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VIPKid Teacher Portal Review: How it Works, How to Interview

VIPKid Teacher Portal is an online ESL teaching agenda with headquarters in Beijing, China. You’ll locate all you need to know about VIPKid jobs including what it’s really like teaching ESL online, how to switch your schedule with a 12-hour time differentiation, and what you need to do to nail your interview. 

Common Core State Standards and uses a flipped-classroom approach to foster inventiveness and critical thinking skills. Teachers accepted to occupation with VIPKID Teacher Portal edify English to students who are based in China and are between the ages of 4-12.

To apply, you need a Bachelor’s degree and a teaching license. If you do not have an education license, you most likely will have to total a TESOL program. All classes are detained one-on-one and conducted online through the VIPKid portal.

What are the VIPKid Reviews?

Vipkid Teacher Portal

First of all, you require having a desktop or laptop; a tablet or smartphone won’t be sufficient. You require some knowledge of teaching K-12 in the United States or Canada.

VIPKID does not state how much experience although, so I can suppose it doesn’t matter that much. Apart from that, you must encompass at least a Bachelor’s degree.

Your degree can be in any field. VIPKid is an online education companionship that connects students and teachers globally through one-to-one adapted English language classes. If you already have a VIPKid relation, you can do a VipKid log in here.


Here you can apply for teaching a full-length class with another VIPKID teacher. Your workstation needs to have a camera with a good quality headset with a microphone. According to people, VIPKid Reviews have high-quality ratings.

VIPKID does not specify how much knowledge though, so I can take for granted it doesn’t matter that much. Once accepted, you have to mark a minimum 6-month renewable agreement. Now, you can upload some docs, and total a background check.

You can start preparation when you’re available. Moreover, Now that you’re a bureaucrat VipKid teacher You have to agenda at least two weeks in advance, and if you have to cancel a sitting, you have to let VipKid be familiar with it at least two weeks in moving forward.

Vipkid job pays $20hr, offers flexible hours, and is as easy as a Skype call.

Things to know about VIPKID

Your base VipKid pay speed will be determined by your demonstration class presentation and your incentives by your journal class participation and completion. VIPKID pays $7-9 per 30-minute teaching meeting and offers more than a few incentives.  As for taxes, VipKid teachers are autonomous contractors and therefore responsible for their taxes.


Teachers get remunerated via direct set down, sometime between the 10th and 15th of the month. Once your 6-month contract is up, VipKid may deem you for a raise. It pays $2 per class if you hit a least 45 classes each month and are on time for all of them. 

VIPKID Teachers Portal only explains the classes which are scheduled for the after those seven days. Take your teaching occupation online and let us do all the things behind the scenes.

We extend the curriculum so you can focus on moving students across China. VIPKID Teachers Portal’s syllabus team has already considered materials for every class. You can navigate your entire VIPKID teacher portal, console, and teaching capital. 

The VipKid hours are 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm Beijing time each day and 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (all day) Saturday and Sunday.

Schedule a 30-minute session on VipKid App where you get to glass case your teaching skills to a VipKid recruiter, or record a demo class at your own time and send it to VipKid so they can assess you. Since you’ll be teaching kids from crossways the sphere in real-time, you can imagine your agenda may have to get shuffled around significantly.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q1. What are the Vipkid Requirements?

Ans. First, you require having the 1-year of experience to be appropriate for Vipkid Requirements. If you don’t encompass one already, you will be talented to take a short TESOL way as part of the application process. English interview will be assessed in your first interview.

The application progression mainly tests your capability in an online setting, rather than your earlier experience. After following these things you can access full VikPid address.

Q2. What is the process of Vipkid Teacher Login?

Ans. For Vipkid Teacher Login, you should employ 6 or more characters with a mix of letters and numbers. If you have not to log in first, you need to do sign-up.


Q3. How can we know about Vipkid Salary?


How much does VIPKid pay?

Ans. You can make between $14 and $22 VipKid salary an hour teaching during VIPKID. Base pay is $7-$9 per class, resolute by how much prior experience you have and how well you do in the mock class.

Q4. What can be the ultimate Vipkid Props?


Ans. You can notice the ultimate VIPKID props guide with a roll of the printable props and flashcards As an ESL teacher with VIPKid props is crucial in your classroom, but figuring out how to categorize all of them is tricky.

Q5. How can we know is Vipkid Legit?

Ans. few confronts and growing pains teachers are going from first to last, but VIPKid is legit.  This platform is legit for teachers to influence their skills and education to make cash online. There is nothing to propose that “is VIPKid legit” anything but legitimate.

Why VikPid Teacher Portal is common among users?

Vipkid Freshdesk opens a label for any issues you might have. Also, there is an alternative for creating a Freshdesk ticket to talk to your concern or email VIPKID in a straight line. It is a customer carry and ticketing service. You can do VipKid contact regards any information.  


VIPKID Career is online and lets us do all the material behind the scenes. VipKid phone number alternative secures your detail.  After finishing the application form, you can be relevant for the VipKid interview.  

What is VIPKID? VIPKID is a company that offers English lessons to kids in China using an online classroom.

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