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Microsoft Or Bing Rewards Review: Worth It Or Scam?

Microsoft Rewards is a free program that rewards loyal Microsoft customers for completing tasks online using their products and services. Many people have found the program to help defray the expense of participation in popular events at a reduced or no cost. This Microsoft Rewards review takes you through the program’s specifics, how you may earn money with it, the advantages and disadvantages of enrolling, and if it’s worth your time. You can also Read S’more App Review.

What Are The Microsoft Rewards?

Microsoft Rewards Review

Microsoft Rewards is a free loyalty program that rewards you for using Microsoft goods and services by giving you Rewards Points. Sweepstakes entries, Game Passes, applications, movie rentals, gift cards, and even charitable donations may all be obtained by redeeming points. There are no obligations or costs associated with participation.

How To Get Started? 

  1. Click “Sign Up For Free” on the Microsoft Rewards webpage.
  2. You’ll be asked to sign in to your Microsoft account (or create a new one if you don’t have one). Use your Xbox Live login information here if you have one.
  3. After you’ve answered the questions about your preferred Microsoft products and incentives, you’re ready to start.

How Much Does The Reward Worth? 

You may have a question “Is Microsoft Rewards Worth It?” It should be emphasized that the program’s reward points have no monetary value. The points conversion, on the other hand, is 1 point = $0.001. In other words, if you have 10,000 points, you will be eligible for $10 in qualified prizes, as shown below.

The idea is to keep your Microsoft account open and your rewards points will appear next to your account name. This aids in the tracking of your progress.

Unredeemed points also expire after 18 months if they have not been earned or redeemed. The program works on a “use it or lose it” basis and this issue will be solved if you engage in regular physical exercise.

How Can You Earn Bing Rewards Review Points? 

1. Use The Microsoft Search Engines To Find What You’re Looking For

It’s as simple as changing your preferred search engine to start earning and redeeming points. Searching with the Bing search engine is the most frequent way to earn Microsoft Rewards Points. However, you may gain points by searching with the Bing app, Microsoft Edge, Cortana, or the Windows Search Box, but there are daily and monthly restrictions on how many points you can earn from searching.

2. Shop At Microsoft Store

Any purchase you make from the Microsoft Store earns you points as long as you’re linked in with your Microsoft account at the time. Every dollar spent earns one Rewards Point for Level 1 members, while every dollar spent earns 10 points for Level 2 members. Plus, if you have Xbox Live Gold and are a Level 2 member, you gain an extra ten points for every dollar spent (20 points total).


3. Crack Quizzes And Surveys  

You may earn points by completing goofy quizzes and surveys on the Microsoft Rewards page. Each of these daily sets will be worth 30-40 points and will cover a variety of topics such as history, pop culture, and current events. Even if trivia isn’t your thing, you’ll generally get points regardless of how many right answers you provide, so go ahead and click through for some quick cash.

4. Take A Look At Microsoft’s Marketing Materials

Reading certain articles on the company’s blog, viewing featured videos, and engaging with other promotional material are all rewarded by Microsoft. To learn which pieces of content are eligible, go to the Microsoft Rewards webpage. While these are generally only worth 10-20 points apiece, you get the points the moment you click through, so they need very little effort to take advantage of.

What do You Earn And Is Bing Rewards Worth It?

While a year of free Xbox Live Gold is one of the more expensive rewards in the Microsoft Rewards program, there are lots of other exciting rewards available for far less than 29,000 points. Among the notable prizes are:

  • Enter for a chance to win an Xbox One X system and a year of Game Pass Ultimate for 200 points.
  • 5,000 points for a branded Xbox Mug
  • Donate to Girls Who Code – Each dollar is worth 1,000 points.
  • Enter to win a $1000 Microsoft Gift Card — 200 points required to enter.
  • Win a Surface Pro 7 Bundle — Entry Fee: 200 Points

Is Microsoft Rewards Scam?

No, Microsoft Rewards is a real way to earn money on the internet. It’s simple to use, and the sponsored searches provide you with a steady stream of revenue. Anyone who uses Bing regularly should check out Microsoft Rewards. If you’re a regular Google user, though, it might not be worth it.

Bottom Line

Regular users of Microsoft products can benefit from the Microsoft Rewards program. Begin participating in Microsoft Rewards today and take the first steps toward a Millennial retirement. Take the cash and flee!


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1 Comment

  1. Francis Lopaz

    December 4, 2021 at 9:10 am

    The daily task and quiz is not working. So yeah, Microsoft is a definite scam. The LawWonder says so.

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