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How to Get a Career in Gaming?

Most people take gaming as their hobby and think that no one can earn money just by playing games. But as technology is advancing daily you can make your hobby a lifetime career. You can earn money by enjoying your hobby, isn’t it a good idea? I mean just think about it. Just like your hobby is gaming you can play games on your computer and PC and can earn money.  SO in this blog, we will cover “how to get a career in Gaming“.

How to Get a Career in Gaming
How to Get a Career in Gaming

Making a career in your hobby is like a dream. Just like that gaming is everyone’s hobby and especially youngsters like to play games. So a career in gaming is highly competitive these days. If you think you are the best player then only you should try this. In the gaming field, the most important thing required is creativity and passion. 

There is a huge opportunity in gaming but it is so a trend that every youngster tries to touch this field. With the growth of online technology, the growth of gaming is also increasing day by day.

Researcher and Gaming Developer are tackling the new era of digital games with a bit of a brain-boosting pattern.

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Reasons, why should we choose Gaming As a Career? 

According to Google’s report, around 190 million people started joining the gaming industry in 2020. Frankly speaking, a career in gaming is not for everyone. If you want a steady salary with fixed working hours this is not for you. These are for those who have great knowledge of technical and knack in gaming. As a gamer, you should know at what time people are approaching the internet and at which date they got free to watch your stream. 


Here are the reasons for choosing gaming as a career.

1. Enjoy job security

Given the seemingly unsatisfactory social thirst for gaming, as well as the multi-billion dollar video game industry salary, the task of designing a video game is a safe bet when it comes to ongoing hiring.

2. Creative art

The task of designing a video game has changed in recent years. Crying away from the early days of “Pac-Man,” most of today’s video game games are competitors in the length of art in terms of the art involved. As Alex Pham points out in his LA Times article, modern video game designers “create characters, write dialogues, compose music, create digital scenes and write software that controls these fantasy countries.”

3. Casual Working environment

As you can probably guess, your video game design job does not require you to have three-piece suits in your closet. you are just going to play with your fingers. No need to dress up like a gentleman going to church to marry someone or as a salesman with formal apparel.

4. Choose a job that suits your talent

As video games become more complex, there is room for more to do when it comes to your video game design work. Whether you’re fascinated with storytelling, graphic design, sound production, or coding that allows games to work, you’ll be able to focus on the parts of your favorite video game design.


There are different games people want to see like:

  1. MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)
  1. Online card games (such as solitaire, poker and blackjack)
  1. FPS (First Person Shooter)
  1. DCCG (Digital Collectible Card Games)
  1. Battle Royal Games
  1. RTS (Real-Time Strategy Games)

These games can be played online or offline and gamers have to team up with one another and have to entertain the people by playing games or by starting a debate or topic on their stream. This helps others to communicate with gamers via message or discord servers. 

Top 3 Careers In Gaming 

If you want to make a career in gaming that doesn’t mean that you just play games and champion battles. There are many roles to play if you want a gaming career. 

If you see, the entire gaming community team consists of a programmer, writer, audio programmer, level designer, animator, and many other things. Let’s take the top 3 careers that you can do in gaming and discuss it. 

1. Game Animator

While playing games you must have seen the best graphics and animation which is inside the games looks attractive and theme-based. The people who make these graphics and animations are Game Animators. Their main role is to design, animate, and re-create game characters and objects. 

2. Audio Engineer

If you are done animating and graphics you will be needing audio. The whole game depends upon what is the quality of the audio. As an audio engineer, you will be working on the soundtracks of the whole game. Sound effects, ambiance, voice-over, background music, and many other things. 


3. Creative Director

These people are responsible for the overall look of the game. They check the sound, animation, graphics, and many other things. The creative director’s work starts from developing the concept of the game until its completion on the ground. Many people love to become a creative director, as they have played too many games so they have design ready in their mind what they can do if they become creative director.

Best Gaming Courses

  1. Diploma in Game Design and Integration
  1. Diploma in Game Programming
  1. B.Sc. Animation & Gaming
  1. MFA in Game Design
  1. MA in Interactive Design and Game Development

Gaming Career Guide

If you have thought of becoming a gamer in the future then you should know the careers you can’t only play games and earn money this won’t feed your future well. If you are a student and want to join a gaming career in the future you should know the fields as well. What kind of job can you get in your gaming career? You can make your games and can display that game to the world. Therefore, you need to do a deep analysis of what’s going on. It’s not that if you are in the gaming field you don’t have to study. There are many courses you can enroll in and you can get jobs.

It has become tough now to be a part of the gaming community. It has become so competitive that earning here has become tough. Though there is a high opportunity if you are the BEST. Everything now is turning online so everywhere there will be a need for technologies and games. 

Final Words

This is the most opted career choice for youngsters. Everyone as a child has a hobby to play games online so youngsters will be very innovative in this field. Though it is not easy to be in the gaming industry you have to work hard, as there is too much competition and in this field, there are professional gamers who are coming together to make better and bigger games for everyone. 

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Choose Your Career Wisely!

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