about websites. Companies such as TrymyUI, Whatusersdo, etc. often open positions for website testers.

12. Grow your savings

You can now utilize your savings in a better way. Acorns application can help you in this way by letting your savings got multiplied. All it needs is just to play smartly and make the right choice.

13. Customer service

It is one of the most flexible side jobs available in companies. So if you can even work at night, you can apply for this kind of job at Amazon, Apple and others.

14. Voiceover Acting

Are you among those who have a beautiful voice? If it is so, then go for applying at VoiceBunny,, etc. to try an audiobook reader.

15. Mediator

Being a mediator is one of the perfect side jobs for college students. It comprises moderating social media groups, chat services, etc. for which you can join the live world, ICUC, CrispThinking, etc.


16. Paribus

Paribus is an application that allows you to earn money when the price drops on the things purchased by you. It is one of the most passive side jobs for students without requiring much time to spend.

17. Traveler planner

This is one of the interesting side jobs from home which does not require much experience. If you are among those who love to travel, you can set your rates and become a travel planner.

18. Be an advisor

With the help of Pleio, you can help patients to remind them of taking medicines on time. This is one of the jobs that let the patient take their prescription on time and maintain their schedule.

19. Online store

You can also earn some extra income by having an eCommerce store which provides you a flexible option to earn much income. It requires having an online eCommerce store to earn money.

20. Brand ambassador

If you are a social media freak, you can convert this passion into a side job. This is possible by becoming a brand ambassador and requires just signing up with Izea to make earning.


21. Online data entry

Those who have good typing skills must go for companies like the Smart Crowd, Clickworker, etc. which provides side jobs online work from home and let you earn money in spare time.

22. Editing

It includes going through the whole document and figuring out errors. You can start proofreading for companies like to make earning from the convenient side.

23. Use your cooking talent

If you are among those who love to cook food during your free time, you have a golden opportunity to earn money through this passion. It is possible by creating a food blog and selling your recipes online to food magazines.

24. Sell old stuff

Those who have a lot of old stuff can sell them in the market and turn them into cash. Decluttr Company provides an easy option to do this.

25. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best companies in the world and offers numerous options for you. Selling is one of those options which is possible with the help of AmazonFBA and even allows you to take a free course.


26. Answer Question

Not having any experience? Go for answering questions on by signing up first and going through a simple test. That’s it. Start answering your questions.

27. Review calls

There is one more option to choose for a side job. It includes Humanatic which needs you to listen to various calls and categorize them as per requirements. 

28. Image viewer

Photography lovers can go for Shutterstock which opens positions for image reviewers as a part-time job. If you have the necessary experience in photography editing, this side job is perfect for you.

29. An instructor

Whether you are a trained yoga instructor or know how to play a musical instructor, you can use this ability to earn money by teaching those skills to others at home or launching an instructional website.

30. Build homemade items

Besides cooking, you can build numerous things such as furniture, clothing, soft toys, beauty products, etc. at home which can be further sold on sites like Etsy.


31. Coaching

If you have previous experience or knowledge in a particular field, you can share your experience as a coach or consultant and earn money in your free time.

32. Tech support

Having a smartphone with a strong internet connection can prove to be an asset to you. It requires having fluent communication skills to offer tech support to customers as a side job.

33. Delivering pizzas

According to your area, you can also consider delivering pizzas in the evening as time pass and an effective way to earn money. You can also go for this job on a fixed day like Thursday or Sunday.

34. Pet Sit

Being an animal lover can also make you earn money with the help of websites like You can earn enough amounts each month by joining other sites such as,, etc.

35. Driving

Driving for Uber or Lyft for some hours on a weekend can also allow you to put the extra amount in your pocket. Otherwise, you can go for Amazon Flex to deliver packages if you do not want to go driving taxis.

36. Fill our surveys

When just taking surveys on various sites can let you earn enough money, why not go for it? Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are some of the sites which allow you to earn money by filling out survey forms.

37. Repair things

If you can repair things, you could start it as a flexible side job. It includes repairing cars, furniture, computers, etc. in free time and charging a reasonable amount for it.

38. Audio transcribing

This is one of the easiest methods to earn an attractive amount. An audio file is sent to you and you are required to type it out. As easy and simple as that.

39. Get paid to walk

Have you ever thought of being paid for keeping yourself fit and fine? Well, yes. Achievement app allows you to earn money by performing healthy activities such as walking etc.

40. Profile writing

If you are proficient in writing resumes, you can do this task for LinkedIn. It includes writing resumes for professionals and earning money as a side job.

41. Overtime

This is one of the common side jobs for which you need not look here and there. It is just asking for overtime at your job to complete pending tasks and earning additional income.

42. Open a new bank account

Surely, you will be thinking about how to earn money through this. But you will be surprised to know that there are banks that pay up to $ 25 for opening up a new account. So go to these banks and open your new bank account.

43. Lend money

Prosper and Lending tree are some websites that allow you to lend your spare savings and earn money through interest rates. For this, you can join peer-to-peer lending programs.

44. Photography

You can click some beautiful pictures of various scenarios and can make it your profession by starting your photography business. You can try your photography talent at different places including weddings etc.

45. Put Ads on your car

Many car companies offer you to wrap your car with an advertisement and thus pays a high amount for it. Amount paid to you depends on your vehicle and part of the vehicle being wrapped.

46. Reduce, reuse and recycle

Let it be a scrap for others when you can use it in a meaningful thing through recycling. Yes, you can use your waste material to make common household items and can even earn through it.

47. Refer a friend

As you know, there exist numerous companies that offer referral programs and allows you to earn money by referring it to your friend. So it is a quick way to earn a good amount each month.

48. Sell your body parts

No, this is not what you are thinking. This includes selling plasma, hair or anything else for medical research purposes. It is possible with the help of websites like

49. Teaching English

If you can go for teaching English to children online mode, you are most welcome at VIPKID. It expects you to provide your 7 to 8 hours weekly and earn enough amounts.

50. Watch TV

Yes, you can earn by watching TV and videos on different websites. After completing these videos as a survey, you are paid with gift cards which can be further sold to earn money.

Final words

All the above-mentioned techniques are going to make you earn enough amounts. You just need to make a choice and get started quickly. No need to waste your time when you have all in one solution in your hand in the form of this article. Just start your side job and earn as much as you can right away.

I hope this article would be of great help to you all and it would help in earning a good amount as your pocket money. Please let us know in the comment section below about which side jobs helped you and how.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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