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SayABC Review: All You Need to Know About Popular Online Teaching Opportunity

Do you want to teach without leaving the comfort of your own? Do you want to teach in your slippers, wearing pyjamas, and with your favourite coffee brand to hand? That’s quite good! You are at the right place. SayABC provides you with this amazing opportunity. This blog speaks about everything that you want to know about this excellent online teaching platform including SayABC pay, SayABC hours, and how you can be a SayABC teacher. So, without wasting much time let us, deep-dive, into this remote English teaching opportunity.

SayABC Review
SayABC Review

What is SayABC?

SayABC is an online English teaching platform and a part of VIPKiD that offers native English speakers the chance to teach online to students who are ready to learn English. When you teach with SayABC, you will get a chance to teach 4 Chinese students at once in a small, virtual class that lasts around 40 minutes.  To know more about this platform you can check their official website –

What are the Qualification and Other Requirements to be a SayABC Teacher?

To apply for this job you must possess the following qualities.

  • You must hold a bachelor’s degree. If you don’t have a degree then you can opt for an internship program with some American and Canadian universities. It means people with associate’s degrees or college students have an opportunity to join SayABC teachers.
  • You must have native North American or native UK accents.
  • You must have a reliable internet connection and a laptop with a good webcam.
  • You are also expected to have a headset with a microphone, a Google Chrome browser, a teaching platform, and a high-speed internet connection.

How Much Does SayABC Pay?

SayABC is one of the highest paying companies for their 40 minutes session. Their base payment is $15 to $28. If students sign up for a course within 5 days of the trial class, you will earn an additional $8.

What is SayABC’s Payment Procedure?

As a SayABC teacher, you will receive your teaching record details on or around the 5th day of the following month.  You should compare your records and contact them if you feel there is any mismatch, question, or concern.  Usually, they pay on the 15th day of each month. It can take up to 5 days for the transfer to go through. If you do not receive payment or have any questions, you can contact their service payment team.

What is the Application Process?

If you want to be a SayABC teacher, you have to go through their 40 minutes interview process. It also includes their 15 minutes demo class. They expect you to consider the interviewer as your student and teach the class. So, the entire process is quite simple. You apply and get feedback.

The process includes interview -> online mentoring -> Evaluation class -> On board with your regular classes.


Before becoming a SayABC teacher, as an applicant, you have to pass the following four steps.

  • Resume screening
  • Interview – 30 minutes with an 8 pages demo class
  • Mock class – 40 minutes with a 25 pages demo class
  • Contract signing and platform setup


  • It is an interactive platform.
  • They accept all native English-speaking teachers from the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, and some other native English-speaking countries.
  • Minimal lesson preparation and user-friendly platform
  • Good pay and support.


  • Some new teachers report that they do not receive enough class bookings.
  • They have a very strict leave policy.
  • As a large company, they are a bit slow in support and communication


What are the SayABC Class Types?

SayABC teaches young learners between 5 to 15 age. Classes are split into main two types 1) Homerooms and 2) Trial classes.

What Platform Does SayABC Use?

As a SayABC teacher, you need to download the SayABC teacher portal which runs on Windows and Mac OS.

What is the SayABC Contract Type?

Like almost all teaching companies SayABC hires teachers as Independent Contractors

What Material Does SayABC Use?

SayABC is a partner of National Geographic and has adapted its ‘Our World’ series for its main courses.

Winding Up

In nutshell, if you have a passion for teaching and profound English language knowledge then you should apply for this job to earn some extra bucks. Nowadays, teaching English as a second language is a thriving business that you can opt for to add more comfort to your lifestyle.


What are your thoughts on this article? Have you applied to teach English with SayABC? Share your views, suggestions, and experience with us in the comment section below. We would love to hear about your experience and get more insight into the company.

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