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Instafeet Review 2022: Is Instafeet Safe & Legit?

Instafeet is a social media website where you could find huge foot snaps collections. Most people don’t know that their foot pictures can help them to make money. It must be weird, but it is a fact. People around the world like this kind of foot picture, and also they buy pictures of your feet.

Do you believe that you could make money by giving some pictures of your feet? Even, most people don’t know these money-making methods exist. Of course! Nowadays, some people are very much interested to get your foot images and this buying stuff has been increased.

The picture does not have any intimacies just your barefoot. In this way, you could be able to earn money by sending your pictures of the feet.

So, why don’t you try to make money easily with Sell Photos? Go ahead! Open an account on Instafeet to make money. 

Exactly what is Instafeet?

Instafeet how it work.

It is one of the online platforms where you could be able to sell your foot pictures. This Instafeet website was founded in the year of 2017.

Since you are seeking the feet pictures or trying to make money by selling your foot pictures and then this is the perfect place to choose.


You should be above 18-year-old adult to sell your feet pictures if you are planning to earn money from Instafeet.

You don’t have to pay any fee to start selling your feet pictures. But, your viewers or admirers will pay for your feet pictures.

The Instafeet website is truly a legit online site where you could be able to sell your foot pictures. 

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Is it legal to sell the foot pictures?

According to some protocols, selling images of your barefoot is not illegal because they don’t come under the major content selection. And also, it will not cross any laws against your caste and religion.


When you search for Instafeet reviews of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, you will not see any complaints against their Instafeet users. However, in some countries, selling images of your barefoot is extremely legal. But, if you are not above 18 years old then selling pictures might consider as an illegal activity. Therefore, you should be a certified adult to make money by selling your feet pictures. 

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What Makes People buy these foot images?                  

There are so many reasons to use your barefoot pictures. So that people love to buy these pictures of your feet. Here are some notes about why people buy your pictures of feet are listed below.

Foot fetishes

Nowadays, most people love to be foot fetishes. According to some studies, men with foot fetishes are the important clients to get beautiful foot pictures.


Those people have how much interest in these kinds of pieces of stuff and also they spend so much money on it. Some may consider it as their passion or hobby to collect amazing pictures of their feet. These people are the main subscribers and viewers of the fascinating pictures of the feet.

Casting Organizations

Do you know that your feet pictures can be an inspiration for casting companies? Of course, great foot photos are needed by ad agencies all over the world to promote beauty items and even shoes.

Foot photos of genuine models are also widely sought in other areas to publish their brand or artworks. Nail artworks, ankle jewelry, and temporary tattoos can be showcased using your beautiful foot pictures. Who knows? In the future, you could become a foot model too.

For Magazines And Newspaper


Body part photographs are frequently required by magazines. They will use them to explain the medical disorders or sports illustrations. Even, you could have been noticed some foot pictures will be inserted in the beauty care and tips section. These demo foot pictures surely help the magazine to convey its concept perfectly. Furthermore, there are numerous news organizations, digital news sites, and magazines that frequently seek out foot images.

For Film Industries

Yes, of course! In the film industry, people seek pictures of barefoot. If any actor doesn’t fit for perfect barefoot scenes, and then the director will try to get some desired barefoot photos from the online websites. In this way, the director could be able to complete the scene flawlessly. Even, you might be noticed some movies have replaced the online picture of a foot with the original one. It will give some wholehearted effect to that particular scene in the movie.

Bloggers And Publishers

Consider that a blogger or a content writer is writing a brief note about foot care and tips to be followed to have the beautiful feet in their blog or article. Raw content will not satisfy their viewers and followers so that they will search for some amazing foot photographs to accompany their blog or article. Therefore, they will choose the pictures of the foot from online websites like Instafeet. Even, some bloggers will collaborate with some foot models to provide some exotic foot images in their content.



 Thus, this is a brief note about the Instafeet online platform. You could consider the job to earn money if you are an 18-year-old adult.

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