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How to Make Money Using Facebook in 2023: A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook is one of the best places or we can say social media platforms to make money online.

It is the first and foremost social networking platform where people can connect, share, socialize, and earn money by just doing their favourite tasks.

There are two ways to earn money on Facebook

  • Invest your Time, Effort, and Skills.
  • Invest your Money and Energy.

If you think making money is easy, let me correct you. It’s not..!!

But you can find easy ways to earn good money at the end of the month. But always remember it will take your time, energy, skills, and resources.

I think if you are reading this blog, you are young enough to earn money using your skills, time, and energy.


So, what are you waiting for?

Just grab the tips I am sharing in this blog and pop your pocket up with cash.

But before diving deep, There is a question that always remains in the mind of people who want to earn from Facebook.

I am an ordinary Facebook User, not an Influencer, still, can I earn money from Facebook?

Yes..!! You can, let me clear your doubt.


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I Am Not An Influencer, How can I Earn Money on Facebook?

If you want to set up an online business on Facebook you should always keep one thing in mind. It’s easier to get likes on your Facebook profile picture than to get on your Business page.

If you have a few friends on your friend list on Facebook, then it will be more difficult for you to sell your products on Facebook.

Unless you create deep content that can go viral on social media, all your efforts of creating posts related to your business go in vain.

Whereas if a user communicates with his friends and can attract a significant number of followers, his posts will appear in most people’s feeds. With this, you can develop a support base and be listed in the influencer’s community.


But what if you are a normal user?

Don’t worry, If you don’t have many audiences, build it up.

You need to increase your Facebook audience by sharing tons of great articles – good links, pictures, and updates. To be truly successful as a person, you need to create an area where you are interested in becoming a recognized professional.

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So, how should you proceed and what are the ways you can earn money on Facebook? Let’s discuss it in detail.

Best Ways to Make Money on Facebook?

Here are some best ways we share with you…….

1) Create a Facebook Page

Facebook Page

I am sure you are wondering how you can make money from a Facebook page.

You know, nowadays there are lots of Facebook pages with tons of engaging content, whether it is related to news or memes, by creating these pages you can garner millions of followers in a short period.

A person who has such pages can easily earn from them. You can start by creating sponsored posts with these pages instead of money.

However, if you have to start from the beginning, target what your audience likes and rely on it. You can do this by finding a good niche where you have good knowledge and traffic accumulation. From here you can slowly start building your Facebook page.


It takes time to create a successful Facebook page, so you need to be patient if you want to earn money on Facebook using this strategy.

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Tips to make money on Facebook through Facebook Page

  • You can Sell Products Through the FB page
  • Sell ad space to major brands on your FB page
  • Sell different courses on your page

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2) Facebook Ads

You can earn money through Facebook Ads through Google’s monetization platform AdSense. With this, you can give your website ad space to ads and get monetized with Google Adsense. if You don’t have a website and want to create then you must read my Article How to Create a Money Making Blog.


To get qualify for Adsense you need to go through some approval procedures, and once you qualify, you can make money from any website by driving paid traffic to the website. For this, all you need is an Adsense-approved website with the help of which you can earn money whenever users click on ads placed on your website.

You can start a blog with Bluehost and get 63% off your hosting plan ($2.95 per month)

Steps to make money on Facebook through Ads

  • Get your site approved by Adsense.
  • Write Interesting and unique content on your website.
  • Promote your website by having your products or content on Facebook with paid ads.
  • Run Facebook paid campaigns and increase traffic to your website.

3) Start Reselling on Facebook

Have you ever heard about Meesho? These days it is very popular among resellers. It is an online or social trading platform that allows everyone on its platform to start their reselling journey. It is the one-stop destination for Women’s clothing and accessories.

You can start earning by just placing the products you want to sell on your FB page. You just need to promote your products on FB, you can promote them in your stories, FB groups and share them with your FB friend list.

Apart from Meesho, there are other resale platforms like GlowRoad & Shop101 that you can try also.


Steps to make money on Facebook through Reselling

  • Install the Meesho app on your smartphone or sign in with google (same for Glowroad and Shop 101)
  • Go through the categories and products
  • Take a GST number
  • Integrate your reselling applications
  • Promote your products on Facebook and share them with your friends

4) Facebook Marketplace

Facebook provides a digital marketplace for its users. Anybody who is using Facebook Marketplace can buy, sell and trade items with other users. You can choose the area where you want to sell your product.

In this way, you can make handsome money on Facebook by selling your products on the Facebook marketplace to the persons who need them. 

Steps to make money on Facebook through Marketplace

  • Sign in to
  • Click and open Marketplace
  • Select Sell the product
  • Click Item for Sale
  • Enter Title, Pricing, Location & Category
  • Live your product and earn

5) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way nowadays to earn a great chunk. In Affiliate marketing you need to generate sales digitally, as a result, you can earn a small commission to advertise a particular product or service.

By earning through affiliate marketing you need to be an affiliate member of the product or service you are going to promote.

Here Facebook groups will help you a lot. There you can create affiliate marketing links and share them in the right groups. You just need to join groups and start posting relevant links to earn commissions.


Here is my favourite list of Top 50 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs to Earn Crazy Commission in 2021. You Can read this article and join an affiliate program related to your niche.

Steps to make money on Facebook through Affiliate Marketing

  • Deeply Understand the basics and strategies of affiliate marketing
  • Research on the best performing affiliate products
  • Join relevant Facebook groups and promote your products there
  • Add value to conversations and connect more affiliate links

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6) Digital Marketing using Facebook

Digital Marketing is one of the booming platforms for marketers. And Facebook is one of the biggest digital marketing platforms where you can earn money limitlessly.

You just need to become a digital marketer on Facebook and apply your skills in Facebook advertising. This is the best way to increase your website’s popularity among a huge audience. 

On Facebook, you can earn money by managing social media posts, modifying Facebook business pages, creating memes, selling your courses, etc.


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Steps to make money on Facebook through Digital Marketing

  • Get training in handling social media pages, SEO, designs, etc.
  • Join relevant groups
  • Create a blog and attractive content to sell your services and products

7) Facebook Apps

Everybody is tech-savvy nowadays. And everybody wants an up-to-date app on his smartphone. Pick this idea up and make your bucks. Apps are one of the best ways to generate good money.

A useful application can boost your revenue to a great extent. You just need to customize the apps as per the users’ needs. For this, you can extract the user information and mould the app as per their requirements.

This sounds very easy, but when you start the process, it will take time and skills to a great extent. You need to be professionally good with coding and you have to be updated about Facebook apps, user requirements, market requirements, creativity, etc.

Steps to make money on Facebook through Apps

  • Create a creative yet useful Facebook app
  • Get an approval
  • Sell your app to external buyers

8) Become a Facebook Influencer

If you have a good audience and great audience-capturing skills, you can earn money on Facebook through your influencing skills. You can start by accessing smaller products first before going to the bigger ones.

Companies are following the trend of hiring influencers who have a smaller, but more loyal audience. Big brands want higher ROIs, so they choose influencers to put on marketing efforts and get bigger returns.

If you have a loyal audience, you can also offer different packages to brands and earn much from there. You can also post related links as an impact and make money on Facebook that way.

Steps to make money on Facebook by becoming an Influencer

  • First of all, identify the niche in which you have good knowledge and can influence a greater audience.
  • Post relevant and useful content in groups
  • Build followers and establish good engagement
  • Use paid promotions, referrals, and coupons to attract the audience and make sales

9) Facebook Groups

Selling information in Facebook groups is also a great way to make money on Facebook. Here you need to do nothing much, just create a group and encourage members to help or support each other and share valuable ideas.

Provide useful and helpful content to team members, here you can also suggest some products or services when anybody needs a solution. In this way, you can charge the seller brand also.

While there is little value in using a Facebook group for the sole purpose of making a sale, it can be a useful way to inform people about what you are offering.


Steps to make money on Facebook through Facebook Groups

  • Create or join relevant Facebook groups
  • Search for the products that are in demand
  • Start selling them as a solution and start your earning

10) Selling Courses

After the pandemic online learning is on a big boost. With the introduction of technology, Online courses have now become very popular. If you also have the skills you can create an online course on the subject you are polished in and sell it on Facebook.

You just need to find out where your target market is and start targeting your audience. If you provide value in your course people will buy it and you can benefit from it.

You can build a course on business development, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, technology, etc, and grab a good audience.

It is advisable to look at other people who sell courses to confirm the idea before making your course.

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Steps to make money on Facebook by Selling Courses

  • Find out your Niche
  • Research the market
  • Target your audience
  • Promote your course in groups, and you can also run ad campaigns to attract or engage your audience.

Final Words

That’s it..!!

Anybody can make money on Facebook. If you are also thinking of making money on Facebook, I hope this article showed you every way you can think of.

It all depends on the method you choose to earn money on Facebook. you may be able to make enough money to quit your job or select Facebook as your primary source of earnings.

A person who has enough time and skills can make good money on Facebook. This includes college students, stay-at-home moms, retired persons, or those who have a debt to pay.

If you still have any questions, you can post your valuable comment below, we will reach out to you and help you out.

Happy Earnings..!!

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