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How to sell on Etsy 2023: Easy Guide for Etsy Setup & victory

What Is the Best Database Software Now? Well, for those who don’t (what? You been living under a rock till now?) know; it’s the newest, fast-growing place on the good ol’ internet where over 36 mLn buyers & sellers band together to exchange homemade goods, vintage items and arts and crafts that you simply can’t find elsewhere. Obviously, it’s ALSO the no.1 pick for millions of aspiring sellers to get their products online and start their own businesses. “How to sell on Etsy?” this is the query many are asking, and the question we’ll be answering today.

As an Etsy entrepreneur myself, I’ve learned a lot about what makes for an effective Etsy campaign, and how to better get started on it. Today, I’ll help you learn all about setting up your first Etsy account, and creating product lists, and teach you how to be successful on Etsy without much investment, earning money from home.

Without any further ado, let’s get started;

How to sell on Etsy? The ultimate marketplace (the pros and cons)

Let me just say this: as a platform, starting a career on Etsy is no simple job. You need to make a lot of your time and money to have a shot at success, it is not a decision you wanna take lightly or hastily – mind you.

To help tackle this dilemma, let’s take a look at all the pros (and a few cons) to get your career started on Etsy:


let’s start with the good news AKA the pros:

1) Easy to set up

 Thankfully, getting started on Etsy is the simplest thing yet. Registration is very easy, so is setting up product listings. In fact, you don’t even need to worry about all your security settings when setting up

Just fill out the forms & you are ready to go.

2) Large customer base

At this time of writing, Etsy boasts about 1.9 million sellers and 31.7 million active shoppers fulfilling their buying needs online. So yeah, whatever it is that you are selling, you CAN find interested buyers on Etsy – always!

Just get started, customers will come…


3) Close-knit, friendly community

The Etsy community is crazy loyal. In fact, more than 40% of all first-time buyers are noted to become repeat patrons, coming back to Etsy again & again. Etsy themselves offer a number of ways for business owners to connect with their peers

This includes vibrant chat forums, area-specific teams, blogs, online labs, offline convents, and a whole lot more

4) Can help expand your business

Like Amazon, you can use Etsy as an extension to your offline businesses if you want. Etsy does offer a lot of advertising options. Pair that with the sheer audience it brings, and Etsy is a great way to better appeal to the target niche.

Think of it as having a billboard, but on the internet.

5) Far bigger chance to be discovered

Unlike offline stores, any handmade, unique items that are listed on Etsy (or any online market like eBay or Amazon) have a greater chance to attract, interested, potential buyers, even if you’re totally new to the platform.


If you have the talent, Etsy is the best place to get noticed!

That said, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. There are some risks you may face with a career at They include

1) Obviously, listing your goods on Etsy is not free. In fact, expect to shell around a fair bit before you can start selling on it. For context, each listing will cost you around 20 cents. Then there is the transaction fee of 3.5%, and more.

We’ll talk more about the expenses in a second.

2) Hard competition


Having started in 2005, Etsy already has over 2 million sellers selling handmade, unique goods on the platform. To survive this crowd, you need to bring something “new”, something different every single day to the table.

Obviously, It’s a tough affair, even for the experienced.

How to sell stuff on Etsy? Here is how to get started with your Etsy account

Whether as a side hassle or a full-time occupation, here’s a step-by-step, guide how you can start an Etsy account and shop;

1) Register

To open a shop on Etsy, you need to first become a registered Etsy member. Thankfully, the process of registration is very simple. Just tap here, enter your details, accept the terms & conditions and that’s it.

The whole thing takes around 5 minutes tops.


2) Create your own shop

After the account is created, Etsy will guide you through the process of creating your custom online shop, ensuring language and currency preferences. Since Etsy features buyers & sellers from all around the globe, make sure to list your preferences clearly, as this makes targeting your listings to a specific, niche/audience easier.

3) Pick a name (a good one)

The next step is to create a name for your new Etsy shop that’s catchy, unique, and best resonates with what you’re selling. The goal is to find a name that’s interesting, easy to advertise, and memorable to your buyers.

Pro tip: If your first choice isn’t available (Etsy requires a unique handle), try adding words like store, or boutique to the name’s end.

4) Start listing the items

How to sell stuff on Etsy

When listing your products, make sure to be as intriguing & detailed as possible. Make sure to add as many product photos as possible. Add details on the size, the materials used, and any highlight features, and more.

Also, make sure to tag your items with popular tag words so that they show up easier on Etsy’s inbuilt search function.

5) Price them correctly

For first-timers, it’s important you price your products competitively so as to better attract potential buyers from your competing sellers. Once you get settled and started getting good, consistent business, raise the prices then.


When pricing, make sure to count for Etsy selling & processing fees too, and how big a “cut” will they take from your profits.

In fact, I wanna elaborate more about this Etsy pricing factor;

How much does it cost to sell on Etsy? (An Etsy fee rundown)

Aside from the listing & transaction fee I mentioned before, there is the payment processing fee that amounts to 3% of the items price + 25 cents. It’s levied at the direct checkout option. If you’re a PayPal user, there is an extra fee of 2.9% on the item’s value and a flat 30 cents on a per transaction basis will be charged. Depending on the place origin, destination, size/weight, etc… Etsy charges different shipping fees for USPS, FedEx, Canadian post…

Make sure to consider these fees well before pricing your goods. Also, make sure to let buyers know of any price changes ASAP.

How to sell on Etsy? What you can sell on Etsy (and what not to?)

Unlike amazon where anything goes, Etsy is all about pandering to the unique and awesome. It’s that place on the internet where you can find cute shoes for your dog, weird ornaments & fancy delicacies all come together.


That said, certain items DO enjoy more popularity & love on Etsy, goods that sell a lot yet are pretty commonly found. Things like:

1) How to sell digital downloads on Etsy?

Be it top videos, mp3’s digital art, custom ringtones, voice machine alerts, Gifs, logo designs, site templates, wallpapers, and more, digital downloads are insanely popular on Etsy & sell for big bucks

Listing them on Etsy is just like how you do a physical product, except you will upload the file your customers will get when they make the purchase. You can upload texts, images, and documents – literally any files with ease.

2) How to sell art on Etsy?

Top Paintings, sculptures, furniture, and more, if you can create something that’s unique and original, you can sell it on Etsy & make a living – like many of artists are doing in these pandemic times.

Listing them on Etsy is pretty easy. Since they are mostly physical goods, just take a couple of top shots of them, emphasizing their beauty & size, and post them along with the details of the art itself on the listing.


3) How to sell prints on Etsy?

Be it paintings, digital design or photographs, many are interested in Etsy services where one can order a print & get them framed & delivered to their house, ready to hang and be enjoyed.

When listing print solutions, make sure to detail the different print sizes available and their pricing in the description. Offer discounts for bulk orders (if you can), and make sure to go & offer good packaging too.

Selling on Etsy – top tricks to better succeed in Etsy

Today, there are over 2 million active sellers on Etsy. To stand out from all the competition, you need to do more than just marketing, branding, and care service. Here are 4 major ways to ensure your store is a success on Etsy;

Upgrade your photography skills

Photos are how a buyer first assesses your goods on Etsy, so it’s important you make them as appealing as possible. Experiment with varied lighting, backgrounds, and camera angles emphasizing the highlights of each item.

The above can help you with making a photography style that’s unique to your brand. Once you have it locked, keep it consistent.


Branding is everything

With a wide reach, Etsy is a great place to build your brand among clients & customers. To enjoy the right impact, customize your shop to better reflect your brand style and offered items. Try developing unique Avatars, banners, and merchandise to better tie your brand together in the eyes of your clients.

Take a customer-first approach

With millions of sellers on the internet, the customer is spoilt for choices. To get them to select you over the competition, its important you take extra care of them, like being always available, answering queries quickly

You should also be totally honest with your products, be it about their quality, price, or shipping details.

Make the best use of Social media

Sharing info about your products and brands on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook can help you be better visible to all customers. They are the best way to spread information regarding your products beyond just the Etsy realm. This is especially true if your goods are geared toward Gen Z.

How to sell on Etsy? Let’s wrap it up

Yup, that’s our take on the answer to “how to sell on Etsy?” hope you have found it informative and career help.


If you are somebody who is creative & loves making and selling unique things they make, Etsy can be a great place to help let your dreams fly. It’s a wonderful way to supplement your income, work leisurely from home, turn a hobby into a job, and dip your toe into a very low-risk entrepreneurial opportunity – Etsy is ready for all.

Remember: tasting success on Etsy, like every other business, takes a lot of time, researching, work, and yes, a fair bit of luck. Start slow, learn the ropes, and just grow from there. Always try on improving your work, offer new products, consider what your customers are wanting and try to offer the same before the competition. Do all of this rightly and yeah, there is no reason why you can’t become victorious on Etsy.

Hey, what’s stopping YOU from being an Etsy Master? What are your hopes, ideas &worries? Let us know in the comments below.

Hi, I am Sadhana and thank you for stopping by to know me. I am a work-at-home mom of One Cute Baby and a firm believer in making 'working from home' success for everyone.

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