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How to Answer Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?

Why should you be hired for this internship? It is a question that most probably every intern who is going to be hired is asked. This internship is a short-term opportunity for students during their college or after college to work in an organization. This short-term opportunity is a bridge between what students have learned in college and real-world applications of the skills but it also teaches them about the corporate culture. This internship is maybe paid or unpaid. In today’s competitive market, getting an internship is quite tricky.

Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?

So, here the main question is – how this internship can help in a student’s career?

  • Internship acts as a career foundation
  • It adds weight to the student’s resume.
  • It teaches students about time management.
  • It is a good opportunity for students to increase networking.
  • It exposes students to real-world experience.

Hopefully, now you have understood the importance of an internship.

So, now let us understand how to answer “why should be hired for this internship?

An internship interview is almost the same as a job interview. The only difference here is an internship interview is maybe the first interview that a student might be facing. Students should practice all the common interview questions that might get asked. So, students should ensure that they are well prepared.

While Answering “Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship?” You Should Follow the Below Tips.

  • One should not say any generic answer such as I am qualified, I am smart, or I am confident. You should come up with something that is unique and that other candidates will not say.
  • You should start an answer by saying that you have researched the company properly, reviewed the application, and understand the company’s requirements.
  • You should share your strength, technical skills, and related experience/ certificates/ education if you have.
  • Share your awards and achievements that help you in standing out from the competition.
  •  While ending the answer you should mention what you will bring to the table if they hire you.

Let us now go through a few example answers to this question.

Example Answers For Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship


I have done some in-depth research about your organization and the position. And, I feel that I can be the best fit for this position as I possess the necessary skills. During my final year of graduation, we had done a project concerning your industry. By being part of your team, I am also searching for some opportunity to expand my vision in the same field. I am available for 3 months and I can start instantaneously.


While reading the requirements and responsibilities for the position, I felt that my skills are best suited for this internship. I am about to complete my final year and during my college time, I have been taught much great information by my professors. I can learn new concepts very easily and always think out of the box to solve any problems with new ideas. This internship will give me an opportunity to try my knowledge in some real-world applications. According to me, it will give me a distinct advantage over the other candidates as I do not need to start from scratch and require less training. So, provide me an opportunity to let me show my work rather than speaking more about myself.

Signing Off

In a nutshell, there is no magic formula, tip, or examples for the question – Why should be hired for this Internship? All you have to do is get familiar with all the common interview questions and answers. This question is usually asked to evaluate your competitive spirit and to verify how well you can market and sell yourself. Therefore, take the above examples as a reference only and prepare yourself with unique answers and stories. You can win your employer by describing your most selling points.

If you still have any queries regarding this then connect with us in the comment section below. We will try to solve all your queries and love to hear it from you.


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