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5 iOS Tips That Can Make Your Life A Lot Easier Today

Apple devices are some of the easiest to use in the world. They also offer you a lot of security and safety features when it comes to protecting your data. But they can be real trouble too if you don’t know your way around them. They can be a big hassle if you are new to the entire ecosystem.

5 iOS Tips That Can Make Your Life A Lot Easier Today

The following section talks about a few tips related to iOS and Apple devices that are going to make your life a lot simpler. Let’s begin:

1. Tagging Specific Contacts

It is very easy to tag specific contacts in your group messages on your Apple device. You just have to type in the @ symbol followed by their name.

You can either go with a simple text or even a punctuation mark to get their attention. The person that you have mentioned after the @ symbol is going to get your message.

2. Switching To A Different Web Browser And Email App

People believe that Apple doesn’t let you use any other applications that are not “default”. This is not the case. Your iPhone must be running the latest iOS. This means that it is very easy for you to switch to any other web browser as long as the application is updated.


You can go with Google Chrome or Firefox and totally ditch the Safari web browser if you are not a fan of it. You can also change your default Email application if you want. You can choose Microsoft Outlook or Gmail as your default email application.

3. Backing Up Your iPhone Data

Backing up your iPhone data is very critical because when you tend to change devices or upgrade to a new model, this is one of the things that prevent you from using your new device. But this section tells you how to backup iphone to external hard drive without any trouble. Before anything else, make sure to plug in your hard drive. Now just go to the Finder window.

You will find your iOS backup over there. Select the backup folder. Now you have to drag the folder to the external hard drive which is located under the Locations in the Finder sidebar. Remember your administrator password because you will be asked to feed it when you are making this transfer.

4. Customize Notifications On Your Apple Device

You can make all your text notifications unique by just selecting the contact and tapping the Edit option. You can also add vibration to their notification and make all the changes that you want. You can create a new vibration or select a custom vibration for that contact.

5. Adding Captions To Your Media Content

Now let’s come to your photos and videos. You can add captions on your favourite media by simply going on the “add a caption” field. It is going to get automatically saved to your iCloud photos once you are done.


Final Thoughts

Wasn’t this easy? Using your Apple device is going to be a lot more fun when you apply these tips on a daily basis.

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